Hillary Clinton makes history
June 28th, 2012
08:33 AM ET
6 years ago

Hillary Clinton makes history

(CNN) - As her blue and white jet emblazoned with "United States of America" touched down in Riga, the capital of Latvia, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made some diplomatic history: visiting her 100th country as America's top diplomat. The record for any other secretary up to that point was 96.

As her plane rolled down the tarmac and a flight attendant announced the milestone, her flight-weary staff applauded.


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  1. Marie MD

    Congratulations and you can now claim foreign experience and success for 2016 that nobody else can beat!!!

    June 28, 2012 08:35 am at 8:35 am |
  2. wkndthg

    Go Hillary! Didn't vote for you in "08", but you can count on my vote in "16" !!!

    June 28, 2012 08:43 am at 8:43 am |
  3. Lloyd Haffner

    She should be our next President!

    June 28, 2012 08:46 am at 8:46 am |
  4. Wire Palladin, S. F.

    Obama and Clinton, keeping our country safe through diplomacy and intelligence, not putting us a risk using crazy 'cowboy diplomacy.'

    June 28, 2012 08:52 am at 8:52 am |
  5. WiredweirdinSF

    She travels almost as much on the taxpayer dime as the corrupt, incompetent, inept, union toady president. And, all that taxpayer money spent on boosting this regime has degraded the American image around the world.

    June 28, 2012 09:18 am at 9:18 am |