June 4th, 2010
11:27 AM ET
8 years ago

McAuliffe says Obama needs to 'amp it up'

(CNN) - Urging President Obama to "amp it up," former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe said the president should invite the world's oil experts down to the Gulf to brainstorm a solution to the BP oil disaster.

"If I were President Obama I would call everybody in from all over the world. I have got no pride in this. We have got to shut this down," McAuliffe told CNN.

McAuliffe declined to join the chorus of critics who say the president hasn't shown enough emotion during the crisis. Still the one-time party chairman said former President Bill Clinton "probably would have moved the White House down there."

After his unsuccessful run to become governor of Virginia, the 53-year old McAuliffe started a clean energy company, GreenTech Automotive. Last month, he purchased the China based "My Car" electric vehicle company with plans to move manufacturing operations to the U.S. McAuliffe bought the company after test-driving one of the vehicles in London. The small two-seat electric vehicles can be plugged into a standard garage outlet and go 70 miles on one charge, at a cost between 13 and 15 thousand dollars, McAuliffe said.

"We have got to get off of oil… We need people buying electric vehicles," McAuliffe said. "China, the Middle East are eating our lunch in moving ahead on wind, solar, biomass, waste to energy. We should be the world leader," he added.

McAuliffe also dismissed the controversy over White House meddling in at least two Democratic Senate primaries. But the former DNC head said the White House should tell all it knows.

"I think they should put out what it is because I don't think anybody would be shocked at the end of the day, this is politics," McAuliffe said. "When I was head of the party, I would call people and tell people 'I don't want you to run.' That's your job."

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  1. Renea

    There is no doubt in my mind that this President is doing all he can to fix this gulf propblem no matter what people say. people who criticize dont have no solution there selves that why thats all they can do.

    June 4, 2010 02:11 pm at 2:11 pm |
  2. mike

    like all these people running around telling everybody else what we
    should do the one thing I don't see is the people of those states doing
    anything at all how is it when a reporter is on the beach and sees all this oil I don't see one person there cleaning this crap up what happened to
    volunteers if they are so concern about there beaches where are they
    out to lunch but we need Obama there to do what cut me a brake

    June 4, 2010 02:13 pm at 2:13 pm |
  3. ArtInChicago

    You need to change your drug of choice Terry. Somehow, there are those that are seeking direction and motivation by a president who shows passion. Obama is doing all that can be done for something that is unprecendented in the history of the earth. When you go to the doctor, you look for competence, not emotion. I don't need for this president to be emotional. That's what my woman and my sports teams are for.

    June 4, 2010 02:14 pm at 2:14 pm |
  4. dee

    What would bush do? Body gaurd his buddies at bp first and foremost.layoff the Pres.

    June 4, 2010 02:15 pm at 2:15 pm |
  5. chuck

    Clinton probably would have hired some interns to clean it up!!!

    June 4, 2010 02:16 pm at 2:16 pm |
  6. anthony

    Obama please put on your cape.. fly around the earth backwards really fast until we reverse time and prevent the spill from happening.

    Ooops... reality check, he is only ONE man, trying to FIX a million other problems, and from what I can tell, no matter WHAT he does, it will NEVER be good enough for most of you.

    And all of you calling him the "worst/inept President".. you seriously need to come out of your cave already.

    Let me repeat...

    (although you embraced Bush AND Palin, its beyond me where any of this reasoning comes from)

    June 4, 2010 02:16 pm at 2:16 pm |
  7. RealityCheck

    All these critics want Obama to have better PR and photo opps because none of their suggestions do any practical good other than show the prez as being present at the Gulf.
    This is not a PR or political game, its a disaster and practical things need to be done. Thats what Obama is doing and not putting on a show on reality tv or cable news programs.

    What difference would it make for obama to wear a wet suit and enter the beaches or "move the white house there"? There are wars in the middle east, tension in korean peninsula and recent israel-palestinian flare up, economy, jobs etc..

    He's the commander in chief, i rather him being in DC multi-tasking rather than looking "pretty", "busy" or shedding a tear on national camera. Its not REALITY TV People!

    June 4, 2010 02:17 pm at 2:17 pm |
  8. JohnCup

    It is unfornunate that most of the pudits and critics do not research what has been done.

    June 4, 2010 02:18 pm at 2:18 pm |
  9. Living in America

    Oh my God he is angry, he is the "angry black man". Then all of the white women will vote for someone else.

    June 4, 2010 02:18 pm at 2:18 pm |
  10. Amazed @ the duplicitousness

    "The President is one of the smartest men who have held this office in quite a long time"

    Based on WHAT? other than your personal opinion?

    June 4, 2010 02:20 pm at 2:20 pm |
  11. Jayden,FL

    This Clinton Democrat agree with McAuliffe 100%

    June 4, 2010 02:24 pm at 2:24 pm |
  12. Bill

    Okay, I think the problem here is that the majority of Americans want to see that BO has a sense of urgency about this oil well rupture. Not see him run off to parties and other countries. Most Americans want to believe that he has the best intrests of the country at heart. No they do not want knee jerk reactions, but something other than his poker face look would be encouraging.

    Look at all these posts. They are saying the same thing.... A sense of urgency and no knee jerk reactions.

    Come on people ... look at yourselves. He certainly has the no knee jerk reactions ... but where is his sense of urgency? I have not seen it yet.

    June 4, 2010 02:26 pm at 2:26 pm |
  13. AL in Palm Beach

    Where are my drill baby drill safely on land?

    Sarah, there is a new gusher in PA... guess what?



    June 4, 2010 02:28 pm at 2:28 pm |
  14. gt

    the president look like he is shooting dice in that picture... and america has come up snake eyes,,,

    June 4, 2010 02:29 pm at 2:29 pm |
  15. Bob in PA

    Too little, way too late !

    June 4, 2010 02:30 pm at 2:30 pm |
  16. spike in conshohocken pa

    Team Clinton 2012 is really amping up the campaign for Hillary 2012. The spill has given Carville and McAuliffe some great pro-Clinton / Obama-bashing talking points. It feels like 2008 all over again!

    June 4, 2010 02:30 pm at 2:30 pm |
  17. MP in VA

    Why in the hell would we expect President Obama to "amp it up" or "be angry" about this? Good grief. I can understand why Bobby Jindal or James Carville would be angry–it's their state and their land. The Obama Administration had documents from BP stating they could clean up a spill 10 times this size–why would Obama feel the need to get the feds involved in the clean up in the first place. When it became apparent that BP had no idea how to clean it up, it was too late for the federal government to take action and even then, their knowledge of oil clean up is small. For crying out loud, stop criticizing the man for his government taking responsibility of the financial and car industries and then turn around and criticize him for not taking over a corporation's responsibility.

    June 4, 2010 02:32 pm at 2:32 pm |
  18. mike

    were are all the republican patriots why aren't they out there cleaning this crap off the beaches what happen to being a volunteer and not
    worried about being paid but caring about there beaches and wet
    lands where is my man bobby jindal how come he isn't organizing
    "O" thats right republicans talk the talk but never walk the walk

    June 4, 2010 02:34 pm at 2:34 pm |
  19. wake up

    All Obama does is blame others and lie. He is incompetant and an awful president.

    He may be a supposed scholar, but he obviously should know his policies of debt and big govt cause failure.

    June 4, 2010 02:35 pm at 2:35 pm |
  20. Lynne

    Many thanks to the Predsident for having intelligence and the ability to think things out without hysteria. Terry the President has brought scientist in from the world to give ideas several weeks ago MSNBC did a report . Were you drinking or smoking? What did Carville accomplish besides looking like a hysterical nut ready for the looney bin. Why do you expect the President to fix the oil spill when not one scientist or anyone else on this earth have the final solution. All that emotional crap is what got us in massive debt and two wars. Many seem to convientally forget.

    June 4, 2010 02:36 pm at 2:36 pm |
  21. MP in VA

    So, because the Presdent didn't get up and thump his chest at BP and "get angry" (or "go gangster" as Roland Martin would say), you are now criticizing him? He's not a "shoot from the hip" kind of person. Obama doesn't shoot first and ask questions later. Why should he be? Who wants a President who steps up, yells the obvious, and accomplishes nothing. Our last President was exactly that kind of a person who put action before the facts and see where that got us.

    June 4, 2010 02:39 pm at 2:39 pm |
  22. anagram_kid

    So what does the movement from the right want – to have corporations police themselves and correct their mistakes themselves or have the government get involved? When I read some of these comments they sound like a teenager who complains they want to be treated like an adult, and then when things go south they want their parents to bail them out. ‘I want smaller government’, followed by ‘When will the government fix my problems?’

    More and more it looks like those who feel inferior to our great president will seize any chance to complain about him. I have said it before and I will say it again, loathing him for being accomplished and intelligent will not make you happier or more successful.

    June 4, 2010 02:40 pm at 2:40 pm |
  23. nola

    I would like for all the smart people to please tell me what the President can do to stop the oil spill. The men out of the rigg or working 24/7 – solving this problem is not something that can be done licked split – each thing they try must be done slowly and carefully –
    I recommend that all you know it alls go on down to the site and fix it – if you cannot they please keep your negative vibes to yourselves.

    June 4, 2010 02:41 pm at 2:41 pm |
  24. Ray E. (Georgia)

    Well Terry, he is a member of your party. Not happy with what you got? Hindsight always looks good. Obama is doing everything he can do. You chided Bush on Katrina and Bush couldn't do anything either. Now the shoe is on the other foot. No use crying over spilled milk. We will just have to make the best of it until it is solved.

    June 4, 2010 02:47 pm at 2:47 pm |
  25. TCM

    you can't obtain amperage from an empty suit....he's got no game...the "Campaigner-in-Chief.." what a joke!

    June 4, 2010 02:53 pm at 2:53 pm |
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