February 6th, 2011
12:26 PM ET
7 years ago

Candy's post game analysis

Washington (CNN) - Okay, first, Madeleine Albright. I mean, whenever you can get a former Secretary of State on, as well as a current Secretary of State who we had last week, you just learn stuff, and I thought she was great. I think, look, there are a couple of things. First of all we're now beginning to hear complaints that the administration can't seem to get its message straight about what they want Hosni Mubarak to do, how they foresee the next several months in Egypt. And basically Albright said, 'Listen this is very delicate.' It changes from day to day. She thinks they've been dancing quite well, thank you very much. She also said, quite frankly what we all know, but diplomats don't generally say, which is the "Mubarak Era" is over, and done and talked about graceful exits, etc.

Again I love our duo of Negroponte and Walker. Both former ambassadors, they've got resumes, like out the wazoo, and you should look them up because they're very learned gentlemen about this particular area. But, what I thought was interesting is, they think that we're focusing too much on when Mubarak will go. They say what's more important is that a lot of these opposition groups have begun to meet with the Vice President, albeit the Vice President appointed by Mubarak, and that that shows some real progress. I was also- I'm always interested, because they're such a people in the Middle East, particularly in someone who is in a country that has signed a peace with Israel, that neither one of them thought that a changeover in Egypt was a threat to Israel and they felt that, you know, peace, that the peace treaty between the two of them would still exist.

And Alan Simpson, what can I say about Alan Simpson. If you missed Alan Simpson's interview, it is now online in its totality. I mean, you got to love a guy who talks about giving congressmen the "Green Weenie." He says it's an Army term, I've got no idea. Anyway, he said it on our air and we thought, it's just better just not to ask him about it. But he was great talking about how the deficit is just this oncoming train. So check it out, on the web if you didn't happen to see it. Thanks. See you next week.

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