Boehner: Still no budget agreement
April 7th, 2011
11:43 AM ET
7 years ago

Boehner: Still no budget agreement

(CNN) - House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Thursday that budget talks "are progressing," but there is not yet an agreement on either the size or scope of the spending cuts for the remainder of the current fiscal year.

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  1. Andrew

    wow... good thing we put them back in charge.

    April 7, 2011 11:52 am at 11:52 am |
  2. Carmelle

    Tea Party shutting down the government over NPR, PPP, EPA and Obamacare funding while are rushing to get funding for their own state!!!


    April 7, 2011 11:55 am at 11:55 am |
  3. PalmReader

    Boehner does realize doesn't he that there are only a few more months left within the current Fiscal Year - 5 months to be exact? Is the House going to continue this road of voting for a two week extension every other week for the next 5 months, or is Boehner going to finally get serious and get past this budget altogether? He's already becoming emotionally unhinged in THIS years battle. How will he ever handle NEXT years?

    April 7, 2011 11:56 am at 11:56 am |
  4. Greg in Arkansas

    The "weeper of the house" is still spouting slogans rather than practical solutions....ideology has replaced reality so the campaigning keeps-on-a-goin-a-long while the rest of the country suffers.

    April 7, 2011 11:57 am at 11:57 am |
  5. Stephen Seymour

    I am so sick and tired of seeing John Boehner crying on TV. I TRULY believe that it's Boehner's ego that is standing in the way of reaching an agreement to move this country forward. Where is Nancy Pelosi when we need her???

    April 7, 2011 12:00 pm at 12:00 pm |
  6. Expat American

    Boner is a smug liar. It was never the intent of the GOP to reach any kind of agreement – their intent from day one was to undermine the President’s administration; while turning a blind eye to the crimes of their party under the mass murderer Bush.

    April 7, 2011 12:06 pm at 12:06 pm |
  7. American

    Speaker Boehner = Incompetence
    Now, there's a reason to cry for our country!

    How many week patches does it take before Boehner actually passes a long-term budget?

    April 7, 2011 12:07 pm at 12:07 pm |
  8. Rudy NYC

    Come on, John. Tell us again what the "will of the people" is again. You always seem to have your finger on the heartbeat of the American voter, not the people. "The voters have spoken." The voters wanted jobs, JB. Jobs. That is what the GOPT promised, not this budget battle. You promised Democrats a battle, but you promised the people jobs.

    April 7, 2011 12:07 pm at 12:07 pm |
  9. Video Guy

    Mr Boehner really needs to go, And is sounds like the Tea Party is ready to show him the door. Go Tea Baggers.

    April 7, 2011 12:08 pm at 12:08 pm |
  10. Stephen Seymour

    PS to my previous post I will NEVER vote for a Republican again!!!

    April 7, 2011 12:09 pm at 12:09 pm |

    the dems should have this done last year

    boneheads...........cant they see their empire is crumbling

    why dont they just save face and pass a budget?

    its over....the liberals lost............................
    wars, taxes, health care, spending, gitmo..................obama and his goons have lost every argument and have done the opposite of everything they said they were going to do

    how do these hard ons get elected?

    April 7, 2011 12:09 pm at 12:09 pm |
  12. cheryl greenwood

    i say a flat rate income tax for all–no loop holes–just a higher income tax next year to cover deficit–instead of targeting teachers , or bustin unions--everybody will have 6 months ro prepare to pay a higher tax-rich and poor

    April 7, 2011 12:16 pm at 12:16 pm |
  13. David Anderson

    Instead of just taking money from children, women, the poor and the elderly, why doesn't congress also cut back on some of the massive benefits they recieve?

    April 7, 2011 12:19 pm at 12:19 pm |
  14. harrhar

    Why aren't democrats using the tea party's numerous comments "urging" a shut-down?? Point the finger at the one willingly raising their hand. It's SO hard to be a democrat sometimes – where's the passion?!

    April 7, 2011 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm |
  15. Dave Harris

    How about if Boner and his Republican buddies stop collecting their paychecks while they appease their howling followers' demand to "Shut 'er Down!"? How about if they relinquish their free-for-life medical care, which would be 'socialism' if the rest of us got it. How about if they face some personal consequences, any consequences, for cramming their phony agenda down our throats? How about if pigs start flying?

    April 7, 2011 12:32 pm at 12:32 pm |
  16. WiredwierdinSF

    Unfortunately for this country, Reid and the incompetent, inept president we have just don't get it, yet. Reid needs to be retired very soon and Obozo needs to go back to hanging posters on telephone poles for the SEIU.

    April 7, 2011 12:36 pm at 12:36 pm |
  17. GI Joe

    Cry me a river you Bawling little girl.

    April 7, 2011 12:40 pm at 12:40 pm |
  18. SayWhat

    Say goodbye to the GOP.

    April 7, 2011 12:45 pm at 12:45 pm |
  19. James Brooklyn N.Y.

    Well then get back to work you crying little sissy. Stop talking to the press and do your job. You promised jobs but have done nothing. You ran on this position because you saw things were improving. If you think you can take credit for it by doing nothing your are seriously delusional. You are a job killing anti American machine that needs to be dismantled along with the entire retarded party.

    April 7, 2011 12:47 pm at 12:47 pm |
  20. Cid Lagunas

    This House Speaker needs to stop whinning and start acting. Looks like the ecomony is starting to move again and these politicians want to hold it back. the demeanor is more than obvious. I see a personal agenda more than an improvement for the entre Nation.. Boehner=Pure Garbage.

    April 7, 2011 12:47 pm at 12:47 pm |
  21. Al-NY,NY

    Early last month the Senate voted unanimously to pass a bill that would ban members of Congress and the president from getting paid during a government shutdown. But the House did not take up that legislation.

    Boener??? Hello? Fiscal responsibility? Good faith gesture???

    April 7, 2011 12:50 pm at 12:50 pm |
  22. CBR

    Take all the cameras away. Stop the flag-waving and get down to the business at hand. the Republicans ran on a platform to solve economic problems. They allowed the Tea Party to be part of that movement. The Tea Party which does not represent any people I know, is now calling in their chits. The American people are the losers this time around.

    April 7, 2011 12:51 pm at 12:51 pm |
  23. GI Joe


    April 7, 2011 01:04 pm at 1:04 pm |
  24. Rick McDaniel

    It's not about the budget at's about the wants of the GOP......reduced tax rates for the rich, and no abortions for the needy.

    The GOP is NOT putting the interests of citizens ahead of themselves. They are being totally greedy and selfish, in every way.

    April 7, 2011 01:08 pm at 1:08 pm |
  25. Rudy NYC

    This is not about the budget deficit. This battle is no different from the one still being fought in Wisconsin. If this were really about saving every million and billion, then they would avoid a shutdown any they can. The shutdown in the '90s cost $1.5B. A shutdown now could cost 10 times that amount.

    This budget is being used as an excuse to advance an ideology whether the majority of people want it or not. The chariman of the House Budget Committee, Paul Ryan, has been quoted as saying, "this is not a budget, this is a cause." You cannot be any more blunt than that. That is thumbing your nose at the other guy through words.

    April 7, 2011 01:12 pm at 1:12 pm |
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