April 30th, 2010
10:02 AM ET
8 years ago

Schwarzenegger betting on Romney in 2012

 California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Thursday.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Thursday.

(CNN) - The race for the Republican presidential nomination is a ways off, but that isn't stopping California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger from predicting who will carry the party's banner in November 2012.

Appearing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday, Schwarzenegger said he's betting on former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney "by a hair."

But Schwarzenegger, who endorsed Sen. John McCain over Romney and Mike Huckabee in the 2008 presidential race, says he himself would run if the Constitution allowed foreign-born citizens to be president.

"Without any doubt. There's no two ways about that," he said when asked if he wants to mount a presidential bid of his own.

The California governor also slammed the controversial Arizona immigration law that in part permits law enforcement officials to interrogate individuals who they suspect are in the country illegally.

"This is a mess," he said. "As governor here, I would never do that in California. Pass a law like that - no way."

Schwarzenegger - who will leave the governor's office in January - also took aim at Congress for so far failing to pass an immigration reform package.

"The last six years since I've been in office, they've been talking about it," he said. "And every single time, they say, 'Well, this is election year. We can't get it done.' Well, hello. I mean, every two years is election year … get it done."

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  1. Hey, Arnie -- Arizona to stop funding ethnic studies

    NOT reported by CNN - but ANOTHER great move by the great State of Arizona! Finally an attempt to teach unity, rather than diversity!

    Too bad YOU and your liberal cohorts in CA didn't think of that, Arnie. Come to think of it, there's not much Arnie has done for CA in ANY fashion! Except to run his mouth off, of course!

    April 30, 2010 10:36 am at 10:36 am |
  2. maf

    Thank the constitution that Ahnold can't run for POTUS!! Endorse Romney, absolutely, make it clear that Mitt is the GOP choice for 2012. . . then the Democrats can start rubbing their hands together 'cause with Mr. Rich as their nominee, the Party of NO will get run over!!!

    April 30, 2010 10:39 am at 10:39 am |
  3. Ancient Texan

    Hasn't Arnold had a bit of a problem remembering who he is and what he's actually for, since being Governor? Started as a Conservative Republican, but has been all over the lot since then.

    April 30, 2010 10:40 am at 10:40 am |
  4. Dave

    Romney?!?!?!? There is no way in the world that the radical right-wing religious whackos will have Romney. No. Way.

    April 30, 2010 10:41 am at 10:41 am |
  5. Thoroughbred

    I'm not so certain. Remember what happened the last time an Austrian citizen became head of a country to which he wasn't a natural born citizen? Just kidding. Arnold would make a good one but the Constitution isn't going to be changed any time soon to accommodate either him or anyone else.

    April 30, 2010 10:45 am at 10:45 am |
  6. thomas

    Arnold ,
    the GOP can do better then Mitt Romney !
    Not one of his sons did any military service , a father who sends other peoples young men and woman off to war but not his own is only a corporate leader.

    April 30, 2010 10:46 am at 10:46 am |
  7. Sue in California

    Schwartzenegger has been wrong about almost everything in California. What makes anyone believe he is making a correct prediction about Romney. As far as wanting to run for president, he has ruined the state of California; now he wants to ruin the United States. Can't wait for him to get out of the Governor's Office. I just hope he goes away and stays out of politics. He should stick with his terrible movies.

    April 30, 2010 10:47 am at 10:47 am |
  8. Dominican mama 4 Obama

    Hey Arnold I'd vote for you in a New York minute if you were eligible to run for the presidency....and Obama wasn't on the ticket! I happen to like your style. Romney's......not so much. There is something reassuring about you. I like the way you speak your mind regardless of what idiocy your Party is currently behind.

    In regards to West Carolina: the less said about that situation that is nothing but a powder keg waiting to detonate, the better. And good for you for stating that you would never have passed such legislation in California, even though I am sure you share similar headaches vis-a-vis immigration as West Carolina.

    April 30, 2010 10:49 am at 10:49 am |
  9. Pelosi is a see-you-en-tea

    The law doesn't have to be changed, Arnold. You just have to claim you were born in Hawaii, then claim you have shown your birth certificate the to authorities while refusing to show it to anybody else.

    April 30, 2010 10:50 am at 10:50 am |
  10. Dan from CA

    Thank goodness that Arnold can't run for President! – And I'm a Republican!

    April 30, 2010 10:53 am at 10:53 am |
  11. Barry

    Thank God this idiot isnt allowed to run for President.

    April 30, 2010 10:56 am at 10:56 am |
  12. Ernie

    Schwarzenegger hasn't done anything for California, what makes him think that he could do anything for the country... He's simply another worthless politician who hasn't achieved a thing that he promised to do.

    April 30, 2010 10:56 am at 10:56 am |
  13. Dutch/Bad Newz, VA

    I hope Arnold is right. "Wall Street Mitt" doesn't stand a chance in 2012.

    April 30, 2010 10:56 am at 10:56 am |
  14. catco

    the reason Arnie is not for the law is because he came to this country illegally. Him and Franco Columbo. Who needs immigration laws in CA, all Arnie has done is create a Northern Mexico out of CA's bankruptcy. It will be a cold day in hell before he'll ever be president. What a hippocritical ego-maniac!

    April 30, 2010 10:57 am at 10:57 am |
  15. Death Panel Sarah

    Arnold is about the ONLY Republican I would vote for for President......he has more sense then the lot of them!!!!!!

    April 30, 2010 10:58 am at 10:58 am |
  16. ac

    Oh, Arnold. The time has come when you should be considering retirement-back to Austria. Let it go and get another live and enjoy it- out of politics.

    April 30, 2010 10:59 am at 10:59 am |
  17. Newcomer

    It doesn't matter to me if the candidate was not born in the US. However, since it has always been the rule, why is Obama's birth certificate or information sealed? If the rest had to be born here, then Obama needs to prove he was.

    April 30, 2010 10:59 am at 10:59 am |
  18. Jim

    Please do not ever allow this man to become President. He has destroyed what little was left of the California economy, he has lied about not taking favors and donations from special interests, and has destroyed the education system in California. Is that really what you want from a President?

    April 30, 2010 11:00 am at 11:00 am |
  19. JMikey54

    Governor Schwarzenegger is right that congress should quit making execuses and pass immagration reform. He is also right about the Arizona law. The Arizona law is going to cause a lot of problems for that state. Mitt may get the nomination, but Obama will be reelected:)

    April 30, 2010 11:03 am at 11:03 am |

    I do love Arnie!

    However, it's hilarious to me that the conservatives complain about liberal actors like Sean Penn, Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Bruce Springsteen, etc all speaking out. But Dems are smart enough to never put any of these people in office.

    The GOP however runs the celeb tickets...Reagan, Arnold, Clint Eastwood, Fred Thompson, etc...you get the idea.


    April 30, 2010 11:04 am at 11:04 am |
  21. Wisconsinite

    Romney??? hahahahaha!! That's a good one, Ahhnold 🙂 Truthfully, though I understand that the choices for the Party of No are pretty slim pickings for 2012 and Romney's just one of the (many) bad choices the party faithful are going to be presented with. Sucks to be a Republican, I guess.

    April 30, 2010 11:04 am at 11:04 am |
  22. Franklin

    I would vote for Gary Coleman or Tanya Harding if they were to run against our current celebrity in the WH.

    April 30, 2010 11:06 am at 11:06 am |
  23. Anonymous

    For man who speaks with an accent he sure says it plainly

    April 30, 2010 11:08 am at 11:08 am |

    Why should Arnonld about that, OBAMA is not a citizen and look what the nut jobs did in putting him into office so he can set us backwards 200 years.

    April 30, 2010 11:09 am at 11:09 am |
  25. What a joke

    I don't even understand how he can be governor of my state! just a few more months and his butt is out the door too! good riddens! and keep dreaming, you'll never be president of our country! And as for Meg Whitman, she doesn't stand a chance winning the governor's seat here in Cali! She can stick to running ebay!

    April 30, 2010 11:10 am at 11:10 am |
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