Palin has path to win, Republican warns
March 14th, 2011
11:37 AM ET
7 years ago

Palin has path to win, Republican warns

(CNN) - Prominent New Hampshire Republican Judd Gregg says that Sarah Palin just might have a clearer path to the Republican presidential nomination next year than commonly understood – an event he warns would lead to President Obama's clear reelection.

Gregg, the former senator and governor of the Granite State, says the muddled GOP presidential field means it's more likely than ever there won't be a clear consensus candidate before the party's nominating convention in August of 2012. If that happens, says Gregg, Palin and her army of supporters might have the upper hand when it comes to settling on a presidential candidate.

"A candidate who runs second or third in a great many primaries could go into the convention with a sizable block of delegates," writes Gregg in an Op-Ed in The Hill newspaper Monday. "Who would this favor? Does Sarah Palin come to mind? Although she is not viewed by most as strong enough to win, she is viewed by many as a person worth voting for to make a statement."

While it's unlikely Palin (should she run) would win that many primary contests, placing second or third might be enough - especially this time around when delegates will be awarded a proportionate basis instead of the winner-take-all system that has previously been the rule in Republican primaries.

"Finishing second and third isn't really a big deal – until you get enough delegates to be the nominee," writes Gregg. "And picking a nominee who it seems would be easily defeated by President Obama might not be the best statement."

In 2008, Gregg was a supporter of Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who is all-but-certain to run again.

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  1. runmom

    She's so scary, it's not even funny.

    March 14, 2011 01:55 pm at 1:55 pm |
  2. cp125

    Does anyone really believe she'll run???? She likes the money too much, it's why she quit the governor gig. She may be uneducated and stupid, but believe me, she can count.

    March 14, 2011 01:56 pm at 1:56 pm |
  3. Hairball

    This country has become a complete joke, and Palin being elected president in 2012 will be the coup de grace.

    March 14, 2011 01:56 pm at 1:56 pm |
  4. they call me "tater salad"

    Sarah Palin has no intention of running for President, she's just cashing in on her ignorant, lemming supporters for all she can milk them for right up to the last minute/dollar..........Once people wake up to her little ruse, her money wave will eventually crash on the rocks and she'll slowly fade away back to nowhere land where she came from!

    March 14, 2011 01:56 pm at 1:56 pm |
  5. runmom

    @ itsa – there's actually a story (confirmed) that when Ronald Reagan gave a speech one time, he had every single word written out on index cards, literally from "Good Evening, Folks" to "Thank you and good night". Every single word, which he read verbatim. You are right – speakers use note cards, prompters, etc. all the time. Commonthinking apparently not thinking.

    March 14, 2011 01:58 pm at 1:58 pm |
  6. standingwave

    Where's the guy who always shows up on Palin threads to accuse Democrats of being so afraid of her?It must be totally surreal to see all the lefties calling for her nomination.

    March 14, 2011 01:58 pm at 1:58 pm |
  7. Ray Holmes

    I knew something was seriously wrong mentally in the minds of "the other Americans" while seeing those opposed to the obama presidency voice their support for Sarah Palin who might I add, is an intelligent woman as it takes one to hold any form of public office. While I supported obama's run for office and still support his presidency, I feel Sarah is no more better equiped to handle the types of foreign and domestic issues that's a president must tackle.

    March 14, 2011 01:59 pm at 1:59 pm |
  8. Thumbpring

    I cannot imagine that Sarah Palin truly means to run for President in 2012, or ever. She quit her political office. She seems more interested in political entertainment. Just my two cents.

    March 14, 2011 01:59 pm at 1:59 pm |
  9. Connie

    maybe you will post this one..I don't like Sarah Palin, would not vote for her. Will not vote for Obama this good enough for CNN..?

    March 14, 2011 01:59 pm at 1:59 pm |
  10. Bruce Wayne

    Please run for president, Sarah, please.

    March 14, 2011 02:00 pm at 2:00 pm |
  11. Pepe

    I hope this airhead wins the primary, that way we're sure gonna have some fun. Guys, just imagine the hillarious debates... ha, ha.

    March 14, 2011 02:01 pm at 2:01 pm |
  12. Obamacare = Romneycare v1.01

    Intelligence is knowing that Sarah Palin will win the Republican primary race and be their candidate for president in 2012, if she chooses to run.

    Wisdom is knowing that Sarah Palin will never be elected President of the United States.

    March 14, 2011 02:01 pm at 2:01 pm |
  13. Qwerty

    People barely thought she was vice presidential material. I don't see how quitting her political office and spending the past few years writing books, staring in reality television and pandering to the tea party has brought her any closer to being qualified for anything near the position of president.

    March 14, 2011 02:03 pm at 2:03 pm |
  14. Bubba

    Oh, please let the quitter run! Democrats are "scared of her" because she's an "intelligent woman" and never gives up once she's quit.

    March 14, 2011 02:05 pm at 2:05 pm |
  15. Sunny

    When I read the headlines that "Warning Issued on Palin", I thought it was about an insane person on loose! If Palin gets elected, then seriiously America's number 1 problem is its IQ level.

    March 14, 2011 02:07 pm at 2:07 pm |
  16. carlos

    Palin will NEVER RUN, she would have to take a massive paycut and be accountable for her answers.

    March 14, 2011 02:08 pm at 2:08 pm |
  17. bp

    I simply don't understand how the freaks like palin, barbour , etc; are the GOP'S cream of the crop, even bachmann doesn't even know jack,and yet they are the darlings of the party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    March 14, 2011 02:09 pm at 2:09 pm |
  18. Chris

    To the dems (myself included) hoping for Sarah Palin, I caution you NEVER to pull for an "unelectable" candidate. Fate has a weird way of getting those wack jobs elected sometimes, and that would be the worst thing that could happen for this nation.

    March 14, 2011 02:09 pm at 2:09 pm |
  19. Joe

    All I know is Sarah Palin is HOT!!!

    March 14, 2011 02:09 pm at 2:09 pm |
  20. anthony

    So if you think President Obama is a "disaster" what do you call the 2 terms Bush had?
    Seriously. Mention Obama's name in a ticker and the hate comes out in droves.
    Obama cures cancer.. doesnt matter, he should have done it sooner.
    Obama turns water to wine.. doesnt matter, its not a Cabernet Savignon.
    Obama turns lead to gold... doesnt matter, its not platinum.

    You people are fools if you think Obama is a disaster. I dont know what Utopian paradise you think ANY other candidate is gonna create for you, or what seas will part, or what money will start growing from trees.

    The Delusional States of America.

    March 14, 2011 02:10 pm at 2:10 pm |
  21. Conrad Shull

    It won't happen.

    March 14, 2011 02:11 pm at 2:11 pm |
  22. Willie

    The Repugnicans in Iowa ALL believe that Sister Sarah is a GENIUS! She will get the Repug nomination and along with most of the other Repugs will be running for the hills in 2012! Good riddance.

    March 14, 2011 02:11 pm at 2:11 pm |
  23. Bookenz

    Pleeezze run Sarah.

    March 14, 2011 02:11 pm at 2:11 pm |
  24. Vader

    Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman and the other far right/far left politicos are an excruciating example of how the American political system has lost it relevance to the majority of the voters. Sure, spouting extreme nonsense caters to the 'ridiculous Right' and the 'Loony Left' and can garner a nomination, but in the general election, it is the centrists who determine who wins and who loses the race. So go ahead Republicans; kowtow to the fringe and those who seem to value 'splash' over gravitas. That would guarantee a victory for the incumbent. Me? I'm one of those wacky centrists who will be ones making the call for the next (or returning) President, not you.

    March 14, 2011 02:12 pm at 2:12 pm |
  25. David M

    Palin has as much business being president as I do. I tend to be conservative in my politics, but I'm not a party loyalist. I vote for whom I think can do the best job, regardless of which party. President Palin? Not a chance. I'm sure she's a nice person, but politically, she dumber than a sack of hammers.

    March 14, 2011 02:14 pm at 2:14 pm |
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