Palin hits Perry on state-mandated vaccine
September 13th, 2011
09:39 AM ET
7 years ago

Palin hits Perry on state-mandated vaccine

Washington (CNN) - While she wasn't on stage at Monday night's debate, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin jumped in on the attacks against Texas Gov. Rick Perry for signing a state law that required inoculation against a sexually-transmitted disease for sixth-grade girls.

"You have to go up against the big guns," Palin said on FOX News Monday, praising GOP candidate Michele Bachmann for bringing up the issue at the debate. "And they will try to destroy you, when you call them out on the mistakes that they have made."

In 2007 Perry signed off on a law that mandated vaccines for HPV, a virus that can cause cervical cancer. While, parents had the option of opting out for religious reasons, the measure was still considered an unpopular law in the Lone Star State.

Bachmann confronted Perry at the "CNN Tea Party Republican Debate" in Tampa, saying the Texas governor's former chief of staff later went to work for a drug company that made the vaccine.

“There was a big drug company that made millions of dollars because of this mandate,” Bachmann said, adding that Perry received contributions from the company.

Perry countered saying he had received $5,000.

"I raised $30 million," Perry said. "If you think I can be bought for $5,000, then I'm offended," Perry said.

Firing back with a shot that spurred wide applause in the audience, Bachmann said: "Well, I'm offended for all the little girls and the parents that didn't have a choice."

After the debate, Palin called Perry's ties with the drug company "crony capitalism."

"True reform and fighting the corruption and fighting the crony capitalism is a tough thing to do within your own party," Palin said. "Believe me I know that. I have the bumps and bruises to prove it."

Palin, who paints herself as a "maverick," added that she's been fighting corruption for the last 20 years at the local and state level, in addition to her time campaigning as the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee.

But this wasn't the first time Palin went after Perry. Speaking on Labor Day weekend at a major tea party event in Iowa, Palin hinted at the Texas governor–though she didn't use his name–while speaking about government corruption.

“Some GOP candidates, they also raise mammoth amounts of cash,” she said. “We need ask them, too: What, if anything, do their donors expect from their investments? We need to know this because our country can’t afford more trillion-dollar thank you notes to campaign backers.”

Palin hasn't thrown her hat in the ring for president, despite making big appearances this summer at events in key battleground states. She said Monday night she's still discussing a potential White House bid with her family.

In the meantime, Palin said she's "getting a kick out of" staying in the spotlight and weighing in on the 2012 prospects.

"I'm getting a kick of getting out there, making a speech, making some statement about things that must be discussed and then the very next day watching some of the candidates get out there and discuss what it was we just talked about," Palin said.

–CNN's Peter Hamby and Steve Brusk contributed to this report.

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  1. Me

    This woman quit as Governor of Alaska to become a professional entertainer. Why do some people still think she is going to somehow become smart overnight?

    September 13, 2011 03:50 pm at 3:50 pm |
  2. Aaron

    Despite running her big mouth, Palin has no issues with Bachmann running a clinic to convert gays to straight, for a price. I thought Bachmann was more idiotic than Palin, but they seem to be running neck and neck for most annoying, stupid cow.

    September 13, 2011 03:55 pm at 3:55 pm |
  3. The Real Tom Paine

    @ Founders 1791:

    You have actually wasted your time trying to break down the statistical makeup of responses to stories about Sarah Palin: Why? What are you trying to prove, except your own equally biased opinion in favor of the the ex-governor? What has she done to deserve you wasting your time in a fruitless exercise of conservative rage at coverage of her by the " lamestream media"?

    September 13, 2011 03:57 pm at 3:57 pm |
  4. GOP Hates Middle Class


    Bachmann said: "Well, I'm offended for all the little girls and the parents that didn't have a choice."

    Convenient how republicans want to give women and girls choices about their body ONLY in certain situations.

    September 13, 2011 12:23 pm at 12:23 pm |
    Amazing how hypocritical they are. Just like Slick mentioned he'd err on the side of life (except for Cameron Todd Willingham, but CNN can't get into that, that would be investigative journalism). The applause for letting the hypothetical 30 y.o. man die because of no insurance; clapping for 234 executions in TX. Compassionate conservatism at its best, all while they'll hide behind their religion.

    September 13, 2011 04:08 pm at 4:08 pm |
  5. Huh

    Or in this case, finding out how people respond first, then trying to steal the show by painting herself as a supporter of whatever it was that got the loudest cheers and an opponent of what got the loudest jeers. How about getting up on stage Sarah and showing us what you're not made of? Anyone can Monday morning quarterback. That doesn't make you executive material.

    September 13, 2011 04:09 pm at 4:09 pm |
  6. Mark in Seattle

    So so so sick of this less than zero.

    September 13, 2011 04:09 pm at 4:09 pm |
  7. cobra

    Everyone that is not a left wing progressive liberal dumocrat should keep the cross hairs on the libs and locked and loaded, libs are a menace to society and very dangerous.

    September 13, 2011 04:10 pm at 4:10 pm |
  8. arizonamom

    @Founders 1791 –

    Sarah Palin was a horrible mayor – left Wasilla in more debt than before she was mayor; as Governor she quit on the good people who put her in office. She quit to go on the talk circuit to make the big bucks. Yep, she's all talk and no action and the one's listenening to her talk – her "admirers" are about as intelligent as the rocks in my backyard.

    September 13, 2011 04:11 pm at 4:11 pm |
  9. mrrick

    How convenient for Palin to judge everyone and everything from the sidelines. She'll probably jump in AFTER the debates are done so she doesn't have to make even more of an idiot of herself (if that's possible) on the national stage, but boy, would that be fun to watch when she gets in! They're gonna have a field day with her! Go, Sarah, Go! This country needs a good comedy show and we'll all bust a gut laughing while watching her get ripped to shreds.....even the teabaggers will eventually disown her! No, Sarah, No!

    September 13, 2011 04:11 pm at 4:11 pm |
  10. Sequoia

    WHY is this dim witted, quitter half term governor and goofy right-wing fanatic reality TV personality taken seriously by CNN? The dingbat is a joke and the laughing stock of the nation. Try to keep up. We're so over her.

    September 13, 2011 04:11 pm at 4:11 pm |
  11. NekkidPalin

    Get nekkid Palin

    September 13, 2011 04:17 pm at 4:17 pm |
  12. Founders 1791


    First, I did it because I happen to be a Small Business Owner, since 1982, in Software Development and compiling statistics and formatting them into something relevant is what I do.

    Second, It helps to provide what a "serious blogger" needs to expect as a return on effort to post her in the first place. Believe it or not, more than half of the time, at this site alone the "moderators/censors" will not allow "Conservative/Republican Comments". I have documented this fact thoroughly and it's not just here but in "most' of the standard liberal news sites.

    Third, I answer all those reason, quite succinctly, in my other post here done at 03:47 pm

    As a long time Small Business Owner, I am fed up with both parties for the same reason: corruption to their core. It's so bad that many on both sides will look you in the face and "rationalize it" into anything that it is not.

    Only Sarah Palin "took the risk" of giving up a $100+K job, and her career, when she uncovered corruption in the "establishment" up in Alaska and she had "the courage" to do something about it. Many people went to jail for what she exposed.

    Honesty and Courage is sorely lacking throughout Local, State, and Federal Government in American and Sarah Palin CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, versus these current clowns talking all the time.

    September 13, 2011 04:18 pm at 4:18 pm |
  13. Raider Fan

    "You can say what you're gonna say about Sarah Palin , but she is absolutely gorgeous . And so is Michelle Bachman ."

    It is not so much that Republican women are attractive as much as it is that Democratic women are just plain ugly.
    Beauty is only skin deep. Ugly goes all the way to the bone.

    September 13, 2011 04:20 pm at 4:20 pm |
  14. Joe from CT, not Lieberman

    Poor Sarah. Her handlers and speech writers finally give her something to say to stomp on Ricky-boy, and what do we do? We stomp on the self-righteous egomaniac. Hey, Sarah, how about all of your Sarah-Pac contributors? What do they expect? By the way, how is that special-needs child of yours? You know – the one you conveniently forgot about when a joke about mental retardation was made by a Republican Comedian at your last personal appearance? You know, the same type of joke you held your kid up in protest against when a comment was made by a Democrat.
    By the way, does Roger give you a bonus check whenever you appear in CNN?

    September 13, 2011 04:23 pm at 4:23 pm |
  15. Susan - Canada


    Palin is a no nothing. She has nothing to offer the country. After this election, she will be gone with the wind.

    Think again....she will be around for the next several years and perhaps beyond. She will continue to attack whomever is President, be it a Democrat or Republican. She'll manage to keep herself in the spotlight with speeches, books, etc. I'd be willing to bet she isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

    September 13, 2011 04:23 pm at 4:23 pm |
  16. Kevin

    Sarah Palin would rather take pot shots from the safety of the sidelines than get into the race and join the debates. Why? Because every person up there has forgotten more than she has even known...They would destroy her and make her the laughing stock of the country (oh wait... that has already happened). And it's compounded even more when you realize that some of those up there are as dumb as rocks, yet they are still smarter than she'll ever be. PLEASE.... JUST IGNORE HER.. We don't need to hear what she has to say!!!!

    September 13, 2011 04:28 pm at 4:28 pm |
  17. As GM goes, so goes the country...Unions/Democrats killed GM, now they are killing the country

    There was an opt-out provision. Nobody had to get the vaccine who didn't really want it. Sooo, ummmm, take a deep breath and a valium.

    Personal choice dunce! People that want to OPT IN can get it. Why the heck is the government sticking their noses in what gets injected in our kids?! This is a parental decision. Courts should have blocked this travesty and huge destruction of personal liberty. But our courts have been taken over by liberal scum that think the government owns us and everything we possess.

    September 13, 2011 04:31 pm at 4:31 pm |
  18. FIELD1stSGT

    You morons who make these slanderous remarks about Palin are so stupid your like a catfish all mouth with no body. No one out here with half a brain takes you imbeciles seriously. You will definitely talk out the other side of your mouth when she announces her candidacy. BUT EVEN IF SHE DON'T I CAN NAME FOUR TO THE GOP WHO WILL LANDSLIDE THE TERRIOST FROM NIGERIA. IF HE DOES MANAGE TO GET BY HE WILL BE IMPEACHED WITHIN 6 MONTHS. TRUE PATRIOTS ARE GONNA PUT SO MUCH PRESSURE ON HIM AND CONGRESS SOMETHING WILL HAVE TO GIVE. IT WILL BE OBAMA

    September 13, 2011 04:44 pm at 4:44 pm |
  19. Larry L

    Sad that the only thing Perry has ever done correctly and with a benefit to public health has to be tainted by a bribe. It's strange that the right-wing sees vaccinations as something evil. What about all of the other childhood vaccines? I suppose if anarchy is your goal, doing away with any benefits of science and medicine are a logical step. They could simply move to Somalia – no vaccines, lots of guns, low taxes, no environmental controls – Republican heaven!

    September 13, 2011 04:46 pm at 4:46 pm |
  20. Expat American

    Founders 1791
    She has a message that affects BOTH PARTIES and ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS
    Sarah Palin only speaks for Conservative White Christian Republicans who bastardize the faith and call their stateside false fabrication the word of God. And she also speaks for Tea Partiers who think Jesus was an American non-union carpenter. In many cases, one in the same.

    September 13, 2011 04:47 pm at 4:47 pm |
  21. Dave from GA

    Baby Palin.... if you don't like Perry, why don't you make an announcement to race for the GOP presidential nomination now? Your talk is worthless crappy one.

    September 13, 2011 04:48 pm at 4:48 pm |
  22. The Real Tom Paine

    @Founders 1791

    My apologies. You are the first person I have met on this site who attempts to answer with something other than insults and raw emotion. I don't agree with your accessment of Palin, but you are at least intellectually honest.

    September 13, 2011 04:50 pm at 4:50 pm |
  23. Brad5013

    It is amazing that someone with sooo much easy money as Sarah Palin still seizes every opportunity to reveal her insecurity by squealing "Hey, look at meeeee!!!!!"

    September 13, 2011 05:00 pm at 5:00 pm |
  24. Sniffit

    "For those of you who claim to be "educated liberals" that believe everyone else is just an idiot redneck,"

    On behalf of those educated liberals...and I feel safe claiming I speak on their behalf in this...we respectfully make that relinquishing that belief contingent upon the rest of you ceasing to behave in a manner that proves it accurate.

    September 13, 2011 05:02 pm at 5:02 pm |
  25. THunter99

    Does Palin hate all kids except her own? She's against the innoculations, she's against promoting exercise, she's against making sure that school lunch programs provide balanced nutrition . . . didn't Hansel and Gretel meet up withe her?

    September 13, 2011 05:04 pm at 5:04 pm |
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