Illinois senator to endorse Romney
December 18th, 2011
11:12 PM ET
7 years ago

Illinois senator to endorse Romney

Washington (CNN) - The Republican who holds Barack Obama's former Senate seat will endorse Mitt Romney on Monday, according to a campaign source.

Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk was elected in 2010, replacing Democrat Roland Burris, who was appointed to the seat by Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

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  1. ThinkAgain

    "Anybody but Mitt" polls better than Romney, so this push for him as the nominee is going to be very interesting. I hope Gingrich, Bachmann or Paul run as a third-party candidate.

    December 18, 2011 11:29 pm at 11:29 pm |
  2. otermbachmann

    Go mittens.

    December 18, 2011 11:32 pm at 11:32 pm |
  3. Logic in LA

    Given Republicans are more fickle than Democrats, take these endorsements with a grain of salt. Everyone was on Hilliary's bandwagon in the beginning as well.

    December 19, 2011 01:33 am at 1:33 am |
  4. fred ca

    He is probably under the illusion that romney can activate the National Guard to take the state back from the dem hacks and thugs, aka obama's buddies, who are driving out jobs and business while selling out/giving the state to the chosen one's big money owners. It is probably the only chance IL had unless we find a drug that educates dems...

    December 19, 2011 02:09 am at 2:09 am |
  5. Thomas

    Mark Who ?

    December 19, 2011 02:29 am at 2:29 am |
  6. Jimbo

    Not sure why this is newsworthy (and I live in Illinois...).

    December 19, 2011 04:31 am at 4:31 am |
  7. Thad

    Illinois Senator signed a Flip-Flop endorsement deal good for him.

    December 19, 2011 04:41 am at 4:41 am |