June 10th, 2010
10:00 AM ET
8 years ago

Blumenthal's lead still strong

According to a new poll, former World Wide Wrestling CEO Linda McMahon is trailing Richard Blumenthal.

According to a new poll, former World Wide Wrestling CEO Linda McMahon is trailing Richard Blumenthal.

Washington (CNN) - Three weeks after acknowledging he had misstated his military record during the Vietnam era, a new poll suggests Richard Blumenthal maintains a large lead in the Connecticut Senate race.

But the Quinnipiac University survey shows that the Democratic Senate candidate's lead has been cut by 13 points since his public apology for previous suggestions he had served in the Vietnam War. Blumenthal served in the Marine Corps Reserves during the war and was stationed stateside.

Blumenthal, the state's attorney general, holds a 20 point lead over likely Republican rival and former World Wide Wrestling CEO Linda McMahon in the new survey, 55 percent to 35 percent. That compares to a 56-31 percent lead in a similar survey conducted in late May.

The survey also shows Blumenthal leading former Rep. Rob Simmons, who has suspended his campaign, by a 54-33 percent margin and businessman Peter Schiff by a 56-29 percent margin.

"Blumenthal has lost a little more ground to Linda McMahon, but he still has a comfortable lead," said Quinnipiac University Poll Director Douglas Schwartz. "Prior to the Vietnam controversy, Blumenthal led by 33 points. A week after the controversy, his lead was 25 points. Now it's down to 20 points.

The poll, conducted from June 2-8, interviewed 1,350 registered voters in Connecticut and carries a sampling error of plus or minus 2.7 percentage points.

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  1. Marge

    So her report of a smackdown is all wrong. Looks like it will be her who gets the smackdown and she deserves it.

    June 10, 2010 11:53 am at 11:53 am |
  2. Johnny DC

    Nice unbiased reporting, CNN. Find the picture that really reflects everything about Mrs. McMahon – not that she helped operate an incredibly successful business, but one that really makes her look as silly as possible.

    June 10, 2010 11:54 am at 11:54 am |
  3. Tough Love

    We resent rich people that think they deserve political offices and attempt to purchase a "trophy position" to burnish their resumes.

    This lady was involved in the undignified and unseemly business of "ah hem .... professional wrestling " do we really want this type in a leadership role??? I sure don't.

    June 10, 2010 11:58 am at 11:58 am |
  4. Victim of GOP Taliban

    Big deal Blumenthal meant he served DURING the Vietnam War. He still could have been called-up from the Marine Reserves and deployed at will. Many people volunteered to avoid the draft. Huge difference between that and what Kirk said.

    I can't believe the Republicans are desperate enough to run the wife of a pro wrestler. What's next? First the Terminator, maybe Hulk Hogan is next?

    June 10, 2010 12:00 pm at 12:00 pm |
  5. Joe T

    CT. deserves whatever it chooses.

    June 10, 2010 12:02 pm at 12:02 pm |
  6. Jonathan

    Now let's see if anyone will make just as big a deal about Mark Kirk in Illinois, who clearly lied about his much more recent record.

    Where's the media on that one?

    June 10, 2010 12:03 pm at 12:03 pm |
  7. Liberal4Obama

    McMahon, Fiorina and Withman have one thing in common, they are all trying to buy the election.

    June 10, 2010 12:05 pm at 12:05 pm |
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