July 19th, 2010
03:22 PM ET
8 years ago

Palin's dawn of refudiation

After using an unrecognized English word in a tweet, Sarah Palin is borrowing a page from Shakespeare's book.

After using an unrecognized English word in a tweet, Sarah Palin is borrowing a page from Shakespeare's book.

(CNN) - Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has joined the pantheon of politicians who've made their own additions to the English language.

The former Alaska governor has added to our vocabulary with "refudiates" - assumedly an amalgamation of "refute" and "repudiates." Palin used the new word in a Sunday posting on Twitter that called on Muslims to denounce plans to build a mosque and community center near Ground Zero in New York City.

"Ground Zero Mosque supporters: doesn't it stab you in the heart, as it does ours throughout the heartland? Peaceful Muslims, pls refudiate," Palin tweeted, according to reports.

The original tweet was deleted and replaced with another that lacked "refudiate": "Peaceful New Yorkers, pls refute the Ground Zero mosque plan if you believe catastrophic pain caused @ Twin Towers site is too raw, too real."

Although she deleted her original tweet, Palin is not distancing herself from her new word. Instead, Palin is embracing it and turning to none other than Shakespeare to justify her linguistic invention.

"'Refudiate,' 'misunderstimate,' 'wee-wee'd up.' English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it!" Palin tweeted Sunday as the blogosphere started to criticize her for a gaffe.

She alludes to former President George W. Bush's famous utterances of "misunderstimate" during the 2000 campaign and President Barack Obama's use of "wee-wee'd up" to describe Washington's penchant for getting worked up over controversy.

Palin's original tweet remains missing from her Twitter page. Some of Shakespeare's works are lost too.

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  1. Tanbiker2

    It's always amusing when Sarah reminds us yet again what a dumb bimbo she is.

    July 19, 2010 04:27 pm at 4:27 pm |
  2. sharon

    yep......................that's a palin for ya.............................

    snl are ya ready???????????

    a gift that keeps on givin'.....sarah style....................

    July 19, 2010 04:28 pm at 4:28 pm |
  3. Dave

    What Palin's crying about shouldn't be an issue, anyway... that mosque/ community center is two blocks away from the Ground Zero site and you can't even see Ground Zero (or anything they'd build on it) from there. This is a non-issue that Sarah Palin is dishonestly misrepresenting in order to manipulate her simpleminded followers... who, obligingly, have gotten riled up about nothing, exactly as she wanted them to.

    That is, if she knew where the site was herself. She has a habit of talking about things she knows nothing about... and not knowing how to talk about them when she tries. She used that "refudiate" word twice, once on FOX and once on Twitter. She just imitates "big words" that she doesn't know the meaning of, or even knows how to pronounce. I'm glad I'm not a Republican, because she'd embarrass the heck out of me.

    July 19, 2010 04:28 pm at 4:28 pm |
  4. David Reston, VA

    How about the way Obama pronounces corpsman? He likes to pronounce it as corpse man, lol. Sarah Palin will make a way better president than Obama, she is the leader America deserves and needs now.

    July 19, 2010 04:29 pm at 4:29 pm |
  5. Claudia

    And this is news-worthy? Please, Palin and here family are one big soap opera and, yes, they are laughing all the way to the bank. I can't believe that the news media just won't let up. Quite frankly, most of us are sick and tired of hearing about this dysfunctional family. Maybe we should focus on something educational for a change but I guess that's too much to ask for. We already know that her intelligence leaves much to be desired so this is hardly a revelation.

    July 19, 2010 04:29 pm at 4:29 pm |
  6. Bob Pacific Grove, Ca

    All Palin proves is that she's about as bright as W........

    July 19, 2010 04:29 pm at 4:29 pm |
  7. XWngLady

    Don't even try it Sarah!!! "Wee-Wee'd up" is a made up term, its slang. It was meant to be a play on a word that children use to describe going to the bathroom. "Misunderestimate" and "Refudiate" are words that you and Bush used because you didn't know what the correct words were (underestimate or misunderstand and refute or repudiate). Again, don't even try it. Those of us that know better don't buy it!!!!

    July 19, 2010 04:29 pm at 4:29 pm |
  8. Victim of GOP Taliban

    "Peaceful Muslims" repudiate? I guess she really does NOT believe in the Constitution then. By the way the founding fathers were Freemasons NOT Puritan fundamentalists.

    July 19, 2010 04:29 pm at 4:29 pm |
  9. ratotheriver

    I laughed when I heard about this because I knew it would bring all the Palin haters into the light....I am no particular fan either, however, I had a friend point out to me a few weeks ago that our intelligent, articulate, well spoken orator occupying the white house these days has a propensity for "uhhhh" when dealing with anything away from the teleprompter...So, when he and the visiting Isreali Prime Minister had their recent press conference to bestow upon us an "all is well" message, I decided to count....
    In just under 7 minutes, he uttered or spoke that word 337 times!!!
    No big deal to me, really, but I wonder why it attracts no attention like Sarah Palin jacking up the english language...with ONE word!!
    Check it out some time....

    July 19, 2010 04:30 pm at 4:30 pm |
  10. Liberals are poison

    It's amazing how many Republicans believe that the president of the United States thinks there are 57 states. Most people are bright enough to realize that he tried to correct his original "fifty" back to "forty-seven" and failed to change the "fifty" while he backed out states from his count.
    Nice try dufus, he said it. And he also said about his "muslim faith."
    Another apologist for the worst president this country has ever had.
    BTW, he's your president not mine, I didn't vote for him. I'm a third generation American, family came here legally; my family never owned slaves and I don't owe anybody reparations. Put that in your bong and puff on it.

    July 19, 2010 04:30 pm at 4:30 pm |
  11. Bob, Virginia

    Her fail English? That's unpossible.

    July 19, 2010 04:31 pm at 4:31 pm |
  12. John

    Palin is a casuist of the highest order. I do hope the Republicans nominate her; that'll be an easy win for Democrats.

    From an argumentation standpoint, it's easy to spot Palin's illogic: notice how she positions herself - we in the heartland. On the face of it, that sounds like a good thing, until you realize that the heartland often represents a place of small-minded evangelistic nitwits.

    She makes Alvin Green look smart.

    July 19, 2010 04:32 pm at 4:32 pm |
  13. Jimbo (The Real One)

    July 19th, 2010 3:57 pm ET

    Who cares about her vocabulary.
    She's hot as a fire cracker and millions
    of Americans including myself will vote
    for her in 2012.
    Sarah Palin will never run for President. She cannot risk being "exposed" and lose out on the financial "gravy train" she is currently riding. Running for public office requires consenting to interviews with credible journalists (unless you are Sharon Angle) not just the ones (i.e. Fox News) that will not require her to debate real issues. Can you imagine her debating Obama on issues? If it was a prize fight she wouldn't make it out of the first round. The real truth her is that she knows it and for that reason will not run for public office again.

    July 19, 2010 04:33 pm at 4:33 pm |
  14. chris b

    Will she "refudiate" all other religions from building near ground zero?

    July 19, 2010 04:33 pm at 4:33 pm |
  15. Randy

    I dislike Palin very much...But I am with her 100% on that subject no matter how she spells it.

    July 19, 2010 04:34 pm at 4:34 pm |
  16. Hank from Missouri

    Sarah has confused getting attention with having something to say. Should she ever take a big pay cut and run for public office (unlikely), her opponent will have a huge video library from The Mind of Sarah Palin. I'm not sure whether it should be filed under Horror or Dramatic Fiction.

    July 19, 2010 04:34 pm at 4:34 pm |
  17. Bob, Virginia

    "BTW, he's your president not mine, I didn't vote for him."

    Ignorant comment of the day. He's still your president. What an unamerican thing to say. Pathetic.

    July 19, 2010 04:34 pm at 4:34 pm |
  18. Ndubueze Chuku

    Only dumb idiots will follow Sarah Palin or use a stupid word she coined.

    July 19, 2010 04:34 pm at 4:34 pm |
  19. Chris

    What an Ignoranamous!

    July 19, 2010 04:34 pm at 4:34 pm |
  20. Anonymous

    yep I guess those idiots who say things like "I've been to 57 states" and when "THE bomb was dropped on Pearl Harbor" are just too funny to take seriously.

    July 19, 2010 04:35 pm at 4:35 pm |
  21. cathylee

    Sounds to me as if she's trying to excuse her stupidity.

    July 19, 2010 04:35 pm at 4:35 pm |
  22. DanInNooYawk

    Uh-oh...Lenny Pincus has a point: Dubya got elected by pretending he was stupider than he is, to appeal to people who truly are stupid. Palin is a brilliant politician because she's trying to appeal to the same stupid people that Bush appealed to. I fear that Palin's got the lock on the VP nomination because the Republicans need those idiots to vote for them and not for some whacko tea party candidate.

    July 19, 2010 04:35 pm at 4:35 pm |
  23. MAhole

    Clueless is as clueless does.............

    July 19, 2010 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
  24. Jersey Joe

    Gaffes.... VP Joe Biden, 5,348
    Sarah Palin 1 or 2

    Gov Palin draws quite a bit of ire from the Libs aka Left/Progressives...must be their fear of her. Insofar as the "heartland" is concerned... she's not talking about geography...she's talking about values. I would be very suprised if she ran for office again. She's making too much money and having a heckuva lot of fun making the Libs squirm.

    July 19, 2010 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
  25. Louis

    ***That echo you hear is coming from between her ears***

    July 19, 2010 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
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