Biden to fundraise on Florida trip
February 6th, 2012
10:21 AM ET
6 years ago

Biden to fundraise on Florida trip

(CNN) – Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to return to Florida on Monday on an official visit to address college costs but will also continue the Obama reelection effort's push in the Sunshine State by holding two fundraisers in Tallahassee.

One of the fundraisers is at the home of Donald Hinkle, a Florida attorney who donated to the Obama campaign in 2008 and has poured cash into other Democratic campaigns and organizations around the country, according to campaign finance filings. A Democratic official told CNN of the fundraisers on the condition of anonymity.

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Tickets start at $5,000 per person, the official said, and 20 attendees are expected.

The official said a second fundraiser at the Challenger Center is expected to bring in 200 people at $100 per person.

Florida is one of the most coveted of swing states: it is the state which narrowly decided the 2000 election for then-Gov. George Bush of Texas and helped his reelection in 2004, but went for then-Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois in 2008 by a margin of 236,000 votes.

Obama faces a tight battle to win the state in November, according to polls released before the GOP primary there in January. His job approval stood at 46%, and disapproval at 49% in the Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald/Bay News 9 survey released Jan. 29. Polls of registered voters showed a neck-and-neck race between the president and GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney, but his lead widened when he was matched with others in the Republican field.

President Obama announced tourism policy changes at a high profile Disney World event in mid-January. The reelection campaign has also dispatched surrogates to aide the President's effort in this key state, including first lady Michelle Obama, who held DNC campaign events in Palm Beach and Sarasota last month.

The Republican National Committee responded to the Vice President's travel plans in a statement to CNN on Monday.

"The president and his team are traveling around the country raising money for their reelection because they know they are going to need it," RNC spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski said. "After three years of failed economic policies and an unemployment rate near 10% in Florida, voters in the Sunshine State and other battleground states have had enough of the president’s rhetoric – they want results."

Biden will speak on college affordability at a visit to Florida State University on Monday morning. He addressed the topic in a December visit to Duncan U. Fletcher High School in Neptune Beach, Florida.

– CNN's Paul Steinhauser and Gregory Wallace contributed to this report.

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  1. sortakinda

    "Biden Hits the Trail in Florida": but he thinks he's in Wyoming.

    February 6, 2012 01:30 pm at 1:30 pm |
  2. cigarman

    When all of you Hateful Republicans talk George Bush and his Master Cheney to pay back all of the Money that they spent while they were in office, I might agree with you.

    February 6, 2012 01:31 pm at 1:31 pm |
  3. The Truth

    Billie- I love this quote from you! The weak seek revenge and the stong seek justice. So true!

    "Because Obama doesn't threaten other countries, but prefers to find a path of reason and understanding, because of his unfailing courtesy and class, flag-waving lunatics perceive him as weak. The weak seek revenge, the strong seek justice, and the world is unjust unless there is justice for all."

    February 6, 2012 01:33 pm at 1:33 pm |
  4. Simba

    Rudy NYC wrote:

    I don't insinuate. I always cite the facts. NEXT!


    And.... I mentioned President Obama in that first reference where? Please separate your facts into categories of: "This is who is being referenced" and "this is what is being referenced". I never once cited President Obama, never once indicated or inferred anything regarding the economy nor mentioned anything in regards to fixing the economy OR that I felt that President Obama said he could fix it. My argument is with the election/campaign system, not with any one individual or party.

    You don't cite facts in this case. Please revise your frustration.

    February 6, 2012 01:36 pm at 1:36 pm |
  5. Rudy NYC

    Fair is Fair wrote:

    Didn't get invited to the royal wedding, did they?
    So what exactly is that supposed to mean? How many prominent American politcians currently holding elected office actually did get an invite to the wedding ceremony? None. Former politicians? I think one was invited to the private reception, but I forget who it was.

    February 6, 2012 01:43 pm at 1:43 pm |

    I think Obama should say.

    The Republicans got us into this mess and now they are standing in the way of us getting out of it.


    February 6, 2012 02:07 pm at 2:07 pm |
  7. Truth and Nothing But the Truth

    I think Obama should say.
    The Republicans got us into this mess and now they are standing in the way of us getting out of it.
    Really??? In 2010, the American people specifically REMOVED control of the House (and almost the Senate) from the Democrats in order to STOP what Obama and his merry band of Congressional Democrat socialists had been doing. The Republicans are doing EXACTLY what they were asked to do by the American people and for that they will be rewarded in 2012 when the rest of the mission is accomplished.

    February 6, 2012 02:18 pm at 2:18 pm |
  8. Four and The Door

    I think Obama should say.
    The Republicans got us into this mess and now they are standing in the way of us getting out of it.
    But Barney Frank is a Democrat.

    February 6, 2012 02:24 pm at 2:24 pm |
  9. New Age Independent

    Kate, "I had my doubts at first about Pres. Obama but this Pres. has done more for the middle class and will do more if we only give him a chance"

    Like what? Sorry, but I just don't see it. Obama's increased the debt more than any President ever. Unemployment is still terrible (remember when liberals blasted Republicans for a 4% rate?) More people have stopped looking for work hasn't budged. Shall we talk about the massive failure and fraudulent waste of the stimulus bill? I don't see any evidence that Obama has what it takes to lead this country. His record speaks for itself.

    February 6, 2012 02:28 pm at 2:28 pm |
  10. billg

    Biden – The Dan Quayle of the Dims..... He can do nothing but hurt Obama so have at it! Woo Hoo!

    February 6, 2012 02:34 pm at 2:34 pm |
  11. Windy City Al

    I think Americans are finally getting sick of the Republican hate parade that we've had to stomach over the past year.

    February 6, 2012 02:54 pm at 2:54 pm |
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