POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, May 11, 2012
May 11th, 2012
04:38 AM ET
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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, May 11, 2012

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CNN: How Obama made his same-sex marriage decision
Before President Barack Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage this week, White House officials gave mixed signals on just how and when the president had originally planned to roll out his support for the issue. Some said an announcement had been in the works for a while and was imminent, while others said that the president intended to reveal his beliefs during a previously scheduled appearance on "The View" this Monday.

CNN: Romney's former classmate: 'You have to take it into account'
Phillip Maxwell wishes he had done something to stop it. Maxwell, a Michigan attorney, is still haunted by what he claims he witnessed on the campus of the state's elite Cranbrook School in 1965: a young Mitt Romney and a group of friends holding down a classmate named John Lauber and cutting off chunks of his long hair. "It was not an event you take a lot of pride in. And it was that way for all of us," Maxwell told CNN.

CNN: Prosecutors wrap case in Edwards corruption trial
Prosecutors wrapped up their case in the John Edwards corruption trial Thursday, detailing hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses used by his former mistress, whose concealment during Edwards' failed presidential run remains at the heart of the scandal.

CNN: How Clooney, celebs mean big bucks for Obama, but not so much for Romney
For the president, celebrity support is becoming routine. A CNN analysis of Federal Elections Commission fundraising data shows dozens of A-listers lending their fame and fortune to both candidates, with Hollywood leaning heavily toward Obama. Celebrities have always played a role in presidential campaigns, but experts say they have never seen this kind of involvement on this scale. Those who list TV/movies/music as their profession in donation records are one of the largest groups raising money for Obama this election.


CNN: FBI: Fugitive dead; two sisters alive
The two young girls, kidnapped from Tennessee after their sister and mother were killed, were found alive in a wooded area in Mississippi, authorities said. And Adam Mayes, the man accused of the slayings and kidnappings, died Thursday after shooting himself, the FBI said.

CNN: No-fly 'glitch' has toddler removed from plane
JetBlue Airways is apologizing for a "computer glitch" it blames for a family being told their 18-month-old daughter was on a government no-fly list. The parents, who reportedly would not disclose their last names for fear of repercussions, and their infant, identified only as Riyanna, had boarded JetBlue Flight 510 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Newark, New Jersey, on Tuesday evening when they say an airline employee ask them to get off the plane.

CNN: Controversial sheriff fighting for career? 'Hard to say,' Republican says
As the U.S. Justice Department sues controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona for alleged civil rights violations against Latinos, his most ardent supporters are wondering whether "America's Toughest Sheriff' is fighting for his political life. "It's hard to say at this point," said Shane Wikfors, spokesman for the Arizona Republican Party. "He's done so well with every election cycle he's gone through. He still has tremendous support."

CNN: Panel recommends approving Truvada to prevent HIV infection
A drug already approved for treatment of AIDS might one day be approved for prevention of the deadly disease in individuals at high risk. A U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory committee recommended Thursday that the agency approve the drug, Truvada, for pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP.


CNN: Saudi agent in bomb plot held UK passport, source says
New details are emerging about the agent sent by Saudi counterterrorism agents into Yemen to track a plot by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to bomb a U.S.-bound airliner. The agent is of Arabic origin but holds a British passport, according to Mustafa Alani, director of security studies at the Gulf Research Center. Alani was briefed on the operation by Saudi counterterrorism officials.

CNN: Demonstrators in Manila protest China's stance over disputed lagoon
Scores of people in the Philippine capital held a demonstration Friday to protest China's increasingly bellicose rhetoric about a monthlong naval standoff between Beijing and Manila over a disputed lagoon in the South China Sea. Gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in Manila, the demonstrators waved Philippine flags and held up banners displaying slogans like "Stop China's aggression now."

CNN: Russia blames deadly Syria attacks on 'outside forces'
Russia condemned the massive suicide bombings in Syria and accused outside nations of instigating violence to heighten the 14-month uprising that has left thousands dead. The massive blasts Thursday left more than 50 people dead in a crowded Damascus neighborhood.

CNN: Campaigners push for marriage equality worldwide
Obama's decision to openly endorse same-sex marriage won plaudits from campaigners worldwide who have been pushing for more liberal laws since the first same-sex couples walked down the aisle in the Netherlands in 2001.


CNN Money: U.S. records first monthly budget surplus since 2008
For the first time in more than three years, Washington took in more money than it paid out last month. The Treasury Department on Thursday recorded a $59 billion surplus. Tax receipts were higher and spending lower than they were last April.

CNN Money: JPMorgan suffers big loss
JPMorgan Chase, in a surprise announcement, said Thursday that it has suffered trading losses of $2 billion since the start of April. The group that suffered the losses is part of the bank's so-called corporate unit, and had been making trades designed to hedge against risk.

CNN Money: The gay marriage windfall
It's not just an issue of love or even politics: States that legalize gay marriage also experience a significant economic boost. If more states legalize gay marriage, all of the pent-up demand could trigger a wedding boom, sparking economic activity as more couples book venues, buy wedding cakes, jewelry and marriage licenses, and secure hotel rooms for guests.

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