Gingrich sins 'well short of the glory of God'
March 11th, 2012
11:09 PM ET
6 years ago

Gingrich sins 'well short of the glory of God'

Brandon, Mississippi (CNN) - Newt Gingrich opened up about seeking God's forgiveness during an evening Sunday service in Mississippi.

"There were things in my life that I have been very public about saying were, in fact, well short of the glory of God, and I had to go to God to seek forgiveness," Gingrich said at First Baptist Church in Brandon.

The Republican presidential candidate told the congregation he is very close with his two grandchildren and his two daughters from his first marriage who often join him on the trail and campaign on his behalf. But he acknowledged, "I had to earn being a 68-year-old grandfather by living through things that I would never want my grandchildren to repeat."

Speaking of his wife, Callista, whom he married in 2000, Gingrich said, "I have been very, very fortunate that I have a very, very close relationship with Callista."

Gingrich has spent the past five days campaigning in Mississippi and Alabama ahead of both primaries on Tuesday. The former Georgia congressman and U.S. House speaker is hoping Southern conservatives will coalesce around his candidacy instead of the campaign of former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

The White House hopeful rarely talks specifically about his previous marital indiscretions but speaks openly about seeking forgiveness.

"I never went to God to seek understanding. And I was never confused. That is, there are periods of my life where I have sinned. And, I have to tell you, at the time I was sinning, I was not - I don't believe in situation ethics - I had to seek God's forgiveness and I had to seek reconciliation with God."

Gingrich attended Catholic Mass and visited two other churches in the Birmingham area before traveling to Brandon to hold a rally and visit First Baptist. Brandon is just east of the capital of Jackson, along Interstate 20 in south-central Mississippi.

"I don't come to you as a person who is perfect. I come to you as a citizen who has sought redemption and has sought God's love and recognizes that you have to shelter under the cross to have any hope of living a full life, and I'm very grateful of having the chance to be with you this evening."

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  1. TheAlaskaCurmudgeon

    Liar, liar, shorts on fire!

    March 11, 2012 11:12 pm at 11:12 pm |
  2. enuff

    It is not up to me to judge a person's sins. That is between God and him as far as his forgiveness. But that also does not mean that I have to trust him now. That is something he has to earn and so far, I'm not impressed.

    March 11, 2012 11:38 pm at 11:38 pm |
  3. Kevin

    Newt – there is a penance for your sins that still needs to be paid.

    March 11, 2012 11:41 pm at 11:41 pm |
  4. Satberry

    Newt cut the crap as they say.You are about as religious as I am.Please no one as evil as you should set a foot in a church.

    March 11, 2012 11:49 pm at 11:49 pm |
  5. Satberry

    Newt please stop running , you will never win.Nancy Pelosi is waiting to see if the republicans are stupid enough to nominate you.I personally believe she has the goods on you ,and will use it.

    March 11, 2012 11:55 pm at 11:55 pm |
  6. david mann

    Another "Jailhouse Conversion". We'll see how long it lasts after he's been bumped from the campaign. And why hasn't anybody discussed Helmet-head's repentance? She is just as much of a sinner as the fat man. She was committing adultery with a married man. Where's the tearful confession from the woman who would be "First Lady"? Not a peep.

    March 12, 2012 12:09 am at 12:09 am |
  7. Liska

    Trying out the babble for the evangelicals vis a vis Santorum, eh? Keep it up!! BHO 2012 Elizabeth Warren 2016 2024

    March 12, 2012 12:11 am at 12:11 am |
  8. Thomas

    Newt is like having a President , a King and the Pope all rolled into one .
    And his vast wealth of knowledge is unsurpassed by his vision and wisdom..
    His last movie should have won an academy award for best short animated documentary .

    Dancing Queen 2012

    March 12, 2012 12:21 am at 12:21 am |
  9. Wealthy Albatross

    Republicans are Christians as long as compassion for the less privileged is outside the equation.

    March 12, 2012 12:21 am at 12:21 am |
  10. Nobodies Pon

    Newt keeps this up he wiil be smoking crack in no time Once he finds out he couldnt be president if he started his whole life back over from the time he was born. First of all his head is too big to be pesident.

    March 12, 2012 12:29 am at 12:29 am |
  11. Attila, The Hun

    Now this is the stuff to make one want to "throw up"!

    March 12, 2012 01:22 am at 1:22 am |
  12. Vance

    Sorry, that is the biggest load of the brown stuff I have ever heard. I am so sick of those hiding behind religion AFTER they have done a bunch of dirt. Take responsibility for being irresponsible and quit pretending it's because you were not following the will of your God. You knew what your God wanted from you and you CHOSE not to follow his teaching and his word. You made a CHOICE. No matter how you look at it. You made a choice. Unreal. What a crock.


    March 12, 2012 01:26 am at 1:26 am |
  13. vote the Tea Party OUT in 2012

    yes after you do all your dirt and then get old you ask for His forgiveness? I f Gingrich was not running for POTUS I doubt seriously if he would even bring this up. You can't ask for God's forgiveness then get up and tell lies to people or tell lies ON people just because you seek the highest office in the land. If more of these so-called Christians would really act like their faith teaches (and I practice Christianity as well) there would be less problems and less division and less judgement passed..then again I guess politics would not be as entertaining if that happened.

    March 12, 2012 01:27 am at 1:27 am |
  14. Dvet

    This man finally decided to ask God for forgiveness, testify, and repent in order to get a vote. GOD IS NOT VOTING BECAUSE HE DOESNT HAVE A PICTURE ID

    March 12, 2012 01:35 am at 1:35 am |
  15. Killdeer

    pander much, Newt?

    March 12, 2012 01:57 am at 1:57 am |
  16. cwillie


    March 12, 2012 02:04 am at 2:04 am |
  17. Logic N LA

    Do whatever yuo watn but if you say You've found God, conservatives will forgive you. Too bad they can't be that forgiving of others lifestyles in everday life.

    March 12, 2012 02:18 am at 2:18 am |
  18. ngc1300

    Newt remains true to his name. He is indeed a small amphibian.

    March 12, 2012 02:19 am at 2:19 am |
  19. migeli

    Do you really believe this guy?

    March 12, 2012 03:45 am at 3:45 am |
  20. stranger in an increasingly strange land

    Odd how the Newt believes in the New Testament God when he asks for forgivness of his sins and the Old Testament God when seeking punishments for people who are against him.

    Not that I think the Newt is two-faced. No, not me. I think two is far too small a number for the faces the Newt has shown.

    March 12, 2012 04:04 am at 4:04 am |
  21. steve

    We believe you Newt, just like we belive in the easter bunny

    March 12, 2012 04:46 am at 4:46 am |
  22. king

    The man with no soul or values seeks God forgiveness in public. Does this sounds like newt? It sure does to me. This is a Guy who pummel Clinton for what he was doing by trying to kick him out of office, while he was doing the same and even worst because he thee his wife under the bus when she needed him the most and married his misstree he now has on his arms. Gingrich style of hyprocricy is unmatched by no other public figure, because he seems to wail the most about things he's participate in. Anything Gingrich balls about, I hope people are aware that there is a 90 percent chance he's privately involved in the same thing he's balling about, because that makes newt, "NEWT"

    March 12, 2012 05:17 am at 5:17 am |
  23. Donnie

    Newt has as much credibility as weasel willard gushing over grits. che comedia!

    March 12, 2012 05:33 am at 5:33 am |
  24. Donnie

    Running from the catholic church to the baptist church all in one day trying to cover those bases, newt? all willard had to do was brag that he owned cars from the top 3 auto makers !

    March 12, 2012 06:14 am at 6:14 am |
  25. Marie MD

    It's about forgiveness and god after the fact and he is on third wife? Hypocrite!

    March 12, 2012 06:18 am at 6:18 am |
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