June 22nd, 2010
10:05 AM ET
8 years ago

RNC mocks Obama in TV parody

The RNC is out Tuesday with a  web video touting a fictitious television network called ‘Obama’s Chicago Network.’

The RNC is out Tuesday with a web video touting a fictitious television network called ‘Obama’s Chicago Network.’

Washington (CNN) - The Republican National Committee launched "Obama's Chicago Network" on Tuesday, a new web video designed to look like a NBC network summer lineup promotion.

The video is complete with the familiar-sounding television voiceover that touts four new "shows": "Dancing with the Law" (Dancing with the Stars), "The Colorado Hills" (The Hills), "I'm a Politician, Get Me Out of Here!" (I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!) and "Job or No Job" (Deal or No Deal).

"Obama's Chicago Network: it's not TV, it's reality," the ad concludes.

The video is hosted on a website with short summaries of each fake production and focuses on the Obama administration's ties to Illinois ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich, Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak and Colorado Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff.

"When Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States, he promised to usher in a new era of unparalleled transparency and open government in Washington," RNC Chairman Michael Steele said in a statement. "Rather than putting a stop to 'business-as- usual', this White House has proved more than willing to employ disreputable, backroom, Chicago-style politics in order to further their own political goals."

"President Obama has not only fallen remarkably short of the high standards he has set for himself and his administration, but most egregiously, he has broken his word to the American people about bringing real change to Washington," Steele said.

A spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee was not immediately available for comment.

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  1. Adalbert

    There is absolutely nothing that these incompetent republicans can do but to bash and criticize everything that this President does. It is easy to criticize, any idiot can do it.

    June 22, 2010 11:06 am at 11:06 am |
  2. DAW NC

    The party of NO NO NO still does nothing but stir up hate, anger, and misrepresentations to try and get people to ignor facts. when will these politics of hate, bigotry and misinformation stop. Why not propose a solution rather than attack, maybe that is all you represent???

    June 22, 2010 11:06 am at 11:06 am |
  3. billybob 'n NC

    THis is not worthy of a comment....

    June 22, 2010 11:06 am at 11:06 am |
  4. Wisconsinite

    Oh well, consider the source . . . .the GObP. Anti-American obstructionist liars.

    June 22, 2010 11:06 am at 11:06 am |
  5. db

    I don't care which side you're on, this is some funny stuff.

    June 22, 2010 11:06 am at 11:06 am |
  6. DocBlogger

    This demonstrates both – success of freedom of speech and how low and desperate Obama-phobes are.

    June 22, 2010 11:07 am at 11:07 am |
  7. TM

    I thought the Republican stance was that criticizing a President during "a time of war" was an act of treason? So does that mean we're not at war anymore, or does the rule only apply to REPUBLICAN Presidents?

    June 22, 2010 11:09 am at 11:09 am |
  8. Save America, impeach the treasonous republicans

    Yet the biggest joke in politics is South Carolina.

    June 22, 2010 11:09 am at 11:09 am |
  9. Ellis Island

    Could we please stop stooping so low? It's all getting a bit ridiculous. Maybe Rep. Barton could host "Deal or NO Deal."

    June 22, 2010 11:09 am at 11:09 am |
  10. Fretboy

    Why the heck is Steele talking about high standards and being accountable to the people who elected him? This is what is wrong with the political system- people point out specks of dust in other people's eyes and don't worry about the log jammed in theirs!

    June 22, 2010 11:10 am at 11:10 am |
  11. sheena clark canada

    yea – its really impressive that this is what the Rebublicans have been spending their time – and your money – preparing over the last how many days and weeks.

    guess this is what prevented them from doing or saying anything constructive or helpful over the last 60 days while the oil spills.

    utter nonesense!

    June 22, 2010 11:10 am at 11:10 am |
  12. dreaming for a better place

    So instead of the RNC trying to bring something with substance to the problems they have there lacky Steele act like a 13 year old school child rather than help with some contructive ideas to rebuild and move forward? All I've heard from my party is complain after criticism. Man were are the grown ups?

    June 22, 2010 11:11 am at 11:11 am |
  13. U.S. Common Sense

    Nice parody. Glad to see someone is at least doing something up there. I just wish both the Republicans and Democrats would do what they were elected to do . . . manage the operation of the nation. Quit wasting time golfing and working up web videos and start cutting our debt and unnecessary entitlement programs!

    June 22, 2010 11:11 am at 11:11 am |
  14. Chipster

    Contrary to Republican mass marketing efforts, healthcare reform was debated on C-SPAN on many occasions. "More transparency" doesn't mean that everything will be done in public or that things will change overnight, especially given the Republican obstructionism.

    However, The Administration has created the National Declassification Center to facilitate the flow of information into the public domain. They also launched a new open government initiative specifically targeted at federal agencies. According to Sunlight Foundation, an open-government advocacy group, the Obama administration has promoted an attitude of openness with a website that tracks stimulus spending (recovery.gov). It's a far better start than we had with Cheney's paranoid Administration.

    National Declassification Center's motto: releasing what we can, protecting what we must

    June 22, 2010 11:12 am at 11:12 am |
  15. norma

    Sorry guys, but Obama/Biden are doing better than McCain/Palin could have done with the heaping mess of junk whichever team would have inherited from the previous administration. I'm still firmly in the camp that thinks I made the right decision by voting for Obama/Biden.

    June 22, 2010 11:12 am at 11:12 am |
  16. wake up

    What's actually sad about America today, is this should have been done by SNL, or John Stewart or anywhere else in mainstream media. Obama gets treated so favorably it's sick.

    Could you imagine if Bush was Golfing during Katrina? Could you imagine if Bush didn't respond for a month in half duing a crisis? Could you imagine if Bush offered TWO jobs to people NOT to run for Senate??
    I could go on and on. Obama IS a chicago thug politician.

    June 22, 2010 11:12 am at 11:12 am |
  17. phoenix86

    History will show that the Obama administration was the most corrupt and tyrannical administration the US ever experienced, and ushered in a new era of government that became adversarial to the people.

    June 22, 2010 11:13 am at 11:13 am |
  18. rr

    I don't get it. You know what they forgot.. the funny.

    And what exactly is Obama's Chicago Network? This wouldnt have anything to do with Republican's criticism of his "Chicago style shakedown" of BP when he forced them to deposit $20 billion in an escrow account.

    June 22, 2010 11:13 am at 11:13 am |
  19. james

    this is just the begining of a very long list of people who will be making fun of obama for many years to come , he is a joke not the butt of one , the question for this administration is what has obama actually done? and who the heck is joe biden?

    June 22, 2010 11:13 am at 11:13 am |
  20. Chessnutz of Liverpool NY

    Please PLEASE stop it! Stop the fighting, the name calling, the finger pointing....
    Democrats, Republicans, CNN, Fox , MSNBC please stop!

    Remember us ? The "Little " people, what was formally know as the American people, the greatest free society the history of humanity has ever seen. Remember?

    Help us please, we need coroperation we need to pull together, we need to help each other, the recession is getting worse, taxes are going higher, and the damn oil is still spilling into the Gulf, remember.

    June 22, 2010 11:14 am at 11:14 am |
  21. Frank G. in IL.

    They forgot to add an ad for Fox News where we can "learn" every day, every hour, every minute, every second what our elected President is doing wrong.

    June 22, 2010 11:15 am at 11:15 am |
  22. Jim

    What else does the Republican party do besides mock their opponents and whine when their feelings get hurt? Mocking and whining are their complete tool bag for politics. One of these days, they are going to have to lay out exactly what they will do. They have no positive agenda.

    Plus, I love how they criticize Obama for not being more open than they have ever been. Someday, they will need to live up to the standards that they have never met yet whine about now.

    June 22, 2010 11:15 am at 11:15 am |
  23. JohnM

    This is due to the repuglican congresstional bottlenecking in the sole interest of stopping any progress Obama is trying to accomplish even if it means doing great damage to America. That is the reality of this nonsensical waste of time and money.

    June 22, 2010 11:16 am at 11:16 am |
  24. TTBALA

    God, you repubs are a SICK bunch, shame on you, you have the audacity to mocanybody after what the world had to put up with for eight years, the stupidest, the most ignorant, the biggest idiot whom you chose, take a look at yourselves in the mirror you idiots before you start mocking anybody.

    June 22, 2010 11:17 am at 11:17 am |
  25. GetReal

    The RNC compeleted this amateur video in 30 mins and dashed off to the Lesbian Bondage Strip club to wind down and burn $5000 of donated money from clueless repub supported. Nice. Steele, stop braying please. No one cares what the RNC has to say.

    June 22, 2010 11:18 am at 11:18 am |
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