Candidates take their case to conservative conference
February 10th, 2012
12:04 PM ET
6 years ago

Candidates take their case to conservative conference

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Three of the four remaining GOP presidential candidates were taking their cases straight to conservatives on Friday with appearances at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Rick Santorum spoke to the group Friday morning, focusing his remarks not on his Republican opponents but on President Barack Obama. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich also were scheduled to address the influential gathering in Washington.


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    CPAC is nothing but a bash the President conference. Between Ayatollah Santorum & Mormon Mitt, neither has any substance in what their preaching.

    February 10, 2012 10:36 am at 10:36 am |
  2. Dee

    I sure wish the Gop/Tea "Would stay the h–l out of Womens Health and Human Rights?? These Goppers are Neanderthal ! Look at Walsh, " He does,nt even pay his court ordered Child Support??? We Tax Payers are paying his wages and his health care!!!! Boehner,Cantor, McConnell,Walsh,Rubio ect, Lets vote them out of our bedrooms, and out of the "Worst Congress in American History!!!! Wake up America, " It,s the economy "Stupid" Were,s the Jobs,Gop?????????

    February 10, 2012 10:50 am at 10:50 am |
  3. A Texan

    Romney`s going to need all the luck he can get to have many of the Ultra-Right`s vote in Nov. Many believe Mormanism is a cult, not a Christian religion.

    February 10, 2012 10:53 am at 10:53 am |
  4. Larry in Houston

    If romney doesn't carry michigan, then it looks like santorum will be the nominee.

    February 10, 2012 10:56 am at 10:56 am |
  5. Rudy NYC

    So far, Santorum has given a heart felt sermon laced with lots of "freedoms." He forgot all about jobs.

    February 10, 2012 11:02 am at 11:02 am |
  6. Anonymous

    Just to be safe, Rmoney brought all his views to CPAC, even the ones that contradicted the other views he brought.

    February 10, 2012 11:22 am at 11:22 am |
  7. Anonymous

    Larry, don't think Michigan has a lot of love for Rmoney after he bashed the auto bailouts. Those were pretty popular in Michigan. And Rmoney hasn't been to the state in years so his "connection" is as fake as the rest of him.

    February 10, 2012 11:23 am at 11:23 am |
  8. Trying 2 find the right Candidate

    to my conservative friends, what are conservative values? what part of Romney's plan do you like best? how does any of the republicans plans differ from GWB's ? if Romney were elected POTUS and got his wish and eliminated capital gains tax, What would be HIS effective tax-rate? would he have to have HIS money in swiss accounts or the caymen islands?
    2 seconds ago · Like

    February 10, 2012 11:32 am at 11:32 am |
  9. Expat American

    No one needs to pander to the Social/Religious crazies – no candidate of theirs will ever come near the White House, not now, not ever.

    February 10, 2012 11:45 am at 11:45 am |
  10. Fair is Fair

    Rudy (again mistakenly) opined that:

    "Rudy NYC

    I have been noticing a curous correlation between budget deficits and the rate of increase in income for the 1%. Is it coincidence that the faster the annual deficit grows, the faster the incomes of the 1% grow? Fact: When the budget was balanced a decade ago, the incomes of the 1% actually declined.

    What curious coincidence because there are no obvious relationships to account for it except one, tax cuts."
    Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. How fast you are to spout the liberal talking point.

    Ever hear of compound interest? As the national debt (at $16 TRILLION) continues to increase, the amount of interest to service the debt (currently around $1 TRILLION per year) will continue to grow. Exponentially, over time. Couple that with out of control entitlement spending, and it's "Hello, Greece". No amount of tax increases on the so-called wealthy is going to solve the problem. No matter HOW you spin it.

    February 10, 2012 11:48 am at 11:48 am |
  11. Trying 2 find the right Candidate

    how would cutting taxes and deregulation create jobs? how could the country survive if we keep going to war (presumably Iran) and decrease revenue without increasing the deficit? If we are concerned about our grand children and great grand children how would fracking or what possible harm could that do to our environment? (if we were to get the pipeline) through the USA from Canada to sell the oil to China? Common sense tells me if you fail to plan you plan to fail and all i've been hearing is Obama bashing if conservatives can put forth a plan to contrast to President Obama's plan we the people can make an intelligent choice to what will make us once again prosperous.

    February 10, 2012 11:51 am at 11:51 am |
  12. Four and The Door

    Trying 2 find the right Candidate
    to my conservative friends, what are conservative values?
    OK, I'll take the bait on this one. Small government doing only the appropriate work of the nation. Yes, this does include providing safety nets for the less fortunate among our population. It does include regulation for safe and fair commerce and humanitarian considerations. Conservative values honor The Constitution. Conservative values allow business to succeed and to fail, both on their own merits with and against market forces. Conservative values propose that money is best spent by the person who earns it and that government should tax only as absolutely necessary to run efficiently. Conservative values support reliable defense of the nation and it's allies. Conservative values incentivise hard work with just reward and respect self-determination.

    February 10, 2012 12:02 pm at 12:02 pm |
  13. Anonymous

    @Truth and Nothing But the Truth

    Feeling neglected today?

    February 10, 2012 12:04 pm at 12:04 pm |
  14. Trying 2 find the right Candidate

    can any republican or conservative tell me why i should vote republican without referring to Obama or his policies? can anyone layout a positive plan that republicans have 4 we the people just republican plans only no dem bashing only positive conservative ideas.

    February 10, 2012 12:05 pm at 12:05 pm |
  15. Four and The Door

    Trying 2 find the right Candidate
    how would cutting taxes and deregulation create jobs?
    Companies hire when they perform well. Taking money from companies, individuals and actually our of the productive economy to use for government purposes generally hurt the economy proportionally. Putting tax burdens on companies takes away their ability to invest in new business and people to operate that business. Deregulation, when done responsibly also helps businesses run more efficiently and improves their ability to compete.

    February 10, 2012 12:07 pm at 12:07 pm |
  16. Rudy NYC

    Four wrote:

    Companies hire when they perform well.
    Companies are performing well. They have at least a trillion dollars in the bank. Your theory doesn't hold water. Bush deregulated them for nearly a whole decade, and what happened. The financial industry self-destructed. I guess that is what let the markets be means. All I know is this, when you remove a power regulator from anything man made you get only one result. It blows up.

    February 10, 2012 12:15 pm at 12:15 pm |
  17. Trying 2 find the right Candidate

    @ four and the door. you are absolutely correct. but the most monies are now going to investment bankers and speculators and come from capitol gains. companies making money and hire american workers should enjoy tax breaks to a certain degree. however if they are making record profits and the nation as a whole is suffering don't you think they should still enjoy their subsidies.

    February 10, 2012 12:20 pm at 12:20 pm |
  18. Al-NY,NY

    Truth and Nothing But the Truth

    hopefully Palin announces that she is getting in this race. America needs her leadership right now more than ever!

    do you seriously think that she would win if she got in????? The usual red-meat states would vote for her (because of their blind ignorance) but she would not even get 100 electoral votes. Obama would not even have to campaign. It would be the easiest reelection in years

    February 10, 2012 12:29 pm at 12:29 pm |
  19. Four and The Door

    The companies sitting on a bunch of cash right now are generally Fortune 500 and large businesses who don't grow that fast anyway. The current banking and financial system favors them. It's the small companies that have higher growth potential and can create new jobs faster who right now are hurting for cash. Banks aren't lending to smaller businesses. It is inaccurate to lump them in with the cash-rich large businesses and say cash availability isn't an issue.

    February 10, 2012 12:31 pm at 12:31 pm |
  20. w l jones

    Of all the candidate running for the office of the president only one have president experience Mr. Obama. Bless.

    February 10, 2012 12:33 pm at 12:33 pm |
  21. i want a mega rich Mormon who hides money overseas, and a master tax evader as president

    The dirty gop said jobs was the thing..., now it's womans issues? Make up you're bigoted minds.

    February 10, 2012 12:50 pm at 12:50 pm |
  22. george of the jungle

    obama/biden 2012 There is no other choice.

    February 10, 2012 12:52 pm at 12:52 pm |
  23. Claudia, Houston, Tx

    Why would anyone even consider putting a Republican back in charge; they created a disaster, didn't lift a hand to help Americans and remember when they won Congress they did nothing but push through the Bush era tax cuts for the rich.

    February 10, 2012 01:09 pm at 1:09 pm |
  24. Four and The Door

    i want a mega rich Mormon who hides money overseas, and a master tax evader as president
    The dirty gop said jobs was the thing..., now it's womans issues? Make up you're bigoted minds.
    Obama wishes it was woman's issues and not jobs or the economy. He wishes it was anything but jobs and the economy.

    February 10, 2012 01:21 pm at 1:21 pm |
  25. Marie MD

    Folks, @truth is our comedian of the day. Just like she devil power used to be.
    He needs one hour of exercise which he would rather spend sitting in front of a computer talking about things he knows nothing about. God's simples of children need his love goo.
    Oh yeah, the flip flopper and the other losers don't have a plan and if they think they are going to win with their demented religious beliefs on us they are mistaken!! Do we women need to go to DC and protest like they did in the 60s and 70s for our rights? Nletx see if we can bring congress down below the 10% where they are right now and I think that's too high!

    February 10, 2012 01:23 pm at 1:23 pm |
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