Cain schedules return to Iowa
November 14th, 2011
09:09 AM ET
6 years ago

Cain schedules return to Iowa

(CNN) - Herman Cain is heading back to a place he hasn't spent a lot of time lately: Iowa.

The businessman and Republican presidential candidate will be in Des Moines and Dubuque Tuesday, according to Steve Grubbs, Cain's campaign chairman in the Hawkeye State. Tuesday marks seven weeks until the Iowa caucuses, which kick off the caucus and primary calendar.

This will be Cain's first stop in the state since the outbreak of a controversy over sexual harassment allegations against him dating back to when he was head of the National Restaurant Association in the late 1990's.

Cain was last in Iowa on October 22, when he and many of the other GOP White House hopefuls spoke at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition's fall banquet fundraiser in Des Moines. That was Cain's first visit to the state since mid-August, when he made the rounds at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines and took part in a crucial straw poll in Ames.

The two most recent polls in Iowa, by CNN/Time/ORC International and the Des Moines Register, which were conducted in late October, indicated that Cain was basically tied with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for the top spot among Hawkeye State Republicans.

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  1. Andrea

    I hear they've got pretty women in Iowa.

    November 14, 2011 09:20 am at 9:20 am |
  2. Phil in KC

    Interesting. I would have thought that one of the "Christian" right darlings would have been one of the front-runners. Maybe Iowa Republicans are coming around – slowly.

    November 14, 2011 09:21 am at 9:21 am |
  3. ED FL

    Watch out IOWA better lock up your woman. The non-sexual pervert is coming to town and he isn't exactly like Santa Clause except for the sitting on his lap policy for females.

    November 14, 2011 09:22 am at 9:22 am |
  4. v_mag

    Cain's continued presence in the Repugnant lineup is testimony to the bankruptcy of right wing morals.

    He'll make a perfect nominee of that disgusting party.

    November 14, 2011 09:23 am at 9:23 am |
  5. Larry L

    The man didn't know China has nuclear weapons. He believes the illegal practice of water-boarding to be an acceptable practice. His tax plan hammers the poor and helps the rich. FIve women charged him with sexual harrassment. What has happened to the Republican Party when the majority of their candidates appear to be greedy, hateful and ignorant of world affairs?

    November 14, 2011 09:41 am at 9:41 am |
  6. stevie

    Go Herman GO!! Don`t let the Axlerod and Daley thugs stop you!!

    November 14, 2011 10:08 am at 10:08 am |
  7. SaintM

    Cain sickens me on many levels, and I don't see him as president. He also fails to recognize that if President Obama had not blown the walls and very high glass ceiling to shards by becoming our first African American president, Cain would have been laughed out of the park. It is so wrong for Cain to belittle, harshly criticise and lie about the man who made his candidacy possible.

    If it comes down to the two African Americans, Obama and Cain, running for president, I will vote to keep the handsome, intilligent, compassionate, experienced and respected man in office, and the morally repugnant, inexperienced, dipstick can go back to Georgia.

    November 14, 2011 10:11 am at 10:11 am |
  8. Brian

    Gosh! Librals are more concerned if a President knows what the price of tea in China is as opposed to whether or not they believe in economic policies that will encourage capitol investment, which in turns creates job opportunities. I guess you'd rather have a guy in the Whitehouse that says Boeing can't open facilities in the United States if its not a right'to work state. He'd much rather Boeing open new operations overseas. Get a clue people. Remove your heads from your sphincter holes. "He doesn't know China has Nukes", I don't believe that. He was talking about developing nuclear capability on warships, which is true. Even if he didn't know, which is rediculous to even think; so what! He's 10 times more qualified to be president than Bozo we have in there now. Obama couldn't turn this economy around if his life depended on it.

    November 14, 2011 10:23 am at 10:23 am |