Source of negative Gingrich fliers in question
December 15th, 2011
07:18 PM ET
7 years ago

Source of negative Gingrich fliers in question

Sioux City, Iowa (CNN) – Iowans for Life, a pro-life organization in Iowa, is denying any involvement in fliers that were distributed at Newt Gingrich events labeling him a "pro-life fraud."

The flier, which claims to be "authorized and paid for by the Iowans for Life," was distributed in the parking lot at the Wednesday premiere of the "Gift of Life" documentary in Des Moines. The next day, the same fliers showed up at a Gingrich town hall some 90 miles away in Dodge City.

The executive director for Iowans for Life, Maggie Dewitte, said that someone or some organization is fraudulently using their name to wage attacks on Gingrich's anti-abortion record.

"It is not our organization. We are trying to track down who is using our name," said Dewitte. "We did not authorize that flier, we did not distribute it."

Dewitte said she plans on reaching out to the Gingrich campaign to make sure they know her organization is not responsible.

The flier includes an un-sourced quote, presumably from Gingrich, "I think this is a pro-choice country."

It also claims that Gingrich "campaigned for pro-partial birth abortion candidates," "opposed efforts by pro-lifers to stop taxpayer funding for federal employees' healthcare plans," "urged fellow Republicans to drop the pro-life issue because it was too divisive," and he "supports tax-payer funding for abortions."

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