Congress races for solution as debt ceiling deadline looms
July 5th, 2011
07:39 AM ET
7 years ago

Congress races for solution as debt ceiling deadline looms

Washington (CNN) - Senators are set to return to work on Tuesday to resume talks about the possibility of raising the federal government's debt ceiling.

House members are scheduled to take up the contentious talks on the issue Wednesday.


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  1. John

    All that have to be done Is for the Republican to really Listen to the American people and not the TEA PARTY and start to Compromise. Because I have to say the Republican are making the American people pretty mad ,because they haven't done any thing In three years now except give the RICH MORE TAX CUT THAT DON"T WORK and they keeps saying NO all the TIME. We didn't put you people In office to say NO all the time . IT TIME TO COMPROMISE and get a deal done or be sorry later like 2012. I don't know what American People you keeps taking about that don't want you to Compromise. It was to be the TEA PARTY and you better stop listening to them,because there not enough of them to get you Reelected or elected. American people are all ready trier of the TEA PARTY, because they only Concern are them self.

    July 5, 2011 08:02 am at 8:02 am |
  2. Name king

    Why are the repugs so spending cuts focussed? Our economy is 75 percent spending, capitalism business mantra is location location location, this means without demand money businesses cannot exist. Repugs are only focus on the business aspect, and fails to refuse to focus on the basics which is demand which are the people spending money. What would happen if our local small business cannot get their most reliable revenues, which are food stamps, government workers revenues etc. Don't they know we are not in a industrial revolution anymore, because almost all the factories have left to other countries with cheaper labor force. We are in a sales revolution, which means spending is our backbone now.

    July 5, 2011 08:05 am at 8:05 am |
  3. Randy

    Remember peoplr usually stick with things that work for them. 98% of people won't complain if the taxes get raised on the top 2%. But what if taxes are raised on the top 3..4..5..6%... of people. Will you start complaining only when the tax increases get to you? If you feel like you don't pay enough in taxes. Send the fed an extra check, I'm sure they will take it.

    July 5, 2011 08:17 am at 8:17 am |
  4. John, PA

    Solution ???? STOP SPENDING !!!!

    July 5, 2011 08:28 am at 8:28 am |
  5. pjoe

    Bush's highest budget ... $3.1 Trillion.
    Obama's average budget ... $3.7 Trillion (3.6 for 2010, 3.8 for 2011, and 3.7 for 2012).
    As of yesterday, they were all proud of themselves for finding $0.1 Trillion a year to cut ($1 Trillion over 10 years). Hey politicians ... we are not stupid. Nothing serious in the way of cuts has been proposed yet.

    July 5, 2011 08:29 am at 8:29 am |
  6. GonzoinHouston

    I sincerely hope Obama has some sort of "give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves" strategy working. Maybe he thinks that not taking the GOP head-on is the best way to get a deal, maybe he plans on using their excesses against them, maybe he's hoping the voters will reject the GOP after their attacks on SS and Medicare become reality. I don't know, but I sure hope he has something good up his sleeve.

    July 5, 2011 08:38 am at 8:38 am |