Romney says Obama's policies create dependency in op-ed
September 19th, 2012
08:24 AM ET
6 years ago

Romney says Obama's policies create dependency in op-ed

(CNN) – Amid a cloud of controversy over tapes showing Mitt Romney calling Americans dependent on government "victims," the GOP presidential nominee wrote in a USA Today op-ed that Americans were indeed becoming too dependent on the government, and that policies enacted by President Barack Obama were to blame.

"Under President Obama, we have a stagnant economy that fosters government dependency," Romney wrote. "My policies will create a growing economy that fosters upward mobility."

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The opinion article comes after two days of uproar over the secretly recorded clips, which were posted online by the liberal magazine Mother Jones on Monday. In them, Romney makes a political prediction based on his view of Obama's supporters.

"There are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what," Romney says in one clip. "There are 47% who are with him, who are dependent on government, who believe that, that they are victims, who believe that government has the responsibility to care for them. Who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing."

Adding to his argument about entitlement, Romney said his "job is not to worry about those people."

In USA Today, Romney concedes that "government has a role to play here," but says Obama is offering the wrong kind of help to people struggling in a still-weak economy.

"My experience has taught me that government works best when it creates the space for individuals and families to pursue success and achieve great things," Romney wrote. "Economic freedom is the only force that has consistently succeeded in creating sustained prosperity and lifting people out of poverty. It is why our economy rose to rival those of the world's leading powers - and has long since surpassed them all."

He writes later that "instead of creating a web of dependency, I will pursue policies that grow our economy and lift Americans out of poverty."

In the days since the fund-raiser videos went public, Romney has repeatedly stood by the thrust of his remarks, though has acknowledged they were "not elegantly stated." He said in a Fox News interview Tuesday the remarks were an honest reflection of his campaign's message.

"This is a message I'm carrying day and day out and will carry over the coming months," Romney said. "This is a decision about the course of America, where we're going to head. We've seen the president's policies play out over the last four years."

CNN's Kevin Liptak contributed to this report.

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  1. gypsydaveywithablowtorch

    But we are beyond hope and he can't bring it upon himself to care about me, so why does it matter?

    September 19, 2012 08:29 am at 8:29 am |
  2. Crismn

    I can't believe he's sticking to his statement! Is he trying to destroy his campaign? I'm not part of te 47%, but he never had my support to start with! I wonder how many of the 53% were already for Obama... Arithmetic tells me that Mr. Romney is certain to lose... But we know arithmetic is neither his nor Mr. Ryan strength!

    September 19, 2012 08:36 am at 8:36 am |
  3. reginaldb6

    Romney thinks the public are fools and idiots that feed anything and we will believe it. ROMNEY THINK AGAIN, and by the way RELEASE YOUR TAXES.

    September 19, 2012 08:37 am at 8:37 am |
  4. rla

    Go Romney Truth will win

    September 19, 2012 08:37 am at 8:37 am |
  5. GI Joe

    When Americans that used the system and made millions put their money in Switzerland and the Caymen Islands, it is NOT helping create jobs here.

    If there are no jobs (because the wealthiest hoard all their money) does RMoney want to just kill the under-employed and unemployed????

    September 19, 2012 08:38 am at 8:38 am |

    "My experience has taught me that government works best when it creates the space for individuals and families to pursue success and achieve great things," Romney wrote.
    Word of advice Willard: Stop writing op-eds. "Let Detroit go Bankrupt" is still haunting you and yet you still want to write op-eds. Your experince you say? When have you ever lived in the middle class Willard? And don't give us that phony story your wife gave us at the convention because we know neither of you had to struggle for anything. Your greatest achievement was RomneyCare in Massachusetts and you've disowned like a bad stepchild.

    September 19, 2012 08:38 am at 8:38 am |
  7. Wilson

    Romney is right. There is no way I can vote for someone that believes it is fair to take more of the money I work really hard for, and give it to someone capable of working, but does not want to work. Redistribution from hard workers to lazy people, that is Obama's way, creating more democrat voters by making them dependent on the government.

    September 19, 2012 08:41 am at 8:41 am |
  8. Tony

    Romney's policy: if you don't have a job, and don't have an income, it is not his job to worry about you. You are the 47% of people who don't pay income tax, and must be an Obama supporter.

    September 19, 2012 08:41 am at 8:41 am |
  9. JP

    I think that the fact that CNN and all of the other left leaning new agencies conveniently report any negative associated with Romney but leave out the Obama dirt. Why don't you have the tapes of Obama talking about his redistribution beliefs? Reporting only one side of the story is criminal. All people need to have both sides of the story so they can make an educated and informed decision on the TRUE intentions of our political candidates. I don't know how you can sleep at night....

    September 19, 2012 08:42 am at 8:42 am |
  10. Namejkane sfl a vote for the gop will cut your moms medicare and soc sec .can you afford to pay for them???

    Government is not a business and never will be .

    September 19, 2012 08:47 am at 8:47 am |
  11. Gurgyl

    ..........but mine for EXPORTING jobs, factories to CHINA, India, cheap-labor, stashing money overseas that escapes taxes here.

    September 19, 2012 08:47 am at 8:47 am |
  12. Debra from Atlanta

    wait a minute, at his $50,000 per plate dinner, he said he would not have to do anything for the economy if he is elected.

    September 19, 2012 08:52 am at 8:52 am |
  13. Mitt RobMe

    "I will pursue policies that grow our economy and lift Americans out of poverty."
    One can only wonder what those policies will be.

    September 19, 2012 08:53 am at 8:53 am |
  14. bb

    Ah another day of the Oblunder sideshow, Romney tells it like it is and Oblunder goes on letterman.
    real tuff pick for pres, The Patriot Mitt or Madonna ???

    September 19, 2012 08:57 am at 8:57 am |
  15. n

    And there you have it America the Romney switch up. This is where he twist and bend, turn and spin. Preceded by the big double down of pride and arrogance, clouded with prejudice of the worst kind. This is where he counts on, no, depend on the bigotry of his base and the hidden, to come to his rescue, yet again. Like always, they will continue to prop Romney up and move him forward against the prevailing winds of the Obama Machine. President Barack Obama is by far, better suited for president in this day and time. Romney and those like him is the problem. Obama and those who would follow, will be the solution as we move forward, leading the way for a stronger future for all of America.

    September 19, 2012 09:02 am at 9:02 am |
  16. a in austin

    Government works when both parties participate in the process – it does not work when one party is betting on the failure of the American people and economy for political game.

    September 19, 2012 09:05 am at 9:05 am |
  17. Mikey

    So Romney stands behind the comment, "I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives." He's talking about almost half the population – they are retirees, individuals and families who work very hard for very low wages, unemployed victims of the Great Recession, students, and the disabled. Yes, there is probably a portion that are milking the system, but to disrespect 47% of the population with such distain? I thought I just disagreed with his policies and found him a bit out-of-touch with the struggles of average Americans. Now I find him repulsive.

    September 19, 2012 09:06 am at 9:06 am |
  18. Rick McDaniel

    Romney is entirely accurate.

    Obama is doing nothing about our economy, save squander our tax dollars on useless and wasteful programs that do NOT work at ALL!

    More importantly, Obama and the Democratic Party, are subversive.......they seek to gain total control of America, as dictators. Everything they are doing indicates that to be a fact. They have taken control of the media, they are manipulating the government reports, they are attacking the wealthy, and they are lying to the people of this country, on a daily basis.

    This country is founded on FREEDOM! The Democrats want to take freedom from us, and establish a socialist country, where the government dictates everything we can, or cannot do. They want to keep all of the people dependent on the government, so they CONTROL the VOTE! That is, in fact a dictatorship........and you either want to be free......or you DON'T! The choice is yours!

    September 19, 2012 09:09 am at 9:09 am |
  19. v_mag

    Rob-money and his supporters have a disease. It's called Republican Amnesia, and the main symptom is forgetting the years 2000-2008. Presidents Carter, Reagan, and Clinton they remember to a tee (although incorrectly most of the time). But both Bush's, and especially W, they can't seem to recall.

    The problem is that the 2000-2008 time frame is when things really began to go wrong. Since they can't recall those years, they have a hard time understanding the current economic and geopolitical reality. Therefore, it is our duty, as part of a drive to universal health care, that we continue to remind them of that period of history that is such a black hole to Republican Amnesia sufferers.

    Help bring our Republican brethren back to full mental health by taking every opportunity to note the 2 unfunded, totally useless wars, the deregulation that led to economic collapse, the torture fostered by Bush/Cheney, and all the other horrors of those years. They may not appreciate your efforts, but it is for their own good, as well as ours. After all, we don't want to take any chance on putting another monster in the White House.

    Romney = Bush = disaster.

    September 19, 2012 09:10 am at 9:10 am |
  20. ExRepublican

    Romney is disgrace to our country he lie about everything and his friend Ryan is a big liar.
    Romney dont care about middle class he only for the rich.

    September 19, 2012 09:11 am at 9:11 am |
  21. scmom

    Mitt you are just saying what should happen not how it's going to happen. Trickle down is not the answer and that's all you have. This downward spiral started way before the president took office. Just more of your doubletalk.

    September 19, 2012 09:11 am at 9:11 am |
  22. aprile pipkin

    greetings genius*~which means you who recognize that america needs to be ruled with an iron fist. needs leadership who innovates. creates. relates to all. uniting all and thus yielding results. which means you who can see that both obama and romney capable of flipping that bill. obama-romney compliment each other. one strong where thee other weak. and thee beautiful perfect vice-versa. obama for president. romney for vice. making majestic history where everyone wins. obama saved from demotion. romney gains thee experience and compassion some leery therof. thee next presidency written in thee stars for mitt romney. together they will earn each every vote. i've a new platform in case many are in agreement with me. biden. beautiful, yet out of touch with today's youth. ryan, sweeter than country chocholate yet is likely to say whay we want to hear instead of embodying thee backbone. thee true grit requisite to restore our god-blessed amazing america and thus thee american dream for all. where there a divine will. there a divine way*~good morning & good day ladies and gentlemen*~

    September 19, 2012 09:13 am at 9:13 am |
  23. Game Over

    Willard lost. He might have won but he keeps........talking.

    September 19, 2012 09:13 am at 9:13 am |
  24. smendler

    Republicans get confused sometimes between "dependency" and "interdependency."

    September 19, 2012 09:14 am at 9:14 am |
  25. Mack

    The cats out of the bag Mitt, you care more about money than people. A disgusting quality in a human being let alone a president.

    September 19, 2012 09:17 am at 9:17 am |
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