May 29th, 2010
04:04 PM ET
8 years ago

Beck apologizes for mocking Obama's daughter

Beck said he should not have included Obama's daughter in a political debate.

Beck said he should not have included Obama's daughter in a political debate.

(CNN) – Conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck apologized Friday after appearing to mock President Barack Obama’s 11-year-old daughter on his radio program earlier in the day.

In a statement posted on his website Friday afternoon, Beck said he broke his own rule about “leaving kids out of political debates.”

“In discussing how President Obama uses children to shield himself from criticism, I broke my own rule about leaving kids out of political debates,” said Beck in the statement. “The children of public figures should be left on the sidelines. It was a stupid mistake and I apologize–and as a dad I should have known better.”

Beck’s apology came hours after the radio host and his sidekicks imitated a pretend conversation between the president and Malia, in which Beck has his version of 11-year-old ask a series of questions that included “Daddy…why do you hate black people so much?”

Beck’s routine was prompted by a remark Obama made in his press conference Thursday, in which he said Malia had asked him earlier in the morning of the BP oil spill, "Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?"

"Is that's their - that's the level of their education, that they're coming to - they're coming to daddy and saying 'Daddy, did you plug the hole yet?' Plug the hole!" said Beck of Malia's comments.

The White House has not responded to Beck’s comments.

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  1. GOP is bad for America

    Beck could not be any more of a digusting human being than he already is. He is simply bad for our country with his falsified information, ridiculous theatrics, and laughable stretches of logic. We do not need someone who works hard every day to divide America (using misinformation at that - he says he is not required to tell the truth because he is a "commentator" not a "journalist") and de-legitimize our President during a time of crisis. Why doesn't he spend his show giving HIS ideas (although I doubt they are realistic given how silly most of what he says is) instead of constantly harping on how terrible everyone he disagrees with is. He could also stop trying to hard to make a race a bigger issue. Our country does not need that.

    May 29, 2010 11:40 am at 11:40 am |
  2. AFR531

    Abominable and unforgivable to attack and/or deprive children on any subject-any level- any where. Rand Paul included.

    May 29, 2010 11:41 am at 11:41 am |
  3. Stephen in Bedford, TX

    Glenn Speck (speck of fly of pooh) is, well....not worth a fish fart.

    May 29, 2010 11:41 am at 11:41 am |
  4. Tony Russo

    As an independent, I used to love to listen to Glenn but he has changed so much. I made the decision a while back to shut him off. Saying things like this just pushes me to the left.

    May 29, 2010 11:41 am at 11:41 am |
  5. JC

    Malia: "Daddy, have you plugged Glenn Becks hole yet?"

    The Prez: "Its too big, Malia, its TOO Big."

    May 29, 2010 11:41 am at 11:41 am |
  6. ray

    this man beck and the hannity's and o'reilly of the world are the woest kind of human being the world has ever see, these immigrant haters, these racists , these bigots are the worst set of people you can imagine. it's a sorry day in america when you have employes still having these racists on it's payrool. these people like beck should be in front of a firing squad or at the end of a rope.

    May 29, 2010 11:41 am at 11:41 am |
  7. Alex.

    That is the least sincere, most self-serving apology I have heard recently, not to mention untrue. On his Fox news segment, Glenn Beck was known to tearfully discuss his "special needs child" during his effort to elevate Sarah Palin onto the pedestal or maybe the altar of courageous motherhood in the last election campaign. Is his memory so brief or just selective?

    May 29, 2010 11:42 am at 11:42 am |
  8. michael

    beck and palin are in bed together. worthless garbage

    May 29, 2010 11:43 am at 11:43 am |
  9. Marcus

    'The White House has not responded to Beck’s comments.'

    Even Beck had realized how worthless they are.

    May 29, 2010 11:43 am at 11:43 am |
  10. Willis, Houston

    Beck is a cocaine induced, raving fool! Fox should fire him immediately.

    May 29, 2010 11:43 am at 11:43 am |
  11. Marge

    He knew what he was doing. He thinks if he says he is sorry his dumb butt followers will eat it up.

    He just got thru saying that Palin's kids were off limits and then he dis and slurs Obama's daughter. He is evil and a typical republican. Look at how they do something and then want to "investigate" a democrat who is supposed to, but didn't, do the same thing. They are two faced hated filled and power hungry individuals.

    May 29, 2010 11:43 am at 11:43 am |
  12. Mk

    Why is this news?
    The only noteworthy thing is that this moron actually made a public apology for something we all know he isn't sorry for. This man behaves inappropriately every day why would today be any different.
    He is what he is. He should accept it. Scumbag is as scumbag does.

    May 29, 2010 11:43 am at 11:43 am |
  13. ed

    I like Beck because he has the commons sense to apologize when he is wrong and because he ticks the left off so much. I get my daily dose of comedic relief by reading all of your self-righteous, idiotic, lefty comments. Thanks guys and gals. You are truely entertaining.

    May 29, 2010 11:43 am at 11:43 am |
  14. joynnbob

    Mr Obama has destroyed the future of my children by his filthy Marxist takeover of healthcare along with the aid and comfort he gives Jihadists on a daily basis. Beck's words are acceptable under the circumstances.

    May 29, 2010 11:43 am at 11:43 am |
  15. Another ex-Republican

    This is why I turned off Fox "news" and all its diciples 3 yrs ago. Anyone who takes this blowhard seriously has no mind of his/her own.

    Beck is a hypocrite & this comment just demonstrates how ignorant he really is.

    May 29, 2010 11:44 am at 11:44 am |
  16. SLP

    Scott B

    Did you happen to watch Beck' s show yesterday? It was about African American's and the amazing roles that they played in the American Revolution. You know, the part of history that we never learned about because the powers that be want to keep the African American community down in order to keep securing their votes. I agree that he stepped over the line with this incident. He sincerely apologized. That is more than I can say for all of the liberals who have made crude remarks about the children of conservatives. I believe that the response then was that conservatives just need to get over it. You liberals need to be consistent. If it isn't right for conservatives then it isn't right for liberals. I find it amazing that Glenn Beck gets such a response from liberals. If he is so crazy, why not leave him alone? Could it be that maybe he speaks some truth and all of you know it?

    May 29, 2010 11:44 am at 11:44 am |
  17. ray cambron

    just have a two hour face to face with beck and obummer if barry has the stones

    May 29, 2010 11:44 am at 11:44 am |
  18. James Brooklyn N.Y.

    What do you expect form a drug addict alcoholic. Anyone who would read his bio and still listen to him should be ashamed off themselves.

    May 29, 2010 11:44 am at 11:44 am |
  19. Anonymous

    ummm there is no story on how Glenn was called satin in front of his children and there was no appology,
    we the people better wake up and not worry about beck or randi rhodes the republicans and the dems are screwing we the people over big time

    May 29, 2010 11:44 am at 11:44 am |
  20. Anthony

    I am a white male born in America, I believe in our constitutional rights. We have a President, a Commander in Chief. We appointed him to be our spokesperson and work with many many agencies to resolve issues and plan for a better future.

    It appears that beck builds his show solely around mocking the President.

    I unfortunately had the opportunity to sit through this broadcast. The constitution all allows us to have a voice, I just wish his silenced. This is par for somebody of his ignorant level.

    I will not forget that this is the same person whom said "..this is horrible to say, and I wonder if I'm alone in this - you know it took me about a year to start hating the 9-11 victims' families? Took me about a year."

    And surely won't forget his question to Keith Ellison, the first Muslim ever to be elected to the United States Congressman. His brilliant question.. "prove to me that you are not working with our enemies."

    glenn beck always says " Now it might just be me..." or " Nobody else will say this but...." and this is usually followed by some racist, bigotry filled comment or generalization.

    Does he really believe that "he is the voice of America and he's only saying what people are thinking?"

    I can say that he does not speak for me.

    May 29, 2010 11:45 am at 11:45 am |
  21. Lorna

    Just goes to show having a big paycheck can't get ya' any kind of brains or class. This man is dispicable trash and anyone defending him should be ashamed. He is NOT sorry...he spoke exactly what he thinks. So so very ignorant....racist thy name is Glenn Beck. Lower than worm poop!

    May 29, 2010 11:45 am at 11:45 am |
  22. joynnbob

    Ray cambron – Obama wouldn't last ten minuteds with Beck. Mr. Obama is a mental midget or else he would be having a press conference more often than once a year.

    May 29, 2010 11:46 am at 11:46 am |
  23. Anon

    Glenn Beck gives all journalists and broadcasters a bad name. He is a NOBODY who constantly has to "apologize" over and over because of his foul mouth and peanut for a brain. He's a drunk, nobody who shouldn't be given the time of day for his opinions. He ranks right down there with Bill O'Reilly. Talk about an embarrassment to the USA...

    May 29, 2010 11:46 am at 11:46 am |
  24. inutah

    I'm tired of "I'm sorry" just popping out of these people's mouth immediately after they say things they know they shouldn't have said in the first place. I work with adolescents in a middle school, and it is a sign of bullying when students say mean and cruel things followed with "Just kidding" or "I'm sorry". This man is a bully and he gets away with it on a national, public level. Maybe he thinks his "magic underwear" cancels out anything his Mormon mouth might say. You would think his bishop would take him in and have all the men give him a preist- hood blessing....that is supposed to cure everything in Utah.

    May 29, 2010 11:46 am at 11:46 am |
  25. LaChatte

    Stuff him down the hole! He's so bloated that it just might work!

    May 29, 2010 11:47 am at 11:47 am |
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