POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Monday, July 11, 2011
July 11th, 2011
04:24 AM ET
6 years ago

POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Monday, July 11, 2011

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CNN: Political leaders plan another day of deficit-reduction talks
A day after a 75-minute session, talks will resume Monday to try to reach a deficit-reduction deal and pave the way for a hike in the nation's $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. …At 11 a.m. that same morning, President Barack Obama will hold a press conference in the White House briefing room, according to his official schedule.

CNNMoney: Debt ceiling: Slow grind
Bye-bye big debt ceiling deal. Hello, 11th hour brinksmanship. That's looking a lot more likely since House Speaker John Boehner said this weekend he can't sign on to a $4 trillion debt-reduction package because the White House continues to insist the package include some tax increases. Even though the White House said it will continue to push for the biggest deal possible, a meeting Sunday evening between President Obama and congressional leaders lasted 75 minutes without any signs of progress toward a so-called "grand bargain."

CNN: 2012ers hit the road
2012 Republican presidential candidates are traveling this week, mostly in early presidential-contest states. Here's a look at where they're headed.

Los Angeles Times: Romney's jobs record a little shaky
Mitt Romney stood before a shuttered steel factory in Pennsylvania the other day, using the iconic backdrop to underscore what has become the most forceful theme of his presidential campaign: the need for more jobs. …But Romney's tenure as a government CEO — the four years he served as governor of Massachusetts — may not buttress his claim to be the candidate who, as he put it recently, "has what it takes to create and grow jobs."

Newsweek: Palin Plots Her Next Move
Sarah Palin hasn’t jumped into the race for the White House (yet), but she believes the prize is there for the taking. In a conversation with Peter J. Boyer, Palin warns Boehner not to raise the debt ceiling, proclaims that Obama is beatable—and says the 2012 field is far from settled.

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CNN: Record temperatures seen as heat wave plagues 15 states
A heat wave is building and could reach dangerous levels in parts of the Midwest, the Plains and the Southeast this week. Fifteen states are under heat advisories, which means temperatures are expected to exceed 105 degrees Fahrenheit. …The advisories and warnings will remain in effect until at least Tuesday.

CNN: Already beset by fire, New Mexico braces for weeks of flash floods
If the still raging fires didn't destroy their homes, New Mexico residents could be done in by flash flooding this monsoon season - the ravaged landscape heightening the danger, and likelihood, of mudslides and other problems.

Los Angeles Times: Veterans face high unemployment after military service
Unemployment among recently returned veterans, already in double digits, is poised to get worse as more soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan. The jobless rate for veterans who served at any time since September 2001 — called Gulf War-era II veterans — was 13.3% in June, up from 12.1% the month before, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In June 2010 it was 11.5%.

USA Today: Distracted-driving programs show success
The type of high-profile police crackdown and public-education campaign that led to record seat-belt use in the USA has proved highly effective against distracted driving in two pilot programs, the federal agency that tracks road deaths reports today. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says handheld cellphone use and texting while driving dropped sharply in Syracuse, N.Y., and Hartford, Conn., during four periods of stepped-up enforcement coupled with media campaigns.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Cheating probe could get ex-APS official fired in Texas
The first day on the job for a former Atlanta deputy superintendent who was hired to lead a suburban Dallas school district could be her last. Kathy Augustine has been linked to criminal and ethical violations in the Atlanta Public Schools' cheating scandal. DeSoto Independent School District trustees could vote Monday night to fire Augustine.

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CNN: Syrian 'national dialogue' to continue after activists decry violence
Syria's government-sponsored "national dialogue" talks, where activists have been criticizing recent crackdowns by the country's security forces, are expected to continue Monday. Syria's vice president hailed the Damascus University meeting between officials and members of the opposition as a step toward creating a "democratic nation."

CNN: Yemen's president meets with top U.S. anti-terrorism official
Yemen's embattled president, still recovering from a violent attack last month, met with a top U.S. counterterrorism official in Saudi Arabia Sunday. The two met at a military hospital in Riyadh, where Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has been recovering since he was wounded in the attack on his presidential compound more than a month ago.

CNN: Radical Iraqi cleric threatens to revive brigade to attack U.S. troops
Radical anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr threatened Sunday to revive a special armed unit devoted to attacking U.S. troops if the Americans did not withdraw from Iraq by next year. His comments came as debate brewed in Iraq about whether to authorize a continued international military presence on its soil beyond an agreed-upon January 1, 2012, deadline. President Jalal Talabani announced Saturday that question should be decided in about two weeks.

New York Times: Despite Mexican Violence, U.S. Firms Expand by Border
Even as drug organizations battle for turf around them, more TV sets are being assembled, car parts boxed up and electronic widgets soldered together in the large manufacturing plants here known as maquiladoras. The result is a boomlet in jobs in some of Mexico’s hardest-hit cities, a bright spot in an otherwise bleak stream of shootouts, departing small businesses and fear of random death.

CNN: Phone-hacking scandal lives on even as News of the World dies
The family of a murdered British girl whose phone was hacked by people working for the News of the World will meet Britain's deputy prime minister Monday, keeping the scandal in the public eye despite the abrupt closure of the best-selling tabloid on Sunday. Milly Dowler's family will meet other leading politicians later this week, their lawyer Mark Lewis told CNN Sunday, following accusations that her voice mail was illegally intercepted between her murder in 2002 and the discovery of her body.

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CNNMoney: Earnings take center stage
After spending two months focused largely on the state of the U.S. economy, investors will get a chance to turn their eyes back to Corporate America this week. Several key companies will report their results for the second quarter this week, with investors getting profit reports from Dow members Alcoa on Monday followed by JPMorgan Chase on Thursday. Citigroup and Google, among others, are also on tap to release their latest sales and earnings.

Wall Street Journal: Dollar Stores Find Splurges Drying Up
Sales and profit growth have started to slump at the deep-discount retailers called dollar stores, after a robust performance during the recession, a sign that even fairly cheap toys and other small indulgences now are a stretch for some consumers. In the past several weeks, Dollar General Corp., Family Dollar Stores Inc. and Dollar Tree Inc., the country's three largest chains that sell sharply discounted food, household staples and other items in modest-size stores, all have missed their quarterly earnings targets.

Financial Times: EU stance shifts on Greece default
European leaders are for the first time prepared to accept that Athens should default on some of its bonds as part of a new bail-out plan for Greece that would put the country's overall debt levels on a sustainable footing. The new strategy, to be discussed at a Brussels meeting of eurozone finance ministers on Monday, could also include new concessions by Greece's European lenders to reduce Athens' debt, such as further lowering interest rates on bail-out loans and a broad-based bond buyback programme.

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  1. Rudy NYC

    CNN: Political leaders plan another day of deficit-reduction talks:
    The President is upset some of his base because he has bent over backwards to put 'everything on the table' for these debt reduction talks. The President had originally sought a clean vote on the debt ceiling, but it was Republicans who insisted on bringing in outside issues. But, Republicans insist on bringing only issues that they want and refuse to allow Democrats to bring issues that they want. American knows who fired the first shot, Republicans.

    July 11, 2011 07:23 am at 7:23 am |
  2. T'sah from Virginia

    CNN: Political leaders plan another day of deficit-reduction talks
    And $4 Trillion is all of a sudden “too much” and the Repubs balk
    Please President Obama continue to “walk the walk”

    CNNMoney: Debt ceiling: Slow grind
    That’s because the Repubs are “out of their mind”
    Paul Ryan’s plan cut almost ($4 TRILLION???) just as much
    And that bill also – MOST Repubs did not TRUST!!
    So what is it they want – that would BACKFIRE in the end?
    Trying to make Obama a “one term” President!!

    CNN: 2012ers hit the road
    With the same old song using OLD Morse code!!

    Los Angeles Times: Romney's jobs record a little shaky
    Repubs forget what Americans can “plainly see”

    Newsweek: Palin Plots Her Next Move
    Trying her best to get in “the groove”
    In hopes that Americans will approve
    Her Presidential bid because she improved
    Please Ms. Palin – you have nothing to prove
    Nothing to GAIN and much to LOSE!!!


    July 11, 2011 07:40 am at 7:40 am |