BREAKING: Obama condemns attacks in Libya
September 12th, 2012
10:51 AM ET
6 years ago

BREAKING: Obama condemns attacks in Libya

(CNN) - President Barack Obama on Wednesday condemned the attack that killed U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya.

"The world must stand together to unequivocally reject these acts," the president said, vowing justice for the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

"We will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done," he added.

Stevens "died in a country that's still striving to emerge from the recent experience of war."

Obama will visit the State Department after his remarks at The White House, according to a release from his office.

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  1. Juan Lucas

    All that is needed is the latest spin.. if so, what happened to "a decent respect for the opinion of mankind?" A majority, including college professors, won't bother learning about George Washington's economic theories, or Hamilton's prediction of New England traitors triggering a domestic war, or Benjami Franklin mastery of Universal History, including XVI Russian History and the History Ancient and the story of us all... to cancel forces still visible in the world today.

    Yes: Islamic violence is senseless, but, who caused 58,000 Americans to die in Vietnam? And how come war was so profitable to Dick Cheney and do we have to stand with Cheney, who skipped service in the military 5 times, but sent others to die? Do we need a connection to the world of Islam? Or, are we in the world just for retaliation and "they" have to stand back and say nothing about senselss violence, such as the killing of Ghadaffi?

    Africa could become the planet's breadbasket. Why are we all silent about it?

    Make no mistake about it... without solving past assassinations? Honesty, anyone? Romney and Obama, are they exempted from the obligation of bieng honest? and the rest of us, have we reliquished the right to demand honesty, meaning, are we any better that Islamic terrorists? Think it over friends, or, just engulf the world in flames... JL

    September 12, 2012 12:57 pm at 12:57 pm |
  2. DDW

    What would Romney do? One thing for sure, he won't send his kids to war, it will be our kids. Romney has zero "0" foreign policy experience. Rest assured America will identify these cowards and deal with them. Romney's statements are treasonous.

    September 12, 2012 12:59 pm at 12:59 pm |
  3. JP

    I beg to differ. We armed these savages under Obama's watch. He should have came out firmly and much more firmly discounted the apologetic tone in the Egyptian Embassy response. The problem with Libya for Obama is that this was his "lead from behind" theory during the way there. I don't think that makes Obama culpable but it certainly casts his policies in a bad light. There's nothing wrong with criticizing them at this time. Had we had a stronger presence at this embassy, this likely wouldn't have happened. That's a legitimate criticism.

    September 12, 2012 12:59 pm at 12:59 pm |
  4. Committed

    It's a big loss of America and our Sympathy to the families of those with lost.
    Mitt could not handle a freindly visit to GB – How dare for him to even open his mouth about foreign policy.
    Thank you for the comments from those that realized they can NOT vote for Mitt.

    September 12, 2012 12:59 pm at 12:59 pm |
  5. daveinla

    Whats the big deal. Obama's pals in the SDS/ Willie Ayers, bombed government buildings here in the U.S.?

    September 12, 2012 12:59 pm at 12:59 pm |
  6. Grace Madison

    A failed president, a filed administration. Our failed foreign policies caused all these.

    September 12, 2012 01:00 pm at 1:00 pm |
  7. sberger

    To score political points by criticizing a president in the midst of a foreign policy crisis. This speaks volumes about Romney character and willingness to truly put the needs of America and American's first.

    September 12, 2012 01:01 pm at 1:01 pm |
  8. Pam from Iowa

    This attack is NONE of Mitt Romney's business and he should not be making ANY public statement about it!

    September 12, 2012 01:02 pm at 1:02 pm |
  9. realist

    Romney had to respond to this libs. If he did not they would then say he cant even respond to foreign events

    September 12, 2012 01:02 pm at 1:02 pm |
  10. Maureen

    The Romney team has always struck me as unbelievably stupid, naive, insensitive, clueless, out of touch, and moronic, but these statement completely take the cake.

    Romney is simply not in tune with what it takes to operate on a global level in a world that is filled with fanatical zealots. It seems he is trying his best to incite Islamists into a holy war on the US. Some idiot in California makes a movie derogatory to Mohammed and somehow Obama's foreign policy gets the blame for the consequences of this individual's actions? Say what? Stand back, keep your big mouth shut, and show some respect to the families of those killed. This is NOT something that should be used to produce15-second sound bites. This type of stupid posturing is the last thing this situation needs. It should be pretty obvious that we are not dealing with reasonable human beings. Please let the people in charge -, the President of the US and his team – deal with the situation – which they are doing. Neither Mitt nor the general public are privy to the behind the scenes manuevering. Romney went overseas and has proved that he is a disaster with foreign relations so if i were him, I would simply shut-up before another foot gets stuck in my mouth. Please – everyone and especially you Mitt – just shut up unless you have a clue.

    September 12, 2012 01:02 pm at 1:02 pm |
  11. M. Edward

    This coming from a man who still thinks the US's greatest threat comes from Russia. Put a sock in it and don't play politics with the death of true American heroes.

    September 12, 2012 01:03 pm at 1:03 pm |
  12. realist

    The president should have put more defenses around the embassy to prevent this from happening. However, he made a political move and it cost a life. Romney 2012!!

    September 12, 2012 01:03 pm at 1:03 pm |
  13. DB

    @Aida, you sentiments are exactly why people in other countries despise us. Yes, we have freedom speech, but we also have religious tolorance. Its funny how its okay for you conservatives to cry war on religion, but ignore the respect of other's religion...Also, before any protest in egypt, Romeny commented on a embassy comment before all this need to learn the facts.!

    September 12, 2012 01:03 pm at 1:03 pm |
  14. Peter Vaguely

    What a tool! Every single thing Mitt does or says highlights how empty and meaningless his positions are. Just another corporate hack who aspires to a higher position and will use any means necessary to get there.

    September 12, 2012 01:04 pm at 1:04 pm |
  15. IndieVoterInsight

    We see the measure of man when tragedy strikes.

    One leader, the Commander-in-Chief, calmly assesses facts of the situation without needlessly endangering more US diplomats and agents in Muslim countries. Then he pursues a purposeful, firm approach to bring the bad guys to justice while reducing the recruitment opportunity for al Qaeda, our sworn enemy.

    Another "would-be" leader masquerades as having foreign policy chops by flying off the handle BEFORE the key facts are known. His egotistical quest for power is more important than the lives of US diplomats and foreign agents patriotically serving our country. Since he is willing to sacrifice more US lives, he makes statements inflammatory to the entire Muslim world in order to male a political campaign soundbite criticizing the Commander-in-Chief. Thats unpatriotic.

    I wouldn't pick Romney to be on my pee-wee football team, let alone President.

    September 12, 2012 01:04 pm at 1:04 pm |
  16. realist

    Romney cannot get a break. no matter what he does the libs will point out the negative. Why does Obama get a pass. He has the worst financial record of any president. Stop blaming the current state of things on Bush. Obama is president, Bush is history.

    September 12, 2012 01:04 pm at 1:04 pm |
  17. Lost

    President Obama is no failure. I've never seen a leader anywhere who could juggle what he's had to these past few years with marginal support, and manage to maintain any level of sanity. It's really interesting though to see so many others (particularly his opponents) completely lose their balance....and at the expense of voters. As far as Romney is concerned, how often and how far can a man choke down more toes when he already has his feet so far in his mouth? Some one needs to tell every so called conservative touting vile bile against just about anything, to really think about what they've done to demolish any hope of bipaartisanship...and we should all not feed into their madness by giving them a public voice. Those of us who are opposed to the president of the US being attacked from within, by his own fellow citizens must speak louder.

    I'm tired of our president being bad-mouthed by finger pointing reporters, "dissed" mercilessly and shamelessly by unprofessional and desparate opponents, and dogged out by people who claim to support him. Shame on this nation. This house is so divided that it's nothing but crumbs in our hands, and now we want to set it on fire.

    ...and Romney is so flip-floppy and wishy washy that he resembles a fish flapping around on shore of a beach. How can we be certain that he will do better?

    September 12, 2012 01:04 pm at 1:04 pm |
  18. Veteran/Federal Employee 2012 (former Republican)

    After Romney's speech on yesterday first saying he would not play politics due to the 9/11 memorial; he followed in the next sentences of course ending his Speech at the National guard with politics. This man actually believes he can use the worst business practices to obtain the presidency. Lie, smear, spend money; absolutely no policy. Does he have anything to say about himself and what his "plans are" beside "Obama is bad, in everything" It is sad that he has followers betting against their own interest. Even the republicans don't see what he is doing, he is not even loyal to them... After the convention; Now he says "Of course, I will keep parts of the health care like pre-existing conditions, children staying on the parents plan..." Republican should not have signed on to the previous sequestration only to change his mind when the republicans call him out. He plotted this long ago; think about it, why would anyone run against a Popular "Kennedy" for Senator – NOT TO WIN he knew that – BUT RECOGNITION – TOWARDS FULFILLING HIS fathers unsuccessful presidential bid. He has money the only thing left is power. He had no intention or desire to resolve Mass. problems just whatever can get him noticed. they were 47th in Jobs. Health care is popular with Democrats. It seems like his faith or mormon values would conflict with all the lies he tells and dishonesty he displays when he speaks. He hides everything from foreign policy to taxes to how and what he would cut in defecit reductions to how he will pay for the tax cuts.

    Bill Clinton said recently, during 2010 elections he and republicans fooled us shame on them, this year shame on us if they do it again. We will be stuck with bad Voter laws, Union busting, write to work laws, Abortion laws, and War hawks heading for Syria, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and any other country that is not "afraid of us" so says McCain and Guliani as long as their children are not fighting.

    September 12, 2012 01:05 pm at 1:05 pm |
  19. Bob B

    What a disgusting act. Romney is the poster child for the neo-conservatives – gutless cowards who promote wars and violence even though they and their offspring would never risk their own lives in such conflicts. These are not patriotic Americans – by any measure. These are ideology crazed trash, just like those who incite the ideology-crazed muslim fanatics, who serve their own political goals of achieving power at whatever cost others will bear. At some point, I hope there are sufficient decent Americans left to say, "Enough is enough."

    September 12, 2012 01:06 pm at 1:06 pm |
  20. happynurse

    Romney is gutless and stands for NOTHING

    September 12, 2012 01:07 pm at 1:07 pm |
  21. Ling

    What do you bet the marines were never authorized to fire in defense of our people and themselves.

    September 12, 2012 01:09 pm at 1:09 pm |
  22. Chris Meyer

    Interesting that he choose to only say a few men scaled the wall in Cairo. Have you seen the picture? It looked more like an angry mob to me! Also, don't let this author fool you, Obama has not handled this situation near as well, nor Romney near as poorly as he tries to portray.

    September 12, 2012 01:09 pm at 1:09 pm |
  23. Roosevelts

    Wow. The democratic party is all over these comments.

    September 12, 2012 01:10 pm at 1:10 pm |
  24. Navyvet8192

    Mr. Romney turning this tragedy into a political barb instead of working to unite with the rest of the world in condemning this just cost him my vote. I'm very disappointed.

    September 12, 2012 01:11 pm at 1:11 pm |
  25. Dante

    Romney's ill-timed and poorly conceived remarks are further evidence that he is the wrong man for the job. God bless the U.S.A. and its public servants.

    September 12, 2012 01:11 pm at 1:11 pm |
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