Perry ponders another White House bid
February 14th, 2012
09:37 AM ET
6 years ago

Perry ponders another White House bid

(CNN) – Rick Perry may "absolutely" run for president again and described the debates in the 2012 primary as good practice.

The Texas governor, who suspended his White House bid last month, also had positive memories about his presidential campaign.

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"I tell people it was by far the most exhilarating thing that I've ever done," Perry told ABC News. "In a perfect world we would have started a lot earlier."

After an initial surge in national polling, Perry failed to gain traction and was plagued by less than stellar debate performances.

But Perry, now a Newt Gingrich backer, said the debates "have absolutely nothing to do with governing." When asked if they were good practice for 2016, Perry responded "Ya, could be."

The long serving governor also pushed back against labeling Romney the inevitable GOP nominee.

"I think this race is completely open," Perry said. "I don't think anyone's got a lock on it at this particular point in time."

Playing political adviser, Perry opined that Romney should have changed his tune on the health care plan he signed while governor of Massachusetts that resembles the current national plan.

"I'd have said listen governor, you've got to stand up in front of the American people and say that what you did on health care in Massachusetts was wrong and he never did that," Perry said.

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  1. TXJim

    Dont worry Rick.. nobody will vote for you in 2016 again.. but we willl enjoy your gaffes again..

    I mean there are 3 reasons why you should run again..

    1. The SNL bits will be hilarious..
    2. God.. I mean Anita will tell you to run again..
    3. and the third one.. uhhh.. I cant remember the third one..


    February 14, 2012 10:55 am at 10:55 am |
  2. Dave

    Sounds great! He could pick Sarah Palin as a running mate and run under the mantle of "Dumb and Dumber."

    February 14, 2012 10:57 am at 10:57 am |
  3. Hugo

    take a hint and a hike Perry. And if you run again, don't do it with Texan's money.

    February 14, 2012 11:00 am at 11:00 am |
  4. Sniffit

    "we dont need to tax money in social security,,, there rolling in doe..... stupid lame idea....where is al gore and the lock box..."

    Sorry, Amurika stupidly decided to elect Dubya instead and he cut taxes like it was going out of style in an effort to create the budget deficits that would lead to the debt mess so that in a decade or so the GOP could use it as their justification for demanding that SS and Medicare be eviscerated to "save the budget and this kuntry."

    If this very simple 2 + 2 is hard for any of you to follow or elicits a rabid denial response, please call 911 and request an ambulance to come pick you up and bring you back to your padded room at the loony bin. Have no fear...if you decided to exercise your freedumb and not purchase health insurance, the rest of us will just have to pay for it.

    February 14, 2012 11:02 am at 11:02 am |
  5. Albert

    Perry reminds me of my dog: If you don't put the lid on the garbage can, he won't stay out of it.

    February 14, 2012 11:13 am at 11:13 am |
  6. Sniffit

    ""The Texas governor, who suspended his White House bid last month, also had positive memories about his presidential campaign."
    That is the funniest thing connected to the GOP race that I have heard Perry since flunked out."


    Not suprising tho, Rudy. Lemme give y'all something to help explain part of what makes someone a conservative and why they do things like deny that we're in this economic mess as a result of GOP economic ideology and policies over the past 30+ years:

    "Confabulation is a memory disturbance that is characterized by verbal statements and/or actions that inaccurately describe history, background, and present situations.[1] Confabulation is considered “honest lying,” but is distinct from lying because there is typically no intent to deceive and the individual is unaware that their information is false.[2] Although patients can present blatantly false information (“fantastic confabulation”), confabulatory information can also be coherent, internally consistent, and relatively normal.[2] Individuals who confabulate are generally very confident about their recollections, despite evidence contradicting its truthfulness.[3] The most known causes of confabulation are traumatic and acquired (e.g., aneurysm, edema) brain damage, and psychiatric or psychological disorders (e.g., schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease)."

    February 14, 2012 11:18 am at 11:18 am |
  7. AK_steve

    The dream team: Perry, Bachmann and Palin – Prez, VP and Secretary of State.

    Wait.... that would be the three stooges.

    February 14, 2012 11:22 am at 11:22 am |
  8. Scott in Atlanta

    I can give you three reasons why he shouldn't run again...

    1. He's not that bright.

    2. He has no experience outside of Texas.

    And 3....



    I forget the third one...


    February 14, 2012 11:23 am at 11:23 am |
  9. Taran

    The reason democrats should not be elected to anything in this country: As stated by Norman Mattoon Thoms who was a leading American socialist, pacifist, and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America in his 1944 speech: "The American people will never knowlingly adopt socialism. But under the name of 'Liberalism' they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened" He went on to say: "I no longer need to run as a presidential candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform"

    No more needs to be said.

    February 14, 2012 11:23 am at 11:23 am |
  10. Ralph in Orange Park, FL

    He thinks he is the Terminator. "AH'LL BE BOCK".

    February 14, 2012 11:27 am at 11:27 am |
  11. Willis

    I'm glad Slick Rick has "good memories" of his presidential run. The rest of America does not.

    February 14, 2012 11:29 am at 11:29 am |
  12. Frank from Gilroy

    Perry is a total joke. He was a flash. As soon as people listened to his dumber in the head than a hog is in the arce BS they lap up in Tejas, he was done. Much the same as Palin. Americans, no matter how much hate they garner, won't stand for an idiots like Palin and Perry.

    February 14, 2012 11:30 am at 11:30 am |
  13. Frank from Gilroy

    What a joke. Another hollow headed Texan just like Bush.

    February 14, 2012 11:31 am at 11:31 am |
  14. Bob

    Wow. After the spanking he took, he's still thinking about running again?????

    Well, bubba, you sure can't fix stupid now can you?

    February 14, 2012 11:34 am at 11:34 am |
  15. Neurodoc

    Now is certainly not the time to do major cutting.
    It is intuitively obvious plus most economists agree that the economy needs to be fed now with money to stimulate it.
    The republican morons plan of cutting now will certainly and without a doubt result in job losses and contraction of the economy.
    This to is intuitively obvious plus what economists say.
    Republicans believe in the confidence fairy who while they cut viciously will increase confidence and grow the economy.
    This idea is as likely as the tooth fairy and Santa Claus is.

    Obama and the Dems have it right–no question!!

    February 14, 2012 11:36 am at 11:36 am |
  16. Indy

    Perry belongs in the Palin Pile of worn out rubbish, he should not even be Governor let alone thinking he could handle the toughest job in the land.

    February 14, 2012 11:38 am at 11:38 am |
  17. B

    Too bad that there is no law against Stupidity.

    Perry is the iconic symbol of a Texan..

    February 14, 2012 11:39 am at 11:39 am |
  18. mike

    This clown should not be Gov. of Texas let alone the Prez.

    February 14, 2012 11:40 am at 11:40 am |
  19. diridi

    go away....go to Texas.

    February 14, 2012 11:41 am at 11:41 am |
  20. Liili

    OH NOOOOOOO!! And how in the world did he become Gov of Texas? What's wrong with the folks in TX??? He should be an embarrassment to his state! RIck ONCE is ENOUGH as a presidential possibility!!

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012
    H. CLINTON/Mrs. OBAMA 2016

    February 14, 2012 11:43 am at 11:43 am |
  21. David

    What a fool. He won't even be re-elected in TX!

    February 14, 2012 11:43 am at 11:43 am |
  22. Martha in CF

    Oh please spare us the misery of ever listening to this guy again!!!!!!!!!

    Obama/Biden 2012

    February 14, 2012 11:46 am at 11:46 am |
  23. Expat American

    Perry, Palin, and Bachmann need to take their Conservative Jesus Christ Superstar circus comedy freakshow to Newt’s Moon Colony.

    February 14, 2012 11:46 am at 11:46 am |
  24. Honey

    Hopefully the American people will wake up and realize what an ABSOLUTE FRAUDULENT VOTING SYSTEM THAT WE HAVE. We are treated like puppets people, we need to take back our voting process. We are under ATTACK right now people, wake up!!! Everyone wake up now, anyone in power that cares wake up !! Our country is being destroyed at the hands of the global elite that want our money and land. They are working on killing us off

    February 14, 2012 11:47 am at 11:47 am |
  25. anagram_kid

    Have you ever heard that line about those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it? The Red Scare (Communism) did not work in the twenties or the fifties and the Socialism scare will not work today. But feel free to keep repeating it and demonstrating another example of the uniformed Fox viewer.

    February 14, 2012 11:48 am at 11:48 am |
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