Palin's 'Death Panel' lives on
June 25th, 2012
03:58 PM ET
6 years ago

Palin's 'Death Panel' lives on

(CNN) - Sarah Palin defended Monday her controversial 2009 Facebook post, in which she claimed President Barack Obama's health care reform would include so-called death panels that have the right to make life or death decisions.

"I stand by everything I wrote in that warning to my fellow Americans because what was true then is true now, and it will remain true as we hear what the Supreme Court has to say," Palin wrote in a separate post Monday.

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Her original post came nearly three years ago during a fiery summer defined by debate over the then-health care bill. Her statement sparked outrage across many town halls, as critics used the "death panel" term in their vocal opposition to the legislation.

Despite heavy criticism from the left over her choice of words, she continued to firmly disagree with the administration's view that the law would cut health care costs. The only path to lower costs, she argued, was less treatment.

"And who will suffer the most when they ration care?" she wrote in 2009. "The sick, the elderly, and the disabled, of course. The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil."

On Monday, days before the Supreme Court is set to announce its decision on the constitutionality of the health care law, Palin brought back the term and elaborated further on what she meant.

"It was a pretty long post, but a lot of people seem to have only read two words of it: 'death panel'," she wrote. "Though I was called a liar for calling it like it is, many of these accusers finally saw that Obamacare did in fact create a panel of faceless bureaucrats who have the power to make life and death decisions about health care funding."

She was specifically referring to the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), a proposed group that would recommend how to achieve Medicare savings though would not sit in judgment of individual patients' treatment courses. She said if the high court does not strike down the law in its entirety, then "Congress must act to repeal IPAB and Obamacare before it is indeed 'too late'."

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  1. GI Joe

    The entire republican party right now is one big death panel for the elderly.

    They need young people for their wars and to man their minimum wage jobs of the future (that's the only future unless you're already wealthy).

    June 25, 2012 06:08 pm at 6:08 pm |
  2. Dieter Zerressen

    Name one member of one death panel anywhere. I dare you. There ain't no such animal; it's all made up in her ditzy little empty brain.

    June 25, 2012 06:12 pm at 6:12 pm |
  3. Jack

    And what do think about insurance company's do? And what do you think the wealthy do compared to the poor. Her "death panel" statement is pure journalism grand standing!

    Instead of addressing the real problem, which is in some areas of the hospital charity cases are around 50%. The charity cases are picked up by paying patients.

    That is where we should start, all the other stuff is policital posturing!

    June 25, 2012 06:15 pm at 6:15 pm |
  4. Revolution101

    How much does it cost to run a insurance company? How much of the premium does goes to running an insurance co?
    When I was in the Army, if I needed medical support, I had a corp man, a nurse, and if needed, a doctor.
    No insurance agency!
    How much more would the medical industry make if the market did not have to support the insurance parasite?

    June 25, 2012 06:16 pm at 6:16 pm |
  5. Maureen

    The death panels exist. They have for a long time. They are run by the Insurance companies who already make decisions every day about patient care. The doctors execute the directives. The insurance companies decide who will get treatment, how much to spend and for how long.

    June 25, 2012 06:18 pm at 6:18 pm |
  6. Applepious

    Death panels still live on? Since when did Death Panels not exist? Ever since Health Care companies have offered Health Care there have been Death panels, a couple of people who work for the company that decide if your care costs too much for you to live. Doesn't matter to me if its a goverment agent or a health care corporation agent, I'm still just as dead either way.

    June 25, 2012 06:19 pm at 6:19 pm |
  7. jb1963

    this terrorist needs to be executed for her crimes.

    June 25, 2012 06:20 pm at 6:20 pm |
  8. Mr. Manny

    The real death panels are run by the insurance companies who dey people affordable treatment.

    June 25, 2012 06:21 pm at 6:21 pm |
  9. david

    I wonder if she still gets Govt health care even though she "quit"?

    June 25, 2012 06:39 pm at 6:39 pm |
  10. ThinkAgain

    My late father-in-law was denied a heart transplant by his insurance company because he was 71, even though otherwise he was in good health ... and he died of congestive heart failure within a few years.

    He was a World War II vet who served in Italy; after WWII he went to college on the GI Bill, became an engineer and worked on the Apollo space program – Stage II rockets, to be exact.

    But the insurance company decided that they didn't want to pay for the procedure, because financially it didn't make sense for the company to do so, even though they'd been collecting premiums from him for years.

    If that wasn't a death panel, then I don't know what is ...

    June 25, 2012 06:55 pm at 6:55 pm |
  11. Informed Voter

    The thing is, though her terminology is dramatic, it's not out of the realm of possibility. The healthcare law basically gives unfettered discretion to administrative officials and bureaucrats. The Secretary has already established a panel to establish what sorts of procedures and treatments are deemed too expensive and "not worth it." Therefore, it's certainly not overly dramatic to be concerned that this panel (which already exists and is already undertaking these assessments) might deem installation of a pacemaker of an 80 year old man might not be worth it.

    June 25, 2012 07:09 pm at 7:09 pm |
  12. Silvio

    The only death panels will be the streets everyone who is thrown off healthcare will be on

    June 25, 2012 07:20 pm at 7:20 pm |
  13. Dan

    Just another Palin Reality Show.

    June 25, 2012 07:21 pm at 7:21 pm |
  14. Joshua Ludd

    What was true then is true now.. and what was true then was that SHE WAS LYING.

    June 25, 2012 07:22 pm at 7:22 pm |
  15. dale

    I have many conservative thoughts, and ideals, but there isn't a conservative that I could vote for. Why are they so looney

    June 25, 2012 07:31 pm at 7:31 pm |
  16. GaryB

    As a small business owner, I welcome the day when Obamacare takes full affect (and I am dreadng the possibility that conservative activist judges will screw it up). Buying insurance on the private market for a small group of people is horribly expensive. I am only able to afford catastrophic insurance, and that eats up nearly 12% of my profits that I could otherwise put back into my business. Let's get this straight. Obamacare is not a giveaway. What it would allow me to do is purchase insurance on a nationwide exchange, where risk is better alleviated. As a result, I could actually get some meaningful coverage for approximately the same money that I'm spending now (with coverage for preventative medicine) or I could choose to continue purchasing catastrophic coverage, but at a reduced cost. This would allow me to put more of my profits back into my business (which means more dollars into my local business community). I've found that people who don't support Obamacare (Palin included) either have no idea what it really entails, or they have simply never had to purchase insurance on the private market (which is probably the case with Sarah Palin, as I believe that unions and the state/local government has provided her health insuance most of her life).

    June 25, 2012 07:36 pm at 7:36 pm |
  17. Jackson

    The only death panel she's seeing these days are the executives who are going to ax Bristol's show for its dismal ratings.

    June 25, 2012 07:47 pm at 7:47 pm |
  18. GOPlies

    For her lack of knowledge she sure has a lot of followers.

    June 25, 2012 07:57 pm at 7:57 pm |
  19. GOPlies

    She is the left over reminder why I voted for Obama

    June 25, 2012 07:59 pm at 7:59 pm |
  20. stephanie

    let me make one thing clear palin i am not one of "your" fellow Americans. My fellow Americans are so much more eductaed than you.

    June 25, 2012 08:23 pm at 8:23 pm |
  21. OldieTampaBay

    when is she going to realize that no one really cares WHAT she thinks! All she does is stir up trouble. GO AWAY, SARAH! GO AWAY!

    June 25, 2012 08:37 pm at 8:37 pm |
  22. jack

    Sara Palin was not the only person talking about the death panels. There are key DEMOCRATS that admitted to the death panels and for it, but that is OLD news.

    So why bring up Sara Palin and the death panels when you have Obamas Eric Holder putting Mexican and American people lives endanger with Fast and Furious.

    June 25, 2012 08:38 pm at 8:38 pm |
  23. California Latina

    Sarah Palin is right on. She's not afraid to speak the truth. Can't wait till Thursday to see this "mandate" go down in history.

    June 25, 2012 08:40 pm at 8:40 pm |
  24. Anonymous

    Wow ... I can't believe Ms. Palin would actually say something I could agree with. Her comment," What was true then is still true now." I found unusually insightful, considering the source.

    To wit, Ms. Palin was a moonbat then and is apparently a moonbat now...

    June 25, 2012 08:41 pm at 8:41 pm |
  25. Ann

    Rommey had alot of insurance company exes in Utah. Hmm... perhaps he wants to clear out the rolls of MCR. Wants to clear the process with them...

    June 25, 2012 08:44 pm at 8:44 pm |
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