Excerpts: Romney economic speech
October 26th, 2012
11:16 AM ET
6 years ago

Excerpts: Romney economic speech

(CNN) - Republican nominee Mitt Romney will deliver a speech focused on the economy Friday in Ames, Iowa. Below are excerpts of his speech released by his campaign.

"This is an election of consequence. Our campaign is about big things, because we happen to believe that America faces big challenges. We recognize this is a year with a big choice, and the American people want to see big changes. And together we can bring real change to this country."

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"Four years ago, candidate Obama spoke to the scale of the times. Today, he shrinks from it, trying instead to distract our attention from the biggest issues to the smallest–from characters on Sesame Street and silly word games to misdirected personal attacks he knows are false."

"But this election matters more than that. It matters to your family.

It matters to the senior who needs to get an appointment with a medical specialist but is told by one receptionist after another that the doctor isn't taking any new Medicare patients, because Medicare has been slashed to pay for Obamacare.

It matters to the man from Waukesha, Wisconsin I spoke with several days ago, in what were supposed to be his best work years. He said that he used to have a job at $25 an hour with benefits and now has one at $8 an hour, without benefits.

It matters to the college student, graduating this spring, with 10 to 20 thousand dollars in student debt, who now learns that she also will be paying for 50 thousand dollars in government debt, a burden that will put the American Dream beyond her reach.
It matters for the child in a failing school, unable to go to the school of his parent's choosing, because the teacher's union that funds the President's campaign opposes school choice.

The President's campaign has a slogan: it is "forward." But to the 23 million Americans struggling to find a good job, these last four years feel a lot more like "backward." We cannot afford four more years like the last four years."

"We have had four presidential and vice-presidential debates. And there is nothing in what the President proposed or defended that has any prospect of meeting the challenges of the times. Raising taxes will not grow jobs or ignite the economy–in fact, his tax plan has been calculated to destroy 700,000 jobs. A new stimulus, three years after the recession officially ended, may spare government, but it will not stimulate the private sector any better than did the stimulus of four years ago. And cutting one trillion dollars from the military will kill jobs and devastate our national defense.

This is not the time to double down on the trickle-down government policies that have failed us; it is time for new, bold changes that measure up to the moment, that can bring America's families the certainty that the future will be better than the past."

"If Paul Ryan and I are elected as your president and vice president, we will endeavor with all our hearts and energy to restore America. Instead of more spending, more borrowing from China and higher taxes from Washington, we'll renew our faith in the power of free people pursuing their dreams. We'll start with our plan for a stronger middle class…"

"Paul and I won't stop there. When we take office, we will take responsibility to solve the big problems that everyone agrees can't wait any longer.

We will save and secure Medicare and Social Security, both for current and near retirees, and for the generation to come. We will restore the $716 billion President Obama has taken from Medicare to pay for his vaunted Obamacare.

We will reform healthcare to tame the growth in its cost, to provide for those with pre-existing conditions, and to assure that every American has access to healthcare. We will replace government choice with consumer choice, bringing the dynamics of the marketplace to a sector of our lives that has long been dominated by government."

"I know something about leading because I've led before. In business, at the Olympics, and in Massachusetts, I've brought people together to achieve real change.

I was elected as a Republican governor in a state with a legislature that was 85% Democrat. We were looking at a multi-billion dollar budget gap. But instead of fighting with one another, we came together to solve our problems. We actually cut spending–reduced it. We lowered taxes 19 times. We defended school choice. And we worked to make our state business friendly.

Our state moved up 20 places in job growth. Our schools were ranked number one in the nation. And we turned a $3billion budget deficit into a $2 billion rainy day fund.

I know it because I have seen it: Good Democrats can come together with good Republicans to solve big problems. What we need is leadership."

"We face big challenges. But we also have big opportunities … If we seize the moment and rise to the occasion, the century ahead will be an American Century."

"What this requires is change, change from the course of the last four years. It requires that we put aside the small and the petty, and demand the scale of change we deserve: we need real change, big change.

Our campaign is about that kind of change–confronting the problems that politicians have avoided for over a decade, revitalizing our competitive economy, modernizing our education, restoring our founding principles.

This is the kind of change that promises a better future, one shaped by men and women pursuing their dreams in their own unique ways.

This election is a choice between the status quo–going forward with the same policies of the last four years–or instead, choosing real change, change that offers promise, promise that the future will be better than the past."

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  1. Lynda/Minnesota

    Ah, yes. Mr. Mittens newest "Big Changes, Big Challenges, Big Words, Big Emptiness, Big Void" economic speech.

    Yawn. Same old, same old ... big nothing.

    October 26, 2012 11:23 am at 11:23 am |
  2. v_mag

    Mittler learned a new word: Big. Suddenly, everything is big. But we've known for a long time about his Big Money, Big Head, Big Ego, and Big Entitlement issues. With a Rob-money presidency, America would have a Big Problem.

    October 26, 2012 11:24 am at 11:24 am |
  3. v_mag

    Everything is a Big Deal to Rob-money now. Besides his Big Money, Big Ego, and Big Entitlement issues, we also know that his election would cause Big Problems for the middle class.

    October 26, 2012 11:27 am at 11:27 am |
  4. malbaduun

    For the life of me, I don't understand why women support republican party regardless of who the president is. Can someone tell me which republican policy in the past or present favors women?

    October 26, 2012 11:28 am at 11:28 am |
  5. Wire Palladin, S. F

    Things are improving from the Bush/republican near depression, and that is without a single vote for help from a republican. President Obama deserves a second term, and Mittens needs to apologize to all the people of Freeport, IL, and all the other people whose jobs were outsourced by Mittens and Bain.

    October 26, 2012 11:28 am at 11:28 am |
  6. Four and The Door

    With yet another report that the national economy grew at only a 2% annual rate, Mitt Romney is right on target. America needs to get out of this stagnant growth high unemployment rut we are in. But the government will not be able to buy our way back. Thank you, President Obama for dedicating your last 4 years to proving this. The experiment with massive government spending did not work.

    The private sector is more than happy to do the heavy lifting of bringing this economy back. But it is impossible with an adversarial federal government trying to pick winning companies and industries based on a political agenda. Mitt Romney's plans developed to help create at least 12 million new jobs do this by encouraging American businesses to grow, not by taxing them into submission and then having the federal government try to pick winners. Enough is enough. President Obama has been very convincing. His methods do not work. Romney/ Ryan 2012.

    October 26, 2012 11:28 am at 11:28 am |
  7. NJfinest2009

    Mitt needs to come out and tell the American People how he is forcing corporations to tell employees how to vote. Mitt Romney is a creep and I can't wait to send him and his brats back to massachusetts!

    October 26, 2012 11:30 am at 11:30 am |
  8. Wire Palladin, S. F

    Mittens, keep trying, some day you may even be right, but we cannot afford to wait. Obama 2012.

    October 26, 2012 11:30 am at 11:30 am |
  9. Anthony

    The 716 billion that Romney wants to restore to Medicare means the Medicare inpatient fund will run out of money 8 years earlier– 2016, instead of 2024 under current policy. Is this how you will secure Medicare, Mitt, by bankrupting it earlier, and replacing it with Ryan's voucher plan?

    October 26, 2012 11:31 am at 11:31 am |
  10. ThinkAgain: All of the GOP's policies are PROVEN FAILURES

    As Paul Krugman points out in his editorial today, Mittens' economic “plan” is a sham. Long on stuff he claims will happen, with no description or specifics on HOW they will happen – including no list on which tax loopholes he would cut to offset his $5 trillion in tax cuts.

    (BTW, why bother to cut taxes if they are going to be offset? Isn't that "revenue neutral"? What's the point, other than to keep a bunch of accountants busy figuring out the new tax code?)

    Mittens is a fake. His economic plan relies on magic, somehow inspiring business confidence simply because he was a successful private equity guy. Actually, he wasn't that awesome at that: While Mittens ran Bain Capital, it invested in 77 businesses, 22% of which filed for bankruptcy or closed within 8 years – and Bain lost all money invested in 8% of them. Compare that to the 8% bankruptcy rate of the $90 billion the US government invested in green energy companies like Solyndra.

    Long story short, don't be suckered once again by the promise of cutting taxes on the wealthy, while spending more on defense. It's voodoo economics, trickle-down, denounced as a failure by everyone, including David Stockman who came up with it in the first place under Reagan.

    Obama/Biden 2012 = The only sane choice

    October 26, 2012 11:31 am at 11:31 am |
  11. California Gary

    There is a term that begins with the word "bull" that comes to mind. Still no details on how you would pay for your plan Mr. Romney. What you have out there already doesn't add up.....not even close. You would only take us back to the policies that created the need for us to "recover" in the first place. No thanks........go back to stripping companies of their wealth and sending jobs overseas......you do that quite well.

    October 26, 2012 11:33 am at 11:33 am |
  12. California Gary

    That's funny stuff v_mag...........I guess one of his advisors told him he needed to use more "big" words in his stump speech.

    October 26, 2012 11:35 am at 11:35 am |
  13. sharon

    Big Change reminds me of Big Love – we know what happened to the Big Guy in that show. Still waiting to hear something other than the old republican line.

    October 26, 2012 11:41 am at 11:41 am |
  14. John

    Platitudes and promises based on fiction. Supply side economics has brought this nation to the verge of bankruptcy and Romney would double down on the policy. Willard DOESN'T have a clue.

    October 26, 2012 11:43 am at 11:43 am |
  15. Beverly - NYC

    Mittens is shaking the etch-a-sketch once again. Claims to have led in business yet he did notknow any qualified Women to serve in the public sector, once he became governor he onlycared about the optics of having women on board. Wonder if the were paid equally to their male counterparts? Olympics success – how are we to know you took government money and shredded the records after the event, like Regan said Trust but Verify. You're right about one thing this a choice, going forward or back to Bush 3.0, no thanks Mitt been there done that. FORWARD !!!

    October 26, 2012 11:47 am at 11:47 am |
  16. Cassandra

    Yet, he has NO numbers and NO specifics to back his claim. And every credible economist who has looked at the plan of him and Mr. Ryan rejects it on every level.

    October 26, 2012 11:47 am at 11:47 am |
  17. nvorr

    Nothing but rehashed stump speeches. I guess he's keeping the "plan" safe and secure along with his tax returns.

    October 26, 2012 11:50 am at 11:50 am |
  18. Al-NY,NY

    Does anyone else hear just a buzzing sound in their ears when this fraud speaks? If not that,maybe it's like when the teacher used to speak in the Charlie Brown cartoons...a muffled bunch of nothing

    October 26, 2012 11:53 am at 11:53 am |
  19. Four and The Door

    ThinkAgain: All of the GOP's policies are PROVEN FAILURES
    ...(BTW, why bother to cut taxes if they are going to be offset? Isn't that "revenue neutral"? What's the point, other than to keep a bunch of accountants busy figuring out the new tax code?)
    12 million new jobs. This nation needs this job growth desperately. The 2% growth under Obama's big government plan keeps millions unemployed and national debt growing to where future generations of Americans will have extreme hardships to face just like Greece is facing today. A future of increasing poverty is where America is headed.

    American businesses will drive the recovery. They have to. And with Mitt Romney's plan they will. Because they can.

    October 26, 2012 11:59 am at 11:59 am |
  20. Full Name

    73.1% chance of Obama winning according to FiveThirtyEight this morning. They correctly predicted 49 out of 50 states in the last election.

    October 26, 2012 11:59 am at 11:59 am |
  21. v_mag

    Four and The Door said: "With yet another report that the national economy grew at only a 2% annual rate, Mitt Romney is right on target."
    So tell me. How much did the economy grow the last year the previous Republican was president? Then tell me how Mittler would be any different from George W. Bush. Then tell me, why any sane person would vote for a virtual third term for W?

    October 26, 2012 12:00 pm at 12:00 pm |
  22. Steve

    Is Romney Mr. Big?

    Someone else played Mr. Big on Sex and the City.

    October 26, 2012 12:03 pm at 12:03 pm |
  23. Steve in CT

    Takes a lot of nerve calling the use of over 400 vetoes as Governor, "Working across the aisles". Romney was a failure as governor, except for Romneycare.

    October 26, 2012 12:06 pm at 12:06 pm |
  24. Guest

    If you think adding a trillion a year in debt is good ....then vote for Oblabla, if you're intelligent and know that it isnt...vote the right way, vote ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!

    October 26, 2012 12:12 pm at 12:12 pm |
  25. SugarKube

    SOURCES WHO WERE ON THE GROUND in Benghazi during the attack on the US consulate tell Fox News that CIA operatives twice asked for permission to help Ambassador Chris Stevens and his staff, and twice were told to 'stand down' — while a later request for military backup was denied.

    October 26, 2012 12:12 pm at 12:12 pm |
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