TIME: Romney talks
May 23rd, 2012
12:37 PM ET
6 years ago

TIME: Romney talks

(TIME) - In a 36-minute Wednesday Manhattan interview, Romney pushes back on President Obama's Bain attack, predicts he can drive unemployment down to six percent by the end of his first term and says he wants Washington to sit still during the lame-duck session.


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  1. Obama 2012 - BEND Forward America, take another 4 long years of FAILURE

    and says he wants Washington to sit still during the lame-duck session.
    This should not be a problem for the Democrat contrlled Senate. With Harry Reid at the helm, the Senate hasn't done anything in two years.

    May 23, 2012 12:41 pm at 12:41 pm |
  2. The REAL Truth...

    and says he wants Washington to sit still during the lame-duck session.
    Should be a problem. should it.. the Grand Obstructionist Party, the Taliban/Teatrolls have done nothing for the last 3 years but block EVERY attempt at governance and compromise anyway.. why start now.. Oh wait.. let's have the House produce an unacceptable budget that INCREASES military spending and decreases SS/Medicare funding... while RENEGING on the debt ceiling deal – because we have an election year!! – and INCREASE DEBT !!
    Nice work by the McConnell/Boehner clones....

    May 23, 2012 12:48 pm at 12:48 pm |
  3. Flipper Rmoney Failure Ahead

    No way Rmoney can hit that unemployment target. Tax cuts for the filthy rich and deregulation have proven just the opposite. And that's all he has.

    May 23, 2012 12:48 pm at 12:48 pm |
  4. Wire Palladin, S. F.

    To help out the 1%, look for an elimination of minimum wage and a return to forced labor camps in Mittens jobs plans. And we thought the GOP knew that slavery was supposed to end in 1865.

    May 23, 2012 12:49 pm at 12:49 pm |
  5. Sniffit

    "This should not be a problem for the Democrat contrlled Senate. With Harry Reid at the helm, the Senate hasn't done anything in two years."

    Boy are you wilfuly blind. The Dems took the GOP to town on several pieces of signature legislation during the last lame duck session...repeal of DADT, START, extension of unemployment insurance etc., and even though they had to extend the Bush tax cuts to get the GOP to stop behaving like 2 year olds who don't want to eat their brussel sprouts, even that got written in such a way that the GOP is not going to be able to prevent their expiration next time.

    May 23, 2012 12:51 pm at 12:51 pm |
  6. Mr. 1% the "VULTURE CAPITALIST BUSINESSMAN" would outsource the poor, disabled, unemployed and elderly to China and sell America to the highest bidder!

    No one believes Bain is a bad company, just stop using your previous "business" acumen as a reason to be President of all the people.

    The business experience is about making a profit for your shareholders, and screw those that get in the way of that goal.

    Not a desirable "accomplishment" in a President, when you must then deal with the folks that got in the way, and cutting unemployment benefits or vouchers to Medicare or cutting food stamps, is not the way a compassionate person or a President deals with the "cast-offs".

    Actually, why are you NOT running on your former governor experience as a way to "create jobs"??

    Oops, MA was 47th in job creation under your tenure as governor, never mind, I think I answered my own question.

    OK, what about your plans to replace Obamacare?

    Oh wait, silly me.

    May 23, 2012 12:54 pm at 12:54 pm |
  7. mcskadittle

    did he say anything about $2 gas, when was spitting out the usual political promises (you know what those are worth)

    May 23, 2012 12:59 pm at 12:59 pm |
  8. winky

    6 percent huh mitty well president Obama had 12 percent and know It's 8 percent that's 4 percentage points for the president and 2 maybe 1 for u so who will do a better job huh mitty! u republicans go for anything!

    May 23, 2012 01:02 pm at 1:02 pm |
  9. Myviewis

    It's not only that Romney is better qualified to be president, it's that Obama was never qualified to be President, he was a Community Organizer, author and lawyer. Obama's never worked in a business, for the state or for the city. Truthfully, Obama had no experience and Romney does as a businessman and a Governor, Democrats hate this reality but they must have known it was going to come out. Even Obama can't deny it, he never worked.

    May 23, 2012 01:04 pm at 1:04 pm |
  10. mms55

    well the gop hasn't done anything about job either.

    May 23, 2012 01:05 pm at 1:05 pm |
  11. Rudy NYC

    Mitt Romney isn't saying anything that he hasn't said before. Still, not anyone knows where these 100,000 jobs are that Mitt Romney claims to have created while "at Bain". Mitt Romney dialed it back to "tens of thousands" of jobs and people still asked the same questions. Mitt Romney dialed it back to "thousands and thousands" of jobs, and people are still asking the same questions.

    Now these ads are pressuring Mitt Romney to put up or shut up. People want to call the ads unfair, but it was Mitt Romney who has spent the last year bragging about his "record at Bain", which so far is non-existent. Romney opened this door and invited Obama to walk through it and challenge his record. Where is the record? In his bank account.

    May 23, 2012 01:07 pm at 1:07 pm |
  12. Wire Palladin, S. F.

    Mittens needs to stop with the blame others strategy, and give us one plan he has (other than the Ryan Plan), that will help Americans. I don't even think that even pubes know where the flip flopper stands.

    May 23, 2012 01:07 pm at 1:07 pm |
  13. Myviewis

    Obama's attack on Bain and Bain Capital is just more evidence that he has no business understanding, has never ran a business, does not own a business, is not responsible for a business and in reality I think he is anti-business. Democrats always want the government to run everything so they can be taken care of and not bother too much, not be troubled which is why Democrats always say they are against Capitalism. Of course, those making the big bucks are Democrats.

    May 23, 2012 01:11 pm at 1:11 pm |
  14. Wire Palladin, S. F.

    Mittens was a failure as governor. That alone should tell the pubes he is not geared for president. Romney counts jobs from Bain when he wasn't there, and says that the jobs lost because of Bain don't count. Mittens is not a job creator.

    May 23, 2012 01:12 pm at 1:12 pm |
  15. kayla

    like my mom would say" fool talking, but no fool listening"

    May 23, 2012 01:12 pm at 1:12 pm |
  16. Angel

    I'm still waiting on Romney to appear on the Sunday morning news shows like Meet The Press, This Week, and Face The Nation, where the interviews are not so easy.

    May 23, 2012 01:21 pm at 1:21 pm |
  17. Yanni

    unemployment will be down to 6% if we continue to grow under our current President leadership we don't to be any part of your ego trip. If you real want to be a president go to where you stashed your moneiy

    May 23, 2012 01:27 pm at 1:27 pm |
  18. aalisa31

    Ok... from what I heard...he is just like any other politcian... where's the paln Romney... spill it.. let the American people know specifics about what you are going to do... so sick of the talking points....:(

    May 23, 2012 01:31 pm at 1:31 pm |
  19. rs

    Extend Meicare to 55 year-olds, and watch the retirements happen. That will drive unemployment down to 6%. GOP won't do that though.

    May 23, 2012 01:34 pm at 1:34 pm |
  20. rs

    Obama 2012 Bend- Do you really believe what you say? The Senate is not controlled by the Dems as they don't have a filibuster-proof majority. The Party of No has seen to it that nothing can happen- you know that!

    May 23, 2012 01:36 pm at 1:36 pm |

    Expect an uprising and a revolution if Willard is elected President. He'll be a puppet getting his strings pulled by Grover Norquist. It's bad enough that GWB killed capitalism. If Willard is elected, it will be all out fascism.

    May 23, 2012 01:38 pm at 1:38 pm |
  22. Dee

    Romney will not appear on any of those networks because he knows he will have to answer but he will continue to appear on Fox News with Hannity at his castle. They all stay right there I am quite sure they are surrounded by security because of all the hatred that they spew.

    May 23, 2012 01:42 pm at 1:42 pm |
  23. Chumlee

    No way Mittens. President Obama will not allow a lame duck session after his re-election – he
    will go full force forward and continue into his next four years

    Obama 2012

    May 23, 2012 01:45 pm at 1:45 pm |
  24. Dick Cheney is the smegma of mankind!

    Uh, Mittens, you forgot 2.00 a gallon gas, and the moon colony, or perhaps in your case, the Planet Kolob colony.

    For you Mormon neophytes(no, you Fox trolls i is NOT name-calling) Planet Kolob is the planet or star nearest the Throne of God.

    Frankly, there is some indecision amongst Mormons about whether Kolob is a "plant" or "star" but truthfully, I started to dose off during this part of the discussion.

    Let them settle it, and then we can just see the movie!

    May 23, 2012 01:49 pm at 1:49 pm |
  25. FLIndpendent

    Quite telling that Romney wants the Congress to keep on doing absolutely nothing for us until after the election – shows whose side he's on for sure and it isn't the 99%! I keep saying that with all his $$$, why hasn't he used it to help people instead of running for president the last six years. If he was so concerned about the unemployment he could be starting education programs for people who need jobs, starting businesses all over the country, etc. Instead he's busy hiding all his money in off-shore accounts, but he's a true patriot!

    May 23, 2012 01:51 pm at 1:51 pm |
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