March 19th, 2013
10:37 PM ET
5 years ago

Video: Bachmann dodges question on CPAC remarks

CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash asked Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minnesota, to support claims she made about President Barack Obama Obama's "lavish" lifestyle.

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  1. Thomas

    Clueless !
    Bachmann dodges question on CPAC remarks.

    March 19, 2013 10:51 pm at 10:51 pm |
  2. Lionel

    Michele Bachmann is a slime bag. She is the new Sarah Palin. Lies, and more lies or is it dumb and dumber.

    March 19, 2013 10:54 pm at 10:54 pm |
  3. labman57

    Curious that bombastic, bellicose right wing blowhards such as Bachmann had no problem with the cost of running the Executive Branch when Reagan, GHW Bush, or GW Bush occupied the White House.

    Perhaps their faux outrage and selective indignation is a matter of some complexion.

    March 19, 2013 10:57 pm at 10:57 pm |
  4. Name

    Bachman on obamas lavish lifestyle

    March 19, 2013 11:20 pm at 11:20 pm |
  5. Jeff

    what about HER "lavish lifestyle?"

    March 19, 2013 11:23 pm at 11:23 pm |
  6. george davis

    Because she's lying as usual....

    March 19, 2013 11:26 pm at 11:26 pm |
  7. ChiTownArkie

    Kudos to the MN 6th for electing one of the most ignorant people in politics. EVER. They must be a proud group of mouth breathing knuckle draggers.

    March 19, 2013 11:32 pm at 11:32 pm |
  8. S.B. Stein E.B. NJ

    She dodges it because there was no justification for it compared to other presidents. She just doesn't like him on many different levels.

    March 19, 2013 11:43 pm at 11:43 pm |
  9. Monty Python

    Anybody who listens to her about an id1ot.

    March 19, 2013 11:44 pm at 11:44 pm |
  10. Larry L

    It appears Americans, at least the rational folks, have grown tired of the hateful, bigoted, intolerant, clown-car riders. I don't normally notice these things but it wouldn't hurt Michelle Bachman to wash her hair. Greasy hair is not attractive on anybody.

    March 19, 2013 11:45 pm at 11:45 pm |
  11. cbp

    Rep. Bachmann makes many statements that seem to be off-the-cuff. She does not always back them up even when asked about them. That was a problem when she ran for the GOP nomination. Nothing has changed. One wonders where she gets her information. Do the people of Minnesota expect to be told the truth? Certainly they did when Humphrey and Mondale served as Senators.

    March 19, 2013 11:53 pm at 11:53 pm |
  12. Muffy787

    I thought she disappeared. Who needs her around spewing her lies??
    If the Rs are dumb enough to let her run in 2014 they will get what they

    March 19, 2013 11:54 pm at 11:54 pm |
  13. king

    Does this woman ever say something out of her mouth that is truthful. She spits lies like its going out of style, i wonder if she beleives in a god, that is not satan, who is the father of lies.

    March 19, 2013 11:55 pm at 11:55 pm |
  14. William Johnson

    Oh my god....really?

    March 20, 2013 12:50 am at 12:50 am |
  15. DixonIV

    She is stil making money making stupid accusations against the President. What a nut.

    March 20, 2013 12:53 am at 12:53 am |
  16. Name Carl

    GOP WILL KEEP LOSING ELECTIONS . Shame on her and the GOP.

    March 20, 2013 01:45 am at 1:45 am |
  17. Concerned

    Lets face it, Bachmann is an idiot. I cannot believe her district keeps her. She makes the GOP, my party, look like idiots.

    March 20, 2013 01:47 am at 1:47 am |
  18. Dianne

    What i find the most scariest about this is that woman holds a very high position boggles the mind. What were people of Wisconsin thinking when they elected her to office in the first place. She lies everytime she opens her mouth. People of America wake up!! The lunatics are running the asylum!!

    March 20, 2013 02:21 am at 2:21 am |
  19. SC

    It looked like she was walking fast because her clinic in MN curing gays was on fire.

    March 20, 2013 03:39 am at 3:39 am |
  20. Bernard obryant

    M. Bachman answer question at election time even after republican lost so question her or not she a risk. But congress senate house is at a alltime low along wit obama if they dont get nothing done

    March 20, 2013 05:06 am at 5:06 am |
  21. Brad

    Who actually votes for these kinds of people? It’s amazing!

    March 20, 2013 06:06 am at 6:06 am |
  22. Marie MD

    I would like to have som eof whatever her MN district is smoking because they keep sending this flake to congress to do absolutely NOTHING for them or the country.
    These repugs are incredible mutants.
    The President, any President, deserves a life that we don't have while in office. Just because she has to open her own doors and doesn't get to drive in a big car with that , still in the closet, husband of hers is not anybody's fault.

    March 20, 2013 06:30 am at 6:30 am |
  23. Zinc Alloy

    We will look back upon Ms. Bachmann's national profile with the same head-shaking disbelief bestowed upon Joe McCarthy. That anyone takes her fact-free pronouncements seriously is astounding.

    March 20, 2013 07:08 am at 7:08 am |
  24. TomInRochNY

    Buchmann has no clue or shame. Thanks for displaying it for everyone to see, Dana.

    March 20, 2013 07:13 am at 7:13 am |
  25. Name

    Shes a wingnut....

    March 20, 2013 07:25 am at 7:25 am |
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