August 3rd, 2010
08:27 PM ET
8 years ago

Should Obama drop Biden for Clinton in 2012?

Former Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder argues that President Obama should replace Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton on the 2012 Democratic ticket.

Former Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder argues that President Obama should replace Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton on the 2012 Democratic ticket.

Washington (CNN) – Should President Obama drop Vice President Joe Biden from the 2012 Democratic ticket and instead run with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? That's exactly what's being argued by Douglas Wilder, the former Gov. of Virginia.

"Clinton has been nothing but a team player who has earned good marks since being asked to serve as secretary of state. She has skillfully navigated the globe and been tough and commanding when the moment called for it," Wilder wrote in an op-ed published Monday in Politico.

"Clinton is better suited as the political and government partner that Obama needs," Wilder argues. "I suggest this as one who vigorously supported Obama over Clinton in 2008. In fact, I campaigned across the country and engaged in spirited debates with former colleagues. I don't regret any of that. Yet, now I think Clinton brings bounty to the political table that few can match."

Among the reasons Wilder sites in his argument to replace Biden is that the vice president is a gaffe prone liability. He also says Clinton might help Obama with key Democratic voting blocs.

But Wilder's idea was quickly shot down Tuesday by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

In a statement to Gannett Newspapers, Gibbs described Biden as "an integral part of this administration."

"He is and will continue to be a trusted partner for President Obama," Gibbs said.

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  1. Linda C

    Hillary should drop both of them ASAP! She run for President in 2012...

    August 3, 2010 10:26 pm at 10:26 pm |
  2. Mike Brooks

    Now that would be something to look forward to. All they would need o do is somehow add Bush to the ticket and we could soundly reject all of the globalization free trade job outsourcing nitwits at the same time. SInce Clinton led us down this path we have outsourced 45 million jobs, 8 million just in the past 18 months! This trio of incompetent con artists have all but wrecked our economy, led us into several disastrous and badly run foreign wars, and made this country weaker and more divided than ever before. Only a moron would vote for any of them, but any two of them at the same time and you would need to be stark raving mad.

    August 3, 2010 10:27 pm at 10:27 pm |
  3. joyce

    not a bad idea actually.

    August 3, 2010 10:28 pm at 10:28 pm |
  4. Donna

    Clinton should be on the top of the ticket, but I agree, if it comes down to no Clinton on the ticket and VP, I hope she'd accept.

    August 3, 2010 10:30 pm at 10:30 pm |
  5. WBinNT

    Highly likely scenario. But they'd have to find a position for Biden. He is not temperamentally suited to take the secretary of state position.

    August 3, 2010 10:31 pm at 10:31 pm |
  6. self sufficient

    Sure, why not? Obama is toast in 2012 anyway. What better scapegoat then the Clintons.

    August 3, 2010 10:31 pm at 10:31 pm |
  7. Pitee the Foos

    This is about the dumbest idea since repealing the 14th

    August 3, 2010 10:32 pm at 10:32 pm |
  8. sam

    Just drop both Biden and Obama and let Clinton run for president!

    August 3, 2010 10:36 pm at 10:36 pm |
  9. JJ

    Why doesn't he make Jimmy Carter his VP. That's who he reminds us all of anyway.

    August 3, 2010 10:36 pm at 10:36 pm |
  10. WeThePeopleOfVirginia

    WeThePeople should drop all three . . . Obama, Biden and Clinton.

    August 3, 2010 10:39 pm at 10:39 pm |
  11. GHF

    I'll give you a better one, Hillary resigns in December. Why-she can't handle the stupidity of the Obama administration. She begins to consider a challenge for the Presidency in 2012. There is a ground swell of support and she successfully gets the Democratic nomination for the Presidency. I know, wishful thinking on my part. Boy, were we ever sold a lot of crap in 2008; if only Palin wasn't the nominee and McCain had picked someone more mainstream.

    August 3, 2010 10:40 pm at 10:40 pm |
  12. ybs

    A Clinton-Obama ticket should lock in a 2nd term; Hillary should become the first female prez in 2016!

    August 3, 2010 10:40 pm at 10:40 pm |
  13. Bush did it

    Sure, ask her to run as VP to block her from competing vs. the incumbent president since she's the only viable challenge from within the party. If Biden's asked to step down, he'd lose any political strength and would not be strong enough to run. Pulling the former First Lady would also block efforts by the Republican Party to garner women voters by sticking the former Governor of Alaska on the ticket for that purpose only. Is it pandering? Sure. But it may be the only thing that can be done to assure survival.

    August 3, 2010 10:41 pm at 10:41 pm |
  14. Scott Trent

    It`s too late. Obama sucks and America sees through his spread the wealth Obamunism... Vote all Progressive (marxists) out of office NOW!

    August 3, 2010 10:43 pm at 10:43 pm |
  15. mother and sister of soldiers

    The democrats should drop Obama and Biden.

    August 3, 2010 10:44 pm at 10:44 pm |
  16. Abe

    exactly what needs to happen

    August 3, 2010 10:44 pm at 10:44 pm |
  17. S. C. C.

    I like Vice Pres. Biden and most of all trust him.
    I am afraid that if Hilary is selected as Vice Pres. , she and
    her husband will overshadow my wonderful President
    Barack Obama.
    If Bill Clinton could stay out of the limelight than politically if
    would be an ideal situation – we all know that Bill Clinton would
    once again vilify Pres. Obama – I do not trust the man.
    He is trying to undo the disgusting activities that went on
    in the White House with Monica Lewinsky. He is the only
    president in recent history that was impeached bycommitting perjury.

    Finally, I was truly hurt that they disrespected Pres. Obama by not
    inviting him to their daughter's wedding.

    As an African American woman, in our culture weddings
    are important.

    August 3, 2010 10:45 pm at 10:45 pm |
  18. Dale

    Are you kidding me?????????

    2012 Obama is getting his walking papers. As much as I punk when I think about clinton she would be a fool to run with this economy killing IDIOT.

    Obama is "DONE" hopefully well before 2012

    August 3, 2010 10:45 pm at 10:45 pm |
  19. Sandra Seymour

    I recommend dropping Obama and Biden

    August 3, 2010 10:49 pm at 10:49 pm |
  20. Joe

    I think Obama is worry that if Hillary Clinton runs against him she might win. So I believe he might offer her the VP position in 2012.

    August 3, 2010 10:51 pm at 10:51 pm |
  21. Caleb

    It was not shot down by Gibbs! Gibbs said that Biden is "an integral part of this administration." This by no means indicates that Biden will be on the 2012 Obama ticket.

    Biden could be kept on as an adviser and still be considered an 'integral part" of the administration; with Clinton as his Vice President.

    August 3, 2010 10:52 pm at 10:52 pm |
  22. JFK

    With all due respect to Biden, but this would be a smart move! Clinton is the successor to be anyways and is already more than capable of doing the job.

    August 3, 2010 10:56 pm at 10:56 pm |
  23. AL

    The Clintons are a nightmare that cling to power anyway they can ! Carter was a far better statesman in his day and since his Presidency also (at least he's believeable)...Obama like Carter may only be a 1 term President due to economic conditions...They're miles above the Clinton's on a personal level !
    As Secretary of State...Hillary has all the tact of a woman cut off in the parking lot at a Wal-Mart Supersale...She's pretty lucky Obama included her in his administration..she wasn't all that plesant as she was loosing to him...for that matter neither was he (Bill).

    August 3, 2010 10:57 pm at 10:57 pm |
  24. Brett

    That shoe didn't fit in 2008, and it won't fit in 2012 either. You can't dump the incumbent VP unless he or she did something truly egregious, otherwise a nod against Biden in favor of Clinton would look as politically contrived and awkward as Obama having chosen Clinton as his running mate after their epic, high-profile slug-fest on the campaign trail. The speculation oughta stop here, this issue is DOA.

    August 3, 2010 11:04 pm at 11:04 pm |
  25. Jeremy, PA

    He should have selected her in the first place. She has the highest approval rating of anyone in this administration. Scary thought, but she has become the uniter of the parties!

    August 3, 2010 11:05 pm at 11:05 pm |
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