October 4th, 2007
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Making News Today…
Republican senator to retire

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Veteran Republican Sen. Pete Domenici of New Mexico will announce Thursday that he will not seek re-election to a seventh term next year, opening up yet another competitive seat for the GOP to defend, three Republican sources told CNN Wednesday. Full Story

- CNN Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash

Political Hot Topics
(Today's top political stories from news organizations across the country)

Compiled by Lindsey Pope
CNN Washington Bureau

RUDY AND HILLARY TAKE '08 FIGHT CROSS COUNTRY: Ballot measures in California have long been proxies for local politicians’ hopes and dreams — just ask Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who rode a recall petition to the Statehouse. New York Times: In Ballot Fight, California Gets a Taste of '08

NEW POLL FINDS BLACKS TORN BETWEEN OBAMA AND HILLARY: Blacks are split down the middle over Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton in the presidential race, seeing both as on their side, a new poll says. AP via New Hampshire Union-Leader: Blacks Split Evenly on Clinton and Obama

GOP LOSING WHITE MALE VOTERS: The 2008 election offers the most diverse array of presidential candidates in history. But this rainbow campaign will hinge on the most durable reality of American politics: White men matter most. Politico: Dems Must Woo White Men to Win

RUDY RIPS HILLARY IN NH: Republican president hopeful Rudy Giuliani said yesterday that New Hampshire residents would see their federal taxes go up about $3,300 each if a Democrat is elected president New Hampshire Union-Leader: Giuliani Begins new Ads in NH, Bashes Clinton in Stops

POLL: BOTH CLINTONS SCORE HIGH MARKS: Former president Bill Clinton has emerged as a clear asset in his wife's campaign for the White House, with Americans offering high ratings to his eight years in office and a solid majority saying they would be comfortable with him as first spouse… Washington Post: In Latest Poll, Good News For Both Clintons

HILLARY'S MESSAGE ISN'T CLEAR FOR SOME VOTERS: When Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke here last month, people liked what she said about ending the Iraq war. But it is not clear that they understood what she meant. LA Times: On Policies, Clinton Plays it Safe

HILLARY: "WE'VE GOT TO DEAL WITH IMMIGRATION TO BE SURE THAT WE'RE GOING TO GET BACK TO DOING WHAT IS RIGHT AND SMART IN AMERICA": Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said yesterday as president she would push an immigration bill with a path to legalization that unites families. Washington Times: Hillary Touts Bill to Unite Illegals' Kin

RON PAUL: "THERE'S NO THREAT THAT ANYBODY IS GOING TO INVADE US": Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said the United States does not face any real threats to its national security and does not need to extend itself militarily around the world. New Hampshire Union-Leader: Paul: Bring Troops Home

FRED WARNS AGAINST A DIVIDED AMERICA: Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson told about 120 people gathered in Dubuque that Americans “can’t afford to send a signal that we are weak and divided as a nation,” Des Moines Register: Thompson: Americans Must Appear United

THOMPSON BEGS CROWD FOR A ROUND OF APPLAUSE: Twenty-four minutes after he began speaking in a small restaurant the other day, Fred D. Thompson brought his remarks to a close with a nod of his head and an expression of thanks to Iowans for allowing him to “give my thoughts about some things.” New York Times: Subdued Thompson Stirs few Sparks on Stump

FRED'S FRESH-FACED WIFE SPEAKS OUT ABOUT THEIR AGE DIFFERENCE: Forty-one-year-old Jeri Thompson, the subject of much rumor and innuendo since her 65-year-old husband Fred began mulling a presidential run, says she’s never been “an older-man-dater kind of girl.” DC Examiner's Yeas and Nays: Jeri Thompson: "I Was Never an Older-Man-Dater Kind of Girl"

OBAMA DRAWS ON JFK NOSTALGIA: The obvious parallels to the martyred Democratic hero always have provided a powerful subtext to Barack Obama's presidential candidacy. Chicago Tribune: Obama Camp Claims JFK Legacy

OBAMA: "…AS A YOUNG MAN GROWING UP, I DIDN'T HAVE A LOT OF ROLE MODELS, AND I MADE A LOT OF MISTAKES. BUT I LEARNED TO FIGURE OUT THAT THERE WERE CERTAIN VALUES THAT WERE IMPORTANT TO ME": With most voter questions dealing in weighty policy matters, a man in the audience asked Sen. Barack Obama a somewhat unusual one this afternoon. Chicago Tribune's The Swamp: Obama's Most Painful Experience

OPINION: ROMNEY'S CLAIM ONLY REPORTERS ASK ABOUT HIS RELIGION IS UNTRUE: When Mitt Romney appeared last week (via closed circuit from California) before the Council of Retired Chief Executives meeting in Washington, he faced kindred souls: rich Republicans who had managed big enterprises. Yet the second question from the audience was whether Romney's Mormon faith was hurting his quest for the Republican presidential nomination. Washington Post: A Mormon in the Oval Office?

MCCAIN REBOUNDING: Senator John McCain's once front- running presidential campaign, which has been battered by plunging polls, defecting donors and staff turmoil, is showing signs of a rebound in New Hampshire. Bloomberg: McCain's Campaign Showing Signs of a Comeback in New Hampshire

IN SPEECH THOMPSON MAKES THE CASE THAT THE U.S. COULD HAVE SAME FATE AS THE ROMAN EMPIRE: “Our country is at a crossroads. And we’ve become the most blessed country in the history of the world, through the work and sacrifice of a lot of people, basically adhering to certain principles. New York Times: In His Own Words: Fred D. Thompson

GIULIANI TO BE DENIED COMMUNION: Roman Catholic Archbishop Raymond Burke, who made headlines last presidential season by saying he'd refuse Holy Communion to John Kerry, has his eye on Rudy Giuliani this year. Giuliani's response: "Archbishops have a right to their opinion." AP via New York Times: Bishop Would Deny Communion to Giuliani

GIULIANI SAYS ONLY HE CAN DEFEAT CLINTON: Republican front-runner Rudolph W. Giuliani is making a new pitch to Republicans that he — and only he — can defeat the leading Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in the 2008 election. Washington Times: Giuliani Selling Self as Winner

GOP '08ERS LOOKING FOR STRONG FINISH IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Each of the top Republican presidential candidates has a different path to the nomination. South Carolina's first-in-the-South primary on Jan. 19 – in between the initial contests and a de facto national primary in early February – lies at the crossroads of all three. Boston Globe: Republicans Bring Contrasting Ideals in Quest for Southern Votes

VA CANDIDATE TAKES GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES EVEN THOUGH HIS FARM IS PROFITABLE: Gary H. Baise, the Republican candidate for Fairfax County Board of Supervisors chairman, who tells audiences that he stands for "lower taxes, limited government and less spending," collected nearly $300,000 in federal subsidies for his southern Illinois farm between 1995 and 2005, U.S. Department of Agriculture records show. Washington Post: Candidate in Virginia Took Subsidies for Farm

LIEBERMAN AT CENTER OF ANOTHER SENATE BATTLE: Since he declared himself an Independent Democrat, Sen. Joe Lieberman has not been shy about endorsing Republicans. Roll Call: Lieberman Endorsement is 4th Up for Grabs

SESSIONS OWNS STOCK IN NAMK BENEFITED BY BILL: In late July, Sen. Jeff Sessions began promoting legislation that would aid some of the nation's biggest banks - among them, two institutions in which he and his wife hold shares. Wall Street Journal: Bank Bill's Senate Champion Has Ties to Industry

LEAHY URGES AG NOMINEE TO RELEASE DOCUMENTS SOUGHT BY CONGRESS: Backing away from a fight with the White House, Senate Democrats are suggesting that they will not hold up confirmation of President Bush’s nominee for attorney general, Michael B. Mukasey, despite differences over Senate access to documents involving Justice Department actions. New York Times: Democrats Won’t Block Hearing for Gonzales Successor

REPUBLICANS ACCUSE RULES PANEL FOR STICKING WITH PARTY LINES: Despite Democratic promises that the House Rules Committee would operate much differently in the new majority, it is as partisan as ever. The Hill: Partisanship Rules Panel

LOTT TOUTS COMPROMISE IN THE FACE OF GRIDLOCK: In what could be a new incarnation of the successful bipartisan “Gang of 14,” Minority Whip Trent Lott (R-Miss.) hosted a meeting this week with a handful of the Senate’s most notable compromisers to figure out how to unclog the gridlock that has slowed the chamber’s progress this year. Roll Call: Lott Looking to Form "New Gang"

HEALTH CONCERNS KEY TO SENATOR'S RETIREMENT: Senate Republicans are bracing for another potentially costly 2008 retirement, with veteran Sen. Pete V. Domenici (N.M.) expected to announce today that he will not seek a seventh term. Washington Post: Republican Domenici Is Set to Retire From Senate

"A BEAUTIFUL DAY" FOR MADAME SPEAKER: U2 front man Bono strode through the U.S. Capitol bright and early Wednesday morning, carrying a large bouquet of white and pink long-stemmed roses. DC Examiner's Yeas and Nays: Flowers for Pelosi ==============================================================
On the Political Radar:

Compiled by Lauren Kornreich
CNN Washington Bureau

* Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, continues to campaign in Iowa with a town hall meeting in Waterloo and a meet and greet at the Buchanan County Fairgrounds in Independence. In the evening, he holds a rally at Luther College in Decorah.

* Former Sen. John Edwards, D-North Carolina, visits Columbus, Kentucky, a small town that won a visit from the presidential candidate.

* Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney heads to New Hampshire to tour the digital imaging company, Presstek Inc., in Hudson. After that, he goes to Manchester for two "Ask Mitt Anything" town hall meetings, followed by a meet and greet in Derry. He ends his day with another town hall meeting at Wheeler Memorial Chapel in Merrimack.

* Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani meets with local residents at City Coffeehouse & Creperie in Clayton, Missouri. He then heads to Illinois for a town hall meeting at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn and a speech in Chicago.

* Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-New York, delivers a speech on "Reclaiming Our Commitment to Science and Innovation" at the Carnegie Institute in Washington, D.C.

* Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, gives a speech at a Rotary meeting at Litchfield Country Club in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. In the afternoon, he addresses the Americans for Prosperity Foundation's first-ever "Defending the American Dream Summit" in Washington, D.C.

* New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson delivers a major speech on Iraq and modernizing the U.S. military at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

* Sen. Joe Biden, D-Delaware, unveils his comprehensive education plan in Des Moines, Iowa. He then makes campaign stops in Sigourney, Ottumwa and Burlington.

* The Senate Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

* The House Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

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Making News Today…

McCain to attack Clinton’s triangulation on Iraq

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Sen. John McCain is set to take aim at Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton during a speech on Iraq Wednesday, claiming the senator from New York "wants it both ways" when it comes to the war. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2007/10/02/mccain-to-attack-clintons-triangulation-on-iraq/

CNN Chief National Correspondent John King is covering McCain in South Carolina, and he sits down with the Arizona senator for an interview to air on “The Situation Room.”

- CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney


Edwards to highlight differences with Clinton on Iraq

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Former Sen. John Edwards will use a speech in New Hampshire Wednesday to highlight his differences with Sen. Hillary Clinton on the Iraq war, as well as promote a new proposal to oversee security contractors working in the war torn country.

“A week ago Sunday, Hillary Clinton said that she would continue to conduct combat missions in Iraq,” Edwards is expected to say, according to advanced excerpts of his remarks provided to CNN. “If you’re not ending combat operations, you’re not ending the war.”

Edwards will later add “The debate I expect to have next fall with Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani or whoever’s the Republican nominee is whether or not to end this war. But the debate Senator Clinton would be in is how big a war you’re going to have. We should leave it to the Republicans to offer America four more years of George W. Bush’s mess of a war in Iraq.”

The former North Carolina senator will also discuss his new oversight plan for security contractors working in Iraq, during this speech to the Seacoast Media Group Forum. Edwards will call for “Establishing Strong Quality Control and Accountability Measures” and “Implementing a Formal Evaluation of the Role of Contractors,” among other things.
He unveils this new plan at the same time Blackwater USA – a private security firm working in Iraq – is being scrutinized for its actions including a September 16 incident in Baghdad in which several civilians were killed.

- CNN’s Mark Preston and Lauren Kornreich


Obama: Clinton blurring distinctions between us

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) — White House hopeful Barack Obama told CNN Tuesday his early opposition to the Iraq war proves he has the judgment to lead the country out of the conflict, and said the reason polls show voters think rival Hillary Clinton would better handle the issue is because the New York Democrat has successfully blurred the distinctions between the two candidates.   Full Story

Watch CNN Senior Political Correspondent Candy Crowley’s interview of Obama.  View Interview


Sen. John Warner hospitalized

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Influential Republican Sen. John Warner of Virginia was hospitalized Tuesday with a heart condition, according to a statement from the senator's office. Doctors at Inova Fairfax Hospital performed a procedure to correct atrial fibrillation, the statement said, and a follow-up, routine procedure is scheduled for Wednesday.  Full Story

Political Hot Topics
(Today's top political stories from news organizations across the country)

Compiled by Lindsey Pope
CNN Washington Bureau

AMID FUNDRAISING SCANDAL, CLINTON EDGES ABOVE OBAMA: A major dynamic behind the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination — fund-raising — shifted yesterday as Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign announced that it had beaten Senator Barack Obama in donations since July, stripping him at least temporarily of a crucial political advantage. New York Times: Clinton Steals Obama's Fund-Raising Thunder

NV TO MOVE CAUCUS DATE?: This isn't widely known yet, but Democratic and Republican officials in Nevada are now looking at moving the state's Jan. 19 caucus up a week to Jan. 12… LA Times' Top of the Ticket: The Nevada Caucuses May Be Closer Than You Think 

IN NEW POLL GIULIANI ON TOP, BUT ONLY "SOMEWHAT": Rudolph W. Giuliani leads the race for the GOP presidential nomination, with Republican voters describing him as the field's strongest leader and most electable candidate in the 2008 general election, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll. Washington Post: Poll Shows Giuliani Atop An Unsettled GOP Race

GIULIANI'S PHONE CALL FROM WIFE STILL SEEN AS "RUDE": Rudy Giuliani's cell phone chat with his wife during the middle of a recent speech to the National Rifle Assn. is duly added to our roster of candidate-gaffes-that-linger. It joins John Edwards' infamous $400 haircut, Mitt Romney's ill-considered comment about none of his five sons having served in the military and virtually any of Bill Richardson's early debate performances. LA Times' Top of the Ticket: The Cell Phone Call That Keeps Echoing

FORGET THE PRIMARIES, GIULIANI AIMS FOR THE BIG PICTURE: It is no accident that the Giuliani strategy memo sent to supporters this afternoon spent roughly as much time talking about the former New York mayor’s prospects in the general election as in the primary. New York Times: Giuliani Strategy Memo

RICHARDSON LESS FRUGAL THAN '08 CONTENDERS: The latest campaign advertising tallies show that Bill Richardson, the New Mexico governor turned presidential contender, is also the biggest spender on the Democrats’ side so far. New York Times' The Caucus: Richardson Tops Democrats Ad Dollars

DEMOCRATS RAISING MORE CASH THAN GOP: Since January, the major Democratic presidential candidates have raised more than $200 million for their campaigns, nearly double the total amount expected to be reported by their chief Republican counterparts. Politico: GOP Money Funk Continues

“I HAVE SEEN HER FACE SOME HORRIBLE EXPERIENCES — SOME WHICH WOULD TAKE MANY OF US DOWN…SHE HAS FACED THEM AND COME UP A WOMAN, NOT APOLOGIZING FOR HAVING LIFE HAPPEN TO HER, BUT FACING LIFE”: Poet Maya Angelou said today that she endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton because of the graceful way she has dealt with personal pain. Des Moines Register: Angelou: Clinton's Faced Pain With Grace 

“SEN. OBAMA LIKES TO TALK ABOUT HIS SPEECH ON IRAQ YEARS AGO, BUT THE TRUTH IS HE DID SUPPORT PAST FUNDING REQUESTS THAT ONLY HELPED PROLONG THIS WAR”: Former Sen. John Edwards’s (D-N.C.) campaign widened its sights Tuesday to include Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) and his foreign policy speech commemorating the five-year anniversary of his first speech against the Iraq war. The Hill: Edwards Says Obama Using Stolen Ideas

THOMPSON SPEAKS OUT AGAINST "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND": Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson, who has been critical of the No Child Left Behind education reform law, said Tuesday that his vote for it six years ago was an example of “hope” winning out over “experience.” Quad City Times: Thompson Regrets Vote for No Child Left Behind

FRED ON TAXES: "SOME DAYS I THINK ALMOST ANYTHING WOULD BE BETTER THAN WHAT WE'VE GOT": Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson today declined to recommend a path to simplifying the federal tax system, which he called an "unholy mess." Des Moines Register: Thompson Not Endorsing a Tax Plan 

BILL CLINTON, NEWT GINGRICH PRAISE HUCKABEE: Leaders of the Christian conservative movement who are considering fielding a third-party candidate rather than backing any of the top four contenders for the Republican presidential nomination are overlooking a GOP hopeful who is steadily gaining support in the run-up to the Iowa caucuses, Mike Huckabee. New York Sun: Huckabee Gets Nod of Clinton

GOP BASE TO EXPLOIT "ANTI HILLARY" VOTE: Amid much discussion of the impact Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) could have on down ballot Congressional races next year if she is the Democratic presidential nominee, a much quieter debate has begun among Republicans about the potential pros and cons of their presidential frontrunners when it comes to picking up House and Senate seats. Roll Call: GOP Ticket May Have trickle-Down Effect

MCCAIN SAYS "CHRISTIAN NATION" COMMENTS MISCONSTRUED: A personal missive by Senator McCain has failed to win over critics of his comments asserting that the Constitution established America "as a Christian nation." New York Sun: McCain Fails to Mollify Critics of "Christian Nation" Comments

GOP PROPOSES BILL TO PROTECT CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO: House Republicans are threatening to launch a discharge petition on legislation that would ensure the future prosperity of conservative radio talk-show hosts but is expected to face opposition from Democratic leaders. The Hill: Battle Lines are Drawn Over Conservative Radio

DEMS CALL ON CEO TO CONDEMN LIMBAUGH COMMENT: Clear Channel CEO Mark P. Mays responded to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in a letter hand-delivered to his office this evening. Politico: Clear Channel CEO Responds to Reid

COLUMNIST SAYS MARTINEZ TO STEP DOWN AFTER PRIMARIES: Apparently the revolving door at the Republican National Committee is about to revolve again. LA Times' Top of the Ticket: Another New Chair at RNC?

KUCINICH: "I COME FROM A CORE BELIEF THAT'S UNSHAKABLE, TO GET RIGHT TO THE TRUTH, FOCUS ON IT AND STAND BY IT": On the eve of another grim anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, members of Congress voted on a symbolic resolution to establish an official remembrance…It was the kind of measure on which, surely, everyone could agree. Everyone, that is, except Rep. Dennis Kucinich… Chicago Tribune: The Diminutive Lion of the Left

BIDEN SETS RECORD STRAIGHT: The Bush administration and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki greeted last week's Senate vote on Iraq policy - based on a plan we proposed in 2006 - with misrepresentations and untruths. Washington Post: Federalism, Not Partition by Joseph R. Biden and Leslie H. Gelb

OBEY TO BUSH: “THE PRESIDENT ISN’T GOING TO GET A SUPPLEMENTAL THIS YEAR…THE PRESIDENT SOONER OR LATER IS GOING TO NEED THAT SUPPLEMENTAL”: House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.) said Tuesday that he will hold $190 billion in funding for the Iraq War hostage until President Bush accedes to his demands for an exit strategy, and simultaneously proposed a new $150 billion war surtax. Roll Call: Obey Fires Up Debate on Iraq

IS SARKOZY BUSH'S CLOSEST EUROPEAN ALLY?: The White House no longer views Britain as its most loyal ally in Europe since Gordon Brown took office and is instead increasingly turning towards France and Germany, according to Bush administration sources. The Daily Telegraph: Britain “No Longer Closest Bush Ally”

DOJ LEGAL COUNSEL ON WHITE HOUSE WIRETAPPING PROGRAM: "IT WAS THE BIGGEST LEGAL MESS I HAD EVER ENCOUNTERED": No more than four Justice Department officials had access to details of the Bush administration's warrantless surveillance program when the department deemed portions of it illegal, following a pattern of poor consultation that helped create a "legal mess," a former Justice official told Congress yesterday. Washington Post: White House Secrecy on Wiretaps Described

FORMER PAGE SUES SD LAWMAKER FOR GROPING: A former legislative page sued a state senator Tuesday alleging he fondled him in a motel room they shared last year. AP via USA Today: Ex-page Accuses SD Democrat of Groping

MEGHAN MCCAIN HITS THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Chelsea Clinton and the Romney boys have some new competition in the candidate-kids-with-something-to-say department. DC Examiners Yeas and Nays: Meghan McCain Joins Her Dad's Campaign

On the Political Radar:

Compiled by Lauren Kornreich
CNN Washington Bureau

* Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, continues to talk foreign policy in Iowa Wednesday with a town hall meeting at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, followed by a similar event at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Washington, Iowa.

* Former Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tennessee, campaigns in Iowa with stops scheduled in Nevada and Dubuque. In the evening he holds a fundraiser in Chicago, Illinois.

* Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-New York, Sen. Joe Biden, D-Delaware, and former Sen. Mike Gravel, D-Alaska, participate in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's Presidential Candidates Forum at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

* Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani meets with local residents in Manchester, Derry, Nashua and Salem, New Hampshire. The GOP presidential candidate also delivers remarks at a town hall meeting at Castleton Banquet and Conference Center in Windham, New Hampshire.

* Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards meets with students and teachers at Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, New Hampshire as part of the National Education Association's "From the School House to the White House." He meets and speaks with workers at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine before delivering what is being billed as a major speech on Iraq in Portsmouth, N. H.

* Sen. John McCain travels to South Carolina, where he delivers a morning speech to the Camden Military Academy. After speaking to the South Carolina State University ROTC in Orangeburg, he delivers remarks to the College of Charleston's Bully Pulpit Series on Presidential Communication.

* After addressing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in Washington, D.C, Sen. Joe Biden, D-Delaware, holds a town hall with Jasper County Democrats at Uncle Nancy's Coffee House and Eatery in Newton, Iowa.

* Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is a guest on the nationally syndicated radio program "The Glenn Beck Radio Show" to discuss national news and the growing momentum for the Huckabee Presidential Campaign.

The Senate Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

The House Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

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Making News Today…

News Analysis: Romney’s 10,000 TV ads

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Over the past few days, two presidential candidates marked a “first” in their competing bids for the Republican presidential nomination.

For Arizona Sen. John McCain, the weekend marked the first time he took to the airwaves to tout his candidacy with an ad buy in New Hampshire. But it is the milestone former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney just passed that is head shaking.

Romney is the first presidential candidate to run at least 10,000 political ads this election cycle, according to an analysis conducted by TNS Media Intelligence/CMAG, CNN’s consultant on political advertising spending.  Full Story

- CNN Political Editor Mark Preston


Obama marks opposition to Iraq war

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Five years ago, a fairly unknown state senator from Illinois told political supporters that he opposed the Iraq war. Sen. Barack Obama's, D-Illinois, message hasn't changed, but a lot has happened in those few years.

"I don't oppose all wars,” Obama said in 2002. “What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war. A war based not on reason, but on passion. Not on principle, but on politics."

Obama has since been elected to the U.S. Senate and now spends his days in Des Moines diners and Peterborough pastures as a presidential candidate. He marks the fifth anniversary of his opposition to the war with a speech in Chicago, before heading to Iowa to echo his remarks in Des Moines and Coralville.

CNN Senior Political Correspondent Candy Crowley sits down with Obama today to talk about the war and his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination. Tune into The Situation Room at 4 p.m. ET to hear what Obama has to say.

– CNN Associate Producer Lauren Kornreich


Pelosi’s “View”

WASHINGTON (CNN) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, will appear on the popular ABC talk show “The View” at 11 a.m. ET. She is expected to discuss the news of the day including the Iraq war as well as her experience as the first woman to serve as House speaker.

- CNN Political Editor Mark Preston


Numbers keep coming

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Keep a close eye on the http://www.cnn.com/ticker throughout the day for the latest updates on the third quarter presidential fundraising numbers.

Political Hot Topics
(Today's top political stories from news organizations across the country)

Compiled by Lindsey Pope
CNN Washington Bureau

"THIS REVERSAL WOULD EVISCERATE NEW JERSEY'S HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAMS AND RESULT IN THE DENIAL OF COVERAGE TO THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN": New Jersey officials asked a federal judge yesterday to block new Bush administration rules that would make it harder for states to enroll middle-income kids in a popular government-subsidized health insurance program for children. Washington Post: NJ Wants Rules For Health Plan Blocked

NEW POLL SAYS AMERIACANS AT ODDS WITH BUSH POLICIES: Most Americans oppose fully funding President Bush's $190 billion request for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a sizable majority support an expansion of a children's health insurance bill he has promised to veto, putting Bush and many congressional Republicans on the wrong side of public opinion on upcoming foreign and domestic policy battles. Washington Post: Most in Poll Want War Funding Cut

HOUSE REPUBLICANS STAY IN LINE WITH BUSH WHILE SENATE GOP IS DEFIANT: Senate Republicans are largely defying President Bush in what is shaping up as the most confrontational spending battle in more than a decade. The Hill: Republicans in the Senate Defying Bush

OPPOSITES NOT THE ATTRACTION FOR JENNA AND HENRY: The nation's first family tree is about to gain a new branch. The future in-laws, it turns out, are not unlike the Bushes. Washington Post: A Union of Families, Politics and Society

"WE LIVE IN A DANGEROUS WORLD, AND PEOPLE WANT TO HAVE SECURITY CAMERAS": Residents of big cities like New York and London must accept that they are under constant watch by video cameras, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday. USA Today: NYC Mayor: Get Used to Surveillance

GATES MAKES PLEDGE TO WORK WITH CONGRESS ON IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN: Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told a group of U.S. House Democratic lawmakers that the multinational mission in Afghanistan is suffering from a lack of resources, citing the war in Iraq and the reluctance of U.S. allies to contribute more troops, participants at the meeting said. Bloomberg: Gates Tells Lawmakers Iraq War is Hurting Afghanistan Mission

SENATE REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE TIGHT ON FUNDS: With the 2008 Senate battleground increasingly inhospitable for the minority, the National Republican Senatorial Committee is attempting to overcome several built-in disadvantages while moving to maximize its limited opportunities. Roll Call: NRSC Searches for More Targets

REP. MILLER ON HIS SUPPORT ROLE TO PELOSI: “I’M JUST HAMBURGER HELPER”: It is sport on Capitol Hill to speculate as to whether Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.), Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s fellow California Democrat, longtime friend, political enforcer and ideological soul mate, is the true power in the House. The Hill: Rep. George Miller Says He is Just "Hamburger Helper"

MORE THAN $500,000 IN BONUSES PAID TO D.C. COUNCIL MEMBERS: D.C. Council members said yesterday they will further investigate a report on the more than $500,000 in questionable bonuses given last year and should attempt to recoup the money from those who received it in violation of city regulations. Washington Times: Council to Probe Bonuses in D.C.

MORE THAN 40 LAWMAKERS WHO VOTED TO CONDEMN MOVEON, ACCEPTED CONTRIBUTIONS: Forty-four congressional Democrats who voted to condemn MoveOn.org for its ad branding Army Gen. David Petraeus "General Betray Us" have accepted more than $3.9 million in contributions from the influential anti-war group and its members. Politico: Dems Who Condemned MoveOn Took Its Cash

WASHINGTON STATE'S "TOP TWO" PRIMARY SYSTEM GOES BEFORE THE SUPREME COURT: The Supreme Court convened its new term yesterday, and the justices immediately immersed themselves in the first of several election-law challenges the court has agreed to decide in the midst of the 2008 elections. Washington Post: State of Washington Defends Its Primaries Before Supreme Court

GIULIANI LINKED TO CALIFORNIA ELECTORAL COLLEGE REFORM: Democratic Party activists said Monday that they have filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission charging connections between backers of Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani and a GOP-supported ballot measure that could have changed California's winner-take-all electoral college system to benefit Republican candidates. San Francisco Chronicle:  Democrats Want Feds to Investigate Electoral College Ballot Effort

AFTER BACKLASH FROM RELIGIOUS RIGHT, RUDY CLAIMS HE CAN KEEP THE PARTY TOGETHER: Rudy Giuliani insisted yesterday he can unite the Republican Party as its standard-bearer for president, brushing aside threats from Christian right activists to run an independent candidate if the ex-mayor wins the nomination. New York Post: Giuliani Preaches GOP Unity

GIULIANI FINDS A FRIEND IN PHILLY CHEESE STEAK OWNER: It's easy to find cheese steaks in Philadelphia, but former Mayor Rudy Giuliani didn't hit just any sub shop when he reached the City of Brotherly Love yesterday. New York Sun: No Giuliani Beef at Philadelphia Cheese Steak Shop

A "SHIFT" IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY "BRAND": The Republican Party, known since the late 19th century as the party of business, is losing its lock on that title. WSJ: GOP Is Losing Grip on Core Business Vote

INDEPENDENTS VEERE TO THE LEFT IN THE GRANITE STATE: Dr. Sally Garhart Eneguess voted for Senator John McCain in 2000…In January, Dr. Eneguess said, she intends to vote for Senator Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential primary. Eneguess…is an independent voter, allowed under New Hampshire election law to choose which primary she would like to vote in, a decision she does not have to make until she walks into the voting booth. New York Times: Independents May Be Crucial in New Hampshire

OBAMA TO UNVEIL PLAN TO RID WORLD OF NUKES: Senator Barack Obama will propose on Tuesday setting a goal of eliminating all nuclear weapons in the world, saying the United States should greatly reduce its stockpiles to lower the threat of nuclear terrorism, aides say. New York Times: Obama to Urge Elimination of World's Nuclear Weapons

DESPITE RAISING SERIOUS CASH, OBAMA STILL LAGS BEHIND CLINTON IN NATIONAL POLLS: He is the phenom of the 2008 campaign, the most viable African-American contender for president in history and the most prodigious fundraiser of any candidate in either party this year. USA Today: Obama, With Money on His Side, Still Seeks Traction

FRED SAYS CONSERVATIVES CAN SUPPORT HIS STAND ON GAY-MARRIAGE: Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson said he's met frequently with influential social conservatives who are willing to accept his position on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage even though it doesn't go quite as far as they would like. AP via USA Today: Thompson Defends Gay-Marriage Stand

THOMPSON: “WE CAN’T FORGET THE FACT THAT ALTHOUGH AT A PARTICULAR POINT IN TIME WE NEVER FOUND ANY WMD DOWN THERE, HE CLEARLY HAD HAD WMD. HE CLEARLY HAD HAD THE BEGINNINGS OF A NUCLEAR PROGRAM”: Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson said Monday he was certain former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction prior to the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, a point of contention in the 41/2years since the war began. Des Moines Register: Thompson: Iraq Has WMDs Before US Invaded

HILLARY GRABS ANOTHER CALIFORNIA ENDORSEMENT: Hillary Clinton's endorsement bandwagon took on another passenger this afternoon–Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums. LA Times' Top of the Ticket: Another California Mayor Goes With Clinton

OBAMA STRATEGIST: "THE ROADSIDES OF IOWA AND NEW HAMPSHIRE ARE STREWN WITH THE SPENT POLITICAL CARCASSES OF SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER FRONT-RUNNERS": Pundits and politicos, right up to the president of the United States himself, have lately begun to promote the notion of Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York as the presumptive Democratic nominee for the White House next year. Chicago Tribune: Front-Runner Label Offers No Guarantee

CLINTON OFFERS APPOLOGY, AND EXPRESSES IMPORTANCE OF DEMS MAJORITY AT RALLY: Former president Bill Clinton said there was meaning in the fact that he arrived two hours late last night to support Niki Tsongas's tightening battle to keep her husband's old Congressional seat from Republican control. Boston Globe: Clinton Woos Supporters for Tsongas

MCCAIN AFTER THE SOPRANO'S VOTE: COULD Sen. John McCain pull "The Sopranos" vote? James Gandolfini and his girlfriend, Deborah Lin, were recently spotted at the Asiate restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental at Columbus Circle with the Republican presidential candidate, his wife, Cindy, and p.r. guru Laurance Gay, who set up the meeting. New York Post: McCain, "Tony" Break Bread ===============================================================

On the Political Radar:

Compiled by Lauren Kornreich
CNN Washington Bureau

* To mark the fifth anniversary of his speech opposing the Iraq war, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, delivers a major foreign policy speech at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois before traveling to Des Moines and Coralville, Iowa to echo his remarks about the war.

* Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson campaigns in Iowa, starting his day with a meet and greet at the Webster County Republican Party Headquarters in Fort Dodge. He then heads to Clinton for coffee at Sweetheart Bakery and another meet and greet in Coralville.

* Sen. John McCain delivers a speech to the Blue Ridge Electric Co-Op PAC Appreciation Dinner in Westminster, South Carolina.

* Gov. Bill Richardson, D-New Mexico, holds a meet and greet at the Historic Boulder Dam Hotel in Boulder, Nevada.

* The Senate Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

* The House Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

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CNN Political Ticker AM

Compiled by Lindsey Pope, Mark Preston and Lauren Kornreich
CNN Washington Bureau

Making News Today…

* Life is often judged in numerical terms. How old are you? What is your salary? How much do you weigh? How tall are you? In what zip code do you live?

In presidential politics, numbers are also a major measurement of a candidate’s strength. How much money has the candidate raised? How many times has the candidate visited Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina? How many offices has the candidate opened in an early primary state? How many endorsements has the candidate received? How many commercials has the candidate aired?

For the next few days, the only “How” the political world will be focusing on is “How much money the candidates have raised over the past three months.” Just hours ago, the third quarter fundraising period closed and we anxiously wait to see what each of the Democratic and Republican candidates will report.

Given the past two historic fundraising quarters, will expectations be high? Or will the media give candidates a pass seeing that the third quarter is historically a terrible time to raise money as families take vacations and then prepare their children for the new school year?

And will any of the candidates abandon their bids for the presidential nomination if they show a poor fundraising quarter? Make sure to bookmark http://www.cnn.com/ticker and check back throughout the day for the latest developments in the 2008 money chase.

* $ 30 million in 3 weeks. On second thought, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Georgia, has decided not to run for president.  Full Story 

* President Bush heads to Fort Myer this morning to attend the farewell ceremony for Gen. Peter Pace and the welcoming of Adm. Michael Mullen as the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. It is the only event on President Bush’s schedule. We expect the president to brandish his veto pen soon on the SCHIP legislation, but it likely won’t be in front of the cameras.

* And check out CNN Producer Peter Hamby’s must read on how the Web will play an important role in the battle for Virginia’s open Senate seat in 2008.  Full Story
Political Hot Topics
(Today's top political stories from news organizations across the country)

'08ERS DODGE SUMMER SLUMP: New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson announced last night he raised about $5.2 million over the past three months for his Democratic presidential bid, an amount his campaign said would keep him within reach of the front-runners for his party's nomination. How close he is to the others, though, remains unclear. Washington Post: Hints of Strong Fundraising Emerge

CHICAGO GROUP KEY TO THE OBAMA FUNDRAISING MACHINE: In 2000, after losing a Congressional race, Barack Obama was looking to revive his political fortunes. And he soon found a springboard — a group of black entrepreneurs also trying to break out. New York Times: Loyal Network Backs Obama After His Help

CLINTON REVES UP THIRD QUARTER CASH WITH TRIP TO CALIFORNIA: Norman Hsu could have been here on Sunday if he weren't otherwise occupied. While the wayward fundraiser was in a jail cell in Redwood City, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the main object of his largesse, was sopping up money from Northern California donors on the final day of the third quarter. LA Times: Bay Area Gives Clinton a Boost

COMMONGROUND FOR BILL CLINTON AND NEWT GINGRICH ON '08 FIELD: Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton couldn't agree on much when one dominated Congress and the other ran the White House. But on Sunday, they handicapped the 2008 presidential race the same way. USA Today: Gingrich, Clinton Agree On Leading Candidates

BILL TAKES ON OBAMA: Bill Clinton leapt to his wife’s defence yesterday after Barack Obama, her leading rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, said that she had the wrong kind of experience to lead America. The Times of London: Bill Clinton Wades in to Defend Hillary's Reputation

GOP USE "BETRAY US" AD IN FUNDRAISING: Capitol Hill Republicans are getting a much-needed fundraising boost from a newspaper advertisement in which the liberal group MoveOn.org accused Iraq war commander Gen. David H. Petraeus of lying, strategists say. Washington Times: MoveOn Ad Raises Cash for GOP

THE FORGOTTEN IOWA: People from all over southwest Iowa converged here recently for the town's 150th birthday festivities and Corning High School's homecoming. There was a parade, a hog roast and a football game…but no candidates showed up. No campaign workers were here distributing brochures, yard signs or buttons. USA Today: Candidates Pass Up Iowa's Littlest County

NEW IOWA POLL PUTS OBAMA AHEAD OF CLINTON, EDWARDS: Barack Obama's presidential campaign has been telling people not to pay too much attention to the polls lately, but now they're emailing all their supporters with news of the latest survey. Chicago Tribune's The Swamp: Obama Climbs in Iowa Polls 

GRANITE STATE VOTER ON MCCAIN: "YOU GET MORE OF A STRAIGHT ANSWER FROM HIM THAN YOU GET FROM OTHER POLITICIANS": Buoyed by polls showing a slight up tick, as well as fundraising he says is improving, Sen. John McCain set out Sunday to win New Hampshire votes with his trademark blunt talk. Quad City Times: McCain Pressing hard in New Hampshire

MCCAIN: "I JUST HAVE TO SAY IN ALL CANDOR THAT SINCE THIS NATION WAS FOUNDED PRIMARILY ON CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES…I PREFER SOMEONE WHO I KNOW WHO HAS A SOLID GROUNDING IN MY FAITH: Moving swiftly to stamp out a potential political firestorm, the campaign of Senator McCain is trying to clarify the Republican presidential candidate's statements that he would prefer a Christian president… New York Sun: McCain Campaign Clarifies "Christian Nation" Remarks

TANCREDO LINKS PRO-LIFE CAUSE TO IMMIGRATION IN NH DISCUSSION: A Republican Presidential aspirant and surrogates for several others took up the pro-life issue at the annual New Hampshire Right to Life meeting last night at the Manchester Country Club. New Hampshire Union-Leader: Right-to-Life Group Hears from GOP Candidates

CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES UNHAPPY WITH '08 POOL, SEARCH FOR THIRD PARTY PICK: Alarmed at the possibility that the Republican Party might pick Rudolph W. Giuliani as its presidential nominee despite his support for abortion rights, a coalition of influential Christian conservatives is threatening to back a third-party candidate. New York Times: Giuliani Inspires Threat of a Third-Party-Run

PELOSI URGES HOUSE TO MAKE PROGRESS ON IRAQ BILLS: Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) vowed late last week that the House will aggressively pursue legislation related to the Iraq War, regardless of whether such bills stand a chance in the Senate. Roll Call: Pelosi Vows to Push Iraq Bills

DOMESTIC ISSUES BACK ON TOP OF LAWMAKER'S PRIORITIES: Out of a political stalemate over Iraq, domestic policy is surging to prominence on Capitol Hill, with Republicans and Democrats preparing for a time-honored clash over health care, tax policy, the scope of government and its role in America's problems at home. Washington Post: Taxes, Health Lead Hill Agenda

REYES EARMARKS MAY HAVE TIES WITH BROTHER'S PAC: A new political action committee created by the brother of Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas) raised $50,000 this spring almost entirely from staff and clients of powerhouse lobbying shop PMA Group, and within weeks, those same donors reaped millions of dollars in earmarks from Reyes and other Members of Congress closely affiliated with PMA. Roll Call: Reyes PAC Gets PMA Cash

BUDGET CRISIS HALTS MICHIGAN GOVERNMENT: Michigan began to shut down much of its government early Monday after lawmakers failed to resolve a $1.75 billion budget deficit before the new fiscal year started. New York Times: Budget Impasse Forces Shutdown in Michigan

On the Political Radar:

* Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson meets with local residents at several stops in Iowa. He visits Newton, Marshalltown, Iowa Falls and Cedar Falls.

* Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-New York, discusses her urban agenda at Laney Community College in Oakland, California.

* Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani meets with local residents in Ocean View, New Jersey, before delivering a speech at a "Tribute to Heroes" event in Cape May. Later in the day, he heads to Geno's Steaks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

* Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney holds a media availability at the Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield, Missouri.

* Sen. Joe Biden, D-Delaware, gives a speech to York County Democrats in Rock Hill, South Carolina. In the afternoon, he holds a press conference at the South Carolina State House in Columbia.

* Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, will deliver what is being bill today as a “major speech” on the economy at Faneuil Hall in Boston.

* The Senate Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

* The House Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

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CNN Political Ticker AM

Compiled by Lindsey Pope, Mark Preston and Lauren Kornreich
CNN Washington Bureau

Making News Today…

* John Edwards issued the challenge, but will any of his rivals accept it? The former North Carolina senator told CNN Senior Political Correspondent Candy Crowley Thursday that he will accept public financing for his presidential campaign.   Full Story

Rival campaigns immediately suggested that Edwards was pulling a stunt to mask a poor fundraising quarter and pointed reporters to previous statements made by the senator and one of his top advisors on the issue. It was only nine months ago that Edwards told CNN’s Larry King he would follow Sen. Hillary Clinton’s lead and not pursue the public financing option.   Full Story

The rivals also pointed out that one of his top advisors, Joe Trippi, was quoted in a 2003 Washington Post story as saying that public financing was a losing strategy.

"This campaign believes that any Democratic campaign that opted into the matching-funds system has given up on the general election," Trippi, an advisor to then-presidential candidate Howard Dean told the newspaper. "There is absolutely no way you can sustain the hits that are going to come from now until August with a $45 million limit."

So what happened? Edwards said he was not trying to sound “holier than thou,” and acknowledged he at one time intended to skip public financing.

“I myself thought early in this campaign about the possibility of not taking public financing,” he said. “But when I see … Washington money, the way it is, and when I am on the campaign trail, I constantly hear from people outside of Washington how worried they are about the way the system is functioning.”

The third quarter fundraising period closes on Oct. 1, and we will soon find out how much Edwards has raised over the past three months. You can bet his critics are also waiting for that day.

* Meanwhile, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee seeks to brandish his foreign policy credentials today when he delivers a speech titled "Paths and Priorities in the War on Terror" at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

Political Hot Topics
(Today's top political stories from news organizations across the country)

HUCKABEE "EMBARASSED" BY GOP NO-SHOWS: Four empty lecterns. They loomed large over tonight’s Republican presidential debate at Morgan State University in Maryland, an historically black college, where four of the leading candidates for their party’s presidential nomination were nowhere to be found. New York Times: G.O.P. Candidates Criticize Absent Rivals

ROMNEY CAMP MEMO: “WE WILL NOT BE MEASURING OURSELVES THROUGH THE LENS OF NATIONAL POLLS AND WE DO NOT EXPECT TO BE COMPETITIVE IN THEM”: A strategy memo circulating among top advisers inside Mitt Romney’s campaign appears aimed at lowering certain expectations for the coming months, especially about his anemic national polling numbers, but still makes the argument that he is well-positioned to capture the Republican nomination. New York Times: Romney Memo Plays Down Polls

ARMY RECRUITERS SURRENDERED PENTAGON RULES FOR MCCAIN'S "NO SURRENDER" TOUR: Seven on-duty Army personnel participated in a campaign event for Senator John McCain earlier this month in Londonderry, New Hampshire, in an apparent violation of a Pentagon directive against partisan political activity, two military officials confirmed this week. Boston Globe: Military: Army Personnel Violated Pentagon Directive By Attending McCain Event 

MCCAIN'S SUBSTITUTE FOR THE UN: In a week in which the U.N. Security Council once again demonstrated its impotence by failing to halt the massacre of monks in Burma and the U.N. General Assembly became a pretext for a strutting performance by the Iranian president, Senator McCain refreshed his ideas for a more effective international body: what he calls "the League of Democracies." NY Sun: McCain Refreshes a Plan for League of Democracies

A "RESURRECTION" FOR MCCAIN: Days before hard financial numbers will deliver hard facts, increments of movement are suggesting to John McCain that he is on his way back to being a presidential contender. USA Today: For McCain, It's Make or Break Time

EDWARDS' IOWA BUSINESS TIES CAUSE SOME TO QUESTION POVERTY MESSAGE: A total of 107 Iowa homeowners were foreclosed upon by subprime mortgage companies owned by Fortress Investment Group while Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards was associated with the equity company, court records show. Des Moines Register: Iowans Affected by Lender Linked to Edwards

WAS EDWARDS "OUT OF TOUCH" AT MTV, MYSPACE FORUM?: Anybody who has ever wanted to tell politicians they were dodging a question – or that they had the wrong ideas or were out of touch – could do so in real time Thursday to former Democratic Sen. John Edwards, the digital guinea pig for a new type of interactive technology that could change how voters challenge politicians. San Francisco Chronicle: Edwards First Candidate To Gain Feedback Through Online Dialogue

THOMPSON STRUGGLES WITH HOME STATE CURRENT EVENTS: Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson said Thursday he was unaware that a federal judge had ruled last week that lethal injection procedures in his home state were unconstitutional. Quad City Times: Thompson Unaware of Death Penalty Cases

STYLE POINTS FOR THOMPSON, OBAMA: Fonzworth Bentley, the hip-hop artist, fashion designer and former personal assistant to Sean “Diddy” Combs, gave Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. Fred Thompson tied among presidential candidates, with 7 out of 10 swagger points. DC Examiner's Yeas and Nays: Style Pro: Obama, Thompson Tops in "Swagger" Primary

NIECE OF MLK TO STUMP FOR BROWNBACK: Dr. Alveda King, niece of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., will meet with supporters of Republican Sam Brownback at his Iowa headquarters Friday. Quad City Times: MLK Niece for Brownback

NEW HAMPSHIRE DEM PREDICTS A SURPRISE AT THE PRIMARY: The smooth road to the White House down which Hillary Clinton has sped so far threatens to become rocky in the Granite State of New Hampshire. The Times of London: New Hampshire Prepares a Rocky Ride for Clinton

"GQ TOLD ME THE CLINTONS WERE UNHAPPY AND THREATENED TO REVOKE ACCESS TO BILL CLINTON IF THE HILLARY STORY RAN": Two stories, both about politicians named Clinton, collided recently at one of the nation's most prominent magazines, raising questions about journalistic integrity and hardball political tactics. Washington Post: 2 Clintons, 2 Stories– But Just 1 to See Print

BILL A TARGET FOR HILLARY OPPONENTS: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination often deliver oblique criticisms of her role in the turbulent administration of her husband, labeling her a Washington insider and calling on voters to "turn the page" on an era of political polarization. LA Times: Clinton's Blessing is Her Curse

GINGRICH: “THE MOST SOBERING THING ABOUT WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW IS THAT THE MOST EFFECTIVE CANDIDATE IN THE RACE IS HILLARY CLINTON”: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), the leader of the 1994 Republican revolution said late Thursday that top Democratic White House candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) is the most “effective” candidate of the 2008 presidential race. The Hill: Gingrich: "Formidable" Clinton Most "Effective" Candidate

RELIGIOUS RIGHT SEARCHING FOR GOP CANDIDATE: Religious conservatives are at odds over which of the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination should get their backing. Washington Times: GOP's Crucial '08 Base Divided

REPUBLICAN BACKED CHALLEGE TO END CALIFORNIA'S WINNER-TAKE-ALL ELECTORATE SYSTEM IS DROPPED: A proposed California initiative campaign that could have helped Republicans hold on to the White House in 2008 was a shambles Thursday night, as two of its key consultants quit. LA Times: GOP Electoral Initiative Dealt major Blows

PARTISAN POLITICS ANGER TRENT LOTT: Republican Trent Lott, once the Senate majority leader, has harsh words about the way both parties are running the chamber these days. Bloomberg News: Lott Says, Democrats, Republicans Each Bear Blame for Gridlock 

SENATE DELAYS VOTE TO REQUIRE ELECTRONIC FILING OF CAMPAIGN FUNDS: In the final days before elections, out of nowhere some candidates get infusions of cash. They blast ads, tar their opponents and go on to win. Las Vegas Sun: Campaign Funding Watchdogs Suspicious as Ensign Steps In

FIRST REPORT ON CONTROVERSIAL HOUSE VOTE DRAWS "NO CONCLUSIONS": The select committee tasked with investigating an August voting snafu in the House issued its first report on the incident Thursday, using the document to outline the steps ahead in its investigation rather that offering any determinations in the partisan dispute. Roll Call: Select Panel Approves First Report on Controversial House Vote

FERRY TO NOWHERE: Sen. Ted Stevens, who championed $452 million in federal funding for Alaska's notorious "bridges to nowhere," has directed the Navy to build an experimental ferry it once rejected to serve a little-used port in a remote area of his home state. USA Today: How Ferry Project, Pushed by Sen. Stevens Floated

56 SHOOTINGS ON BLACKWATER'S WATCH: The State Department said Thursday that Blackwater USA security personnel had been involved in 56 shootings while guarding American diplomats in Iraq so far this year. It was the first time the Bush administration had made such data public. New York Times: State Dept. Tallies 56 Shootings Involving Blackwater on Diplomatic Guard Duty

BUSH V. CLINTON ON GLOBAL WARMING: George W Bush has staged his first major meeting on climate change in an attempt to persuade the world's most polluting powers to avoid another Kyoto-style agreement on cutting greenhouse gas emissions… By contrast, Bill Clinton, the former president, has been showered with praise during his Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York… The Daily Telegraph: George Bush's Climate Change Plan Draws Fire

On the Political Radar:

* Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, gives the keynote address at the 2007 Hispanic Business Expo and Economic Summit Luncheon at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan. Later in the afternoon, he holds a town hall meeting and press conference in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

* Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-New York, and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, address the Congressional Black Caucus at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

* In the morning, Obama gives the opening convocation address at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

* Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney travels to Salt Lake City, Utah, to deliver remarks to the Center for National Policy and hold a rally at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

* Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee delivers a speech on priorities for the war on terror at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. He then heads to New Hampshire to play bass guitar with a local rock band, Mama Kicks, at Whippersnapper's in Londonderry.

* Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards continues his Economic Fairness tour with town hall meetings in Littleton and Claremont, New Hampshire.

* Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani continues campaigning in California with meet and greets at the Original Pantry Café in Los Angeles and at Pacific Blues Café in Yountville.

* Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Connecticut, holds a "Community Kitchen Table" to discuss rural economic development at the Hanford Inn in Mason City, Iowa.

* Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson raises money in his home state and in Mississippi.

* New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson raises money in Florida.

* The Senate Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

* The House Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

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CNN Political Ticker

Compiled by Lindsey Pope, Mark Preston and Lauren Kornreich
CNN Washington Bureau

Making News Today…

* If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it does it make any sound? Last night, the sound of falling trees were heard throughout New Hampshire and the nation as the eight Democratic presidential candidates squared off in the third Democratic National Committee sanctioned debate at Dartmouth College in Hanover (See coverage below in Political Hot Topics).

Tonight, Republicans participate in the All-American Presidential Forums on PBS. But the entire field will not be on the stage in Baltimore, Maryland. The frontrunners: former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson and Arizona Sen. John McCain cited scheduling conflicts for their absences. Does it open a door for Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, California Rep. Duncan Hunter, former Amb. Alan Keyes, Texas Rep. Ron Paul and Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo? Will anyone hear trees following tonight in Baltimore and beyond? Full Story

* Former Sen. John Edwards, D-North Carolina, kicks off his Economic Fairness tour with concerts and speeches all across New Hampshire. Accompanied by the Bluegrass Brothers: Ralph Stanley II and former Rep. Ben "Cooter" Jones, the Democratic presidential hopeful will talk about his “Rural Recovery” agenda that his campaign says would help increase the standard of living for people living in rural areas around the nation. And Edwards joins CNN Senior Political Correspondent Candy Crowley aboard “CNN’s Election Express” as it rolls through the Granite State.

The former North Carolina senator also participates in a forum sponsored by MTV and MySpace at the University of New Hampshire.

* In a speech to the Hudson Institute in New York City, Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, will talk about his plans to deal with the war in Iraq and stability in the Middle East. McCain will also be critical of Columbia University for allowing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak on campus.

"I fear for our future when terrorist leaders are welcome at our most prestigious centers of learning, universities conceived to strengthen and nurture the ideals of Western liberal political thought, and young men and women who volunteered to risk their lives to defend those ideals are not," McCain will say, according to prepared remarks.

McCain’s campaign will also unveil details today of his first television commercial, which will debut in New Hampshire. Full Story

* Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani offered a sharp rebuke of Columbia University last night for having Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speak and said "the military option is definitely on the table" with Iran. Full Story

* And in case you missed it, CNN and WMUR released a new poll Wednesday afternoon that shows the race for the Republican nomination in New Hampshire is a dead heat. Full Story

Political Hot Topics
(Today's top political stories from news organizations across the country)

BLACKWATER QUICK TO FIRE: The American security contractor Blackwater USA has been involved in a far higher rate of shootings while guarding American diplomats in Iraq than other security firms providing similar services to the State Department, according to Bush administration officials and industry officials. New York Times: Shootings By Blackwater Exceed Other Firms in Iraq

IRAQ BILL “PROBABLY WON’T COME UP UNTIL JANUARY": House and Senate Democratic leaders insisted Wednesday that no final decision has been made on the timing of the next supplemental spending bill to fund the Iraq War, one day after Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told liberal lawmakers that the measure is not likely to reach the House floor until 2008. Roll Call: Iraq Cash in Limbo

VIOLENCE BREAKS OUT IN MYANMAR: Myanmar's ruling military junta has cleared thousands of anti-government protesters on the streets of Yangon, with reports that at least 100 monks were beaten and arrested by soldiers. CNN.com: Myanmar Junta Intensifies Crackdown

US REACHES OUT TO EUROPE TO GET TOUGH ON IRAN: A year and a half after President Bush told top aides that he feared he might be forced someday to choose between acquiescing to Iran’s nuclear ambitions and ordering military action, the struggle to find an effective alternative — sanctions with real bite — is entering a new phase. New York Times: Washington Sees An Opportunity on Iran

DIPLOMAT CALLS BUSH'S CLIMATE CONFERENCE A "SPOILER": President George Bush was yesterday criticized by diplomats for attempting to derail a UN initiative on climate change by pressing ahead with his own conference, which starts in Washington today. The Guardian: Diplomats Accuse Bush of Attempting to Derail UN Climate Conference

DEFENSE DEPARTMENT, THE ARMY AND VA BLAMED FOR "LACK OF URGENCY" AT WALER REED: More than half a year after disclosures of systemic problems at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other military hospitals, the Pentagon's promised fixes are threatened by staff shortages and uncertainty about how best to improve long-term care for wounded troops, according to a congressional report issued yesterday. Washington Post: Report Says Fixes Slow to Come at Walter Reed

PACE TACKLES GAY ISSUE AGAIN: Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, caused a stir at a Senate hearing Wednesday when he repeated his view that gay sex is immoral and should not be condoned by the military.
Pace, who retires next week, said he was seeking to clarify similar remarks he made in spring, which he said were misreported. USA Today: Pace Repeats Views on Gays

ANOTHER HISTORIAL ANALOGY FOR IRAQ: In his most detailed comments on the Iraq war, Mayor Bloomberg last night suggested the United States was in the same difficult position as the British in the Revolutionary War – facing a determined band of insurgents. New York Post: Mike: Iraq is Like 1776, Only This Time, "We're the British"

RELIGIOUS BOOKS BACK ON PRISON SHELVES: Facing pressure from religious groups, civil libertarians and members of Congress, the federal Bureau of Prisons has decided to return religious materials that had been purged from prison chapel libraries because they were not on the bureau’s lists of approved resources. New York Times: Prisons to Restore Purged Religious Books

NEW YORK TO ISSUE DRIVERS LICENSES TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS: Governor Spitzer's decision to allow illegal immigrants in New York to obtain driver's licenses is coming under increasing assault on several fronts. NY Sun: Spitzer Plan on Licenses Set Tumult

DEMS EAGER TO CASH IN ON EVERETT RETIREMENT: In the wake of Rep. Terry Everett’s (R-Ala.) announcement Wednesday that he will not seek re-election in 2008, national Democratic leaders and state party officials were quick to say that Republicans are wrong to assume the race to replace him won’t be competitive. Roll Call: Everett Retirement Buoys Democrats

MINNEAPOLIS NEWSPAPER OFFERS COLEMAN DISCOUNT NOT GIVEN TO FRANKEN: On Sunday, The New York Times said it erred in giving the liberal anti-war group a $77,508 price break… Now the Star Tribune, a Minneapolis newspaper, is refunding about $12,000 to Al Franken, a Minnesota Democratic Senate candidate, after undercharging Sen. Norm Coleman, for a full-page advertisement spawned by the one in the Times. USA Today: Newspaper Refunds Ad Money to Franken

BOEHNER: DEMS "TRADING EARMARKS FOR VOTES": House Republicans have launched a renewed effort to change the way Congress spends taxpayers' money. Our goal: Stop Congress from tucking members' pet spending projects into bills without public scrutiny and debate. Wall Street Journal: Pork Barrel Stonewall

HILLARY UNDER ATTACK IN NH DEBATE: The three leading Democratic presidential candidates refused on Wednesday night to promise that they would withdraw all American troops from Iraq by the end of their first term, saying in a televised debate here that they could not predict the future challenges in Iraq. New York Times: Candidates Hedge Bets on Iraq Withdrawal

FEW FIREWORKS IN HANOVER: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton found herself on the defensive here Wednesday night in a debate in which the Democratic presidential candidates clashed over withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq, the financial future of Social Security and Iran's nuclear threat. Washington Post: Democratic Rivals Press Clinton, Courteously

DEMS MAKE NO PROMISES ON IRAQ: All eight Democratic candidates for President took the stage at Dartmouth College last night for the sixth debate of the primary election season. New Hampshire Union-Leader: Democrats Start With Iraq

CLINTON CENTER OF CRITICISM: Democratic presidential candidates stepped up their criticism of rival Hillary Clinton at last night's debate at Dartmouth College in Hanover, an event that came as Clinton has solidified her lead in state and national opinion polls. Concord Monitor: Clinton Under Fire in Dem Debate

CLINTON ON TORTURE: "IT CANNOT BE AMERICAN POLICY, PERIOD": Sen. Hillary Clinton scored with a Democratic audience last night by contradicting her husband's belief that a terrorist could be tortured to foil an imminent plot – but what observers didn't know is she was contradicting herself, too. New York Daily News: Hillary Flip-Flops, Contradicts Bill & Herself

THE MONEY RACE FOR '08: Barack Obama went to Broadway. Hillary Rodham Clinton is raffling off the chance to spend time with former president Bill Clinton. Rudy Giuliani hosts house parties, and football legend Roger Staubach made a last-minute appeal for John McCain. USA Today: candidates Collect Cash Using Variety of Methods

WILL LAWMAKERS HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN THE SENATE AND THE WHITE HOUSE: With just four months to go until the first 2008 presidential balloting, the clock is quickly ticking on the political life of the second-tier White House candidates, and it appears that Congress will play host to the race’s first casualties. Roll Call: Clock is Ticking For '08 Hopefuls

OBAMA'S "FIRED UP! READY TO GO!": When Barack Obama wants to get a campaign crowd really fired up, he tells the story of a whistle-stop a few months back in this out-of-the-way town. Wall Street Journal: They Can't Get Enough of Obama in Greenwood, SC

FRED DISAPPOINTS RELIGIOUS CONSERVATIVES: Fred Thompson is failing to meet expectations that he would rally widespread support from Christian conservatives, and he almost certainly will not receive a joint endorsement from the loose coalition of "pro-family" organizations, according to leaders of the movement. Politico: Evangelicals Turn on Thompson

THOMPSON TO MEET DOBSON FACE-TO-FACE AT CONFERENCE: There comes a time in the campaign of every presidential candidate when he has to just hold his nose and stand someplace he’d rather not be. DC Examiner: Is Conservative Conference Enemy Territory for Fred?

TOP TIER GOP CANDIDATES FAIL TO ANSWER PBS QUESTION: A PBS video previewing the network's Republican presidential candidates forum, set to air tonight from a historically black university, asks, "Can the party of Abraham Lincoln win the hearts and minds of all Americans?" But none of the GOP's top White House contenders will show up to answer the question, each citing a scheduling conflict. LA Times: A Topic for GOP Candidates Forum: Don't Minorities Matter?

MITT TAPS INTO HIS BANK ACCOUNT FOR CAMPAIGN: Republican Mitt Romney, who once said donating to his presidential campaign would be a nightmare, told an audience Wednesday that the millions he is pouring into the race keep him free of special interests. AP via Boston Globe: Romney Says He May Donate More of Own Money to Campaign

GROUP FINED FOR "SOFT MONEY" HAS TIES TO HILLARY: Officials of a defunct pro-Democratic group that was hit with a near-record campaign-finance fine last month hold strong ties to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign, documents show. Washington Times: Fined Group Tied to Hillary

HILLARY GETS HER HOLLYWOOD ENDORSEMENT: Earlier this week, Washington's political elite took notice when Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh - the very definition of a moderate, heartland Democrat - endorsed Hillary Clinton's presidential bid. Now, she's scored a coup in Hollywood, earning the support of Rob Reiner, one of the entertainment community's quintessential liberal activists. LA Times' Top of the Ticket: Prominent Hollywood Figure to Back Clinton

JENNA SPEAKS OUT IN PEOPLE MAG: Curious to know how exactly Henry Hager proposed to First Daughter Jenna Bush? The latest People magazine, which hits newsstands this Friday, has the details. DC Examiner's Yeas and Nays: Jenna Bush "I've Grown in the Past Five Years"

On the Political Radar:

* PBS hosts a Republican debate tonight in Baltimore, Maryland, but four GOP candidates will not be on the stage. Participating: former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, California Rep. Duncan Hunter, and Amb. Alan Keyes.

* Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will be endorsed by former California Gov. Pete Wilson at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica, California. He meets with residents at Joe's Café in Santa Barbara and attends a fundraiser at Antelope Valley Fairgrounds in Lancaster, California.

* Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, delivers a major policy address on the war in Iraq and stability in the Middle East at the Hudson Institute in New York City.

* Former Sen. John Edwards, D-North Carolina, participates in a “Presidential Candidate Dialogue” sponsored by MySpace and MTV at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. Following this event, he kicks off his New Hampshire Economic Fairness tour with speeches and concerts in Durham, Conway and Berlin.

* After a live appearance on NBC's “The View,” Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, holds a rally in Washington Square Park in New York City.

* Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney meets with local voters at an IHOP Restaurant in Sacramento, California.

* New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson holds media availabilities in East Boston, Massachusetts and Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

* Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson raises money in his home state.

* Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will host the inaugural "Solutions Day" at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia.

* The Senate Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

* The House Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

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September 26th, 2007
06:18 AM ET
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CNN Political Ticker

Compiled by Lindsey Pope, Mark Preston and Lauren Kornreich
CNN Washington Bureau

Making News Today…

* All eight Democratic presidential candidates head to New Hampshire tonight for the third Democratic National Committee sanctioned debate of the 2008 primary season. With less than four months before the first votes are cast for president, the pressure is on all the other candidates to try and gain ground on Sen. Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. A new CNN/WMUR Poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire, released Tuesday afternoon, shows Clinton holding a solid lead in the Granite State.   Full Story

* Hours before the Democratic candidates take the stage at Dartmouth College in Hanover, CNN and WMUR will release a New Hampshire poll assessing the Republican field.

* Meanwhile, as foreign leaders converge on the Big Apple for the United Nations General Assembly meeting, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani holds a private meeting with Iraq President Jalal Talabani.

* Also in New York City, former President Bill Clinton hosts the third annual Clinton Global Initiative – a summit that will be attended by thousands of foreign leaders in politics, health and business. At the meeting, they will discuss education, energy and climate change, global health, and poverty alleviation around the world. Former Vice President Al Gore is scheduled to attend the summit.

Political Hot Topics
(Today's top political stories from news organizations across the country)

UAW ENDS STRIKE WITH GM: Negotiators from the United Auto Workers union and General Motors reached a tentative agreement on a deal early Wednesday to end a two day old strike by 73,000 workers, according to the union and the company. CNN.com: GM-UAW Reach Deal to End Strike

"THIS IS GOING TO HURT US BADLY. IT MAY BE WORSE THAN ABU GHRAIB, AND IT COMES AT A TIME WHEN WE'RE TRYING TO HAVE AN IMPACT FOR THE LONG TERM": A confrontation between the U.S. military and the State Department is unfolding over the involvement of Blackwater USA in the shooting deaths of Iraqi civilians in a Baghdad square Sept. 16, bringing to the surface long-simmering tensions between the military and private security companies in Iraq, according to U.S. military and government officials. Washington Post: Private Security Puts Diplomats, Military at Odds

WAXMAN SAYS RICE NOT COOPERATING WITH BLACKWATER INVESTIGATION: An ongoing battle between Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and a House committee investigating Iraqi government corruption and the activities of the Blackwater security firm erupted into another skirmish yesterday as Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) accused Rice of interfering with the committee's work and preventing administration and Blackwater officials from providing pertinent information. Washington Post: House Panel Says Rice Is Hindering Its Work

CONDI: "WHEN YOU HEAR PEOPLE SAY ... 'IF YOU KILL ONE OF THEM, THEY'LL JUST REPLACE HIM WITH ANOTHER LEADER,' REMEMBER THAT THAT'S LIKE SAYING, 'IF YOU TAKE OUT ROBERT E. LEE OR ULYSSES S. GRANT, WELL, THEY'LL JUST REPLACE THEM WITH ANOTHER LEADER": Gen. Ulysses Grant may be rolling in his tomb after Secretary of State Rice compared slain terror chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi to the Civil War hero – and his Confederate counterpart Robert E. Lee. Ny Daily News: Condi Rice Whistles "Dixie" With Qaeda Analogy

“THE TERRORIST GROUPS ARE JUST TRYING TO SAY TO THE WORLD THAT THE [PETRAEUS CROCKER]REPORT DID NOT REFLECT THE REALITY OF THE SECURITY SITUATION IN IRAQ”: Sunni Arab extremists have begun a systematic campaign to assassinate police chiefs, police officers, other Interior Ministry officials and tribal leaders throughout Iraq, staging at least 10 attacks in 48 hours. New York Times: Sunni Insurgents in New Campaign to Kill Officials

FBI TO MODEL COUNTERTERRORISM AFTER BRITAIN'S MI5: The FBI has begun the most comprehensive realignments of its counterterrorism division in six years so it can better detect the growing global collaborations by terrorists and dismantle larger terrorist enterprises, according to senior bureau officials. Washington Post: FBI Reorganizes Effort to Uncover Terror Groups’ Global Ties

BUSH PRONUNCIATION AID MISTAKENLY RELEASED BY WHITE HOUSE: George Bush gave a rare insight into his struggle with pronunciation yesterday when the White House mistakenly released an unedited script of his speech to the UN General Assembly. The Times of London: Mix-Up Reveals What President Bush Must Do When Words Fail Him

CONFERENCE COMMITTEE PUSHED ASSIDE BY "PING-PONGING": The Congressional conference committee, vaguely familiar to generations of Americans from their battered civics texts, is in danger of losing its prominent role in how a bill becomes law. New York Times: In Conference: Process Undone by Partisanship

GOP SENATOR BATTLES "DOUBLE BOOKING" BAN: The Senate Rules and Administration Committee is discussing ways to clarify a provision in the new ethics law that has effectively blocked Senators from booking seats on multiple flights home at one time, and at least one key GOP Senator says he is considering a legislative remedy for the massive travel headache. Roll Call: Senate Looks to Fix Travel Rule

TOWNS WITH NEW, STRICTER IMMIGRATION LAWS FEEL THE ECONOMIC PINCH: A little more than a year ago, the Township Committee in this faded factory town became the first municipality in New Jersey to enact legislation penalizing anyone who employed or rented to an illegal immigrant. Within months, hundreds, if not thousands, of recent immigrants from Brazil and other Latin American countries had fled. New York Times: Towns Rethink Laws Against Illegal Immigrants

BYRD GETS GENTLE JABS AT PORTRAIT CEREMONY: Only a guy like Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) gets the distinction of calling Old Bulls like Sens. John Warner (R-Va.) and Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) “young man.” Roll Call's Heard on the Hill: Byrd Gets Framed

MOVEON PAYS FULL PRICE FOR AD: MoveOn.org said yesterday that it paid The New York Times $77,508 after the newspaper revealed that its advertising department had undercharged the organization for an advertisement that ran two weeks ago and proved controversial. New York Times: MoveOn Pays The Times $77,508 for Ad Cost 

RELATIONS BETWEEN BOEHNER, NRCC BETTER, BUT STILL STRAINED: House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) and National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Cole (Okla.) used a closed-door meeting Tuesday to assure colleagues that the leadership is on the same page, despite recent internal tensions over the party’s 2008 campaign strategy and political operation. Roll Call: Leaders Seek to Mend NRCC Rift

CANDIDATES TO SPEND RECORD AMOUNTS ON POLITICAL ADS: Presidential candidates, the political parties and interest groups will spend at least twice as much as they did in 2003-04 on TV ads before nominees are chosen, campaign advertising experts say. USA Today: Political Ads Likely to Run Up $100 Million Tab

SHAHEEN TAKES CAMPAIGN TO THE STREETS FRIDAY: Former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen will make the first campaign appearance of her U.S. Senate race today and another on Friday night. New Hampshire Union-Leader: Shaheen Hits Campaign trail

RANGEL SAYS MURAL OF HIM WOULD SEND A "STRONG MESSAGE": Rep. Charles Rangel of Harlem may have to settle for a pricey portrait to mark his tenure as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, but he disclosed yesterday that he would have chosen a much bigger rendition of himself if he had his way. NY Sun: Forget a Portrait: Rangel Eyes a Mural

NELSON TO TAKE FL PRIMARY BATTLE TO COURT: Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) upped the ante in the battle over the Democratic presidential primary calendar on Tuesday, saying he is moving forward with legal action against his party to fight for the state’s right to hold a binding Jan. 29 primary. The Hill: Nelson Set to Sue DNC Over Florida’s Primary

DODD AT ODDS OVER CORPORATE CONTRIBUTIONS: Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, is facing a fight with corporate executives who have donated millions of dollars to his presidential campaign. The Hill: Contributors, Hopes for '08, Pull at Dodd

CANDIDATES COURTED BY HRC BENEFITED FROM HSU CASH: Disgraced fund-raiser Norman Hsu did a lot more than just pump $850,000 into Hillary Clinton's campaign bank account: He also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local, state, and federal candidates who have endorsed Clinton or whose support she courted. Boston Globe: Hsu Raised Big Bucks for Clinton Supporters

BILL'S BUSINESS DEALINGS COULD CAUSE PROBLEMS FOR HILLARY'S '08 RUN: For the past six years, the road to Bill Clinton has often run through Douglas Band, a 34-year-old former White House intern who has helped manage Mr. Clinton's time, accompanied him around the world and even fielded some of his calls. WSJ: How Bill Clinton’s Aide Facilitated A Messy Deal

HILLARY MAY HAVE TO BE ON THE DEFENSIVE IN THE GRANITE STATE: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) may be the envy of the 2008 Democratic presidential field when it comes to the polls, but at Wednesday’s debate in New Hampshire she likely will receive some of the less-welcome attention that comes with her status as the favorite. The Hill: Sen. Clinton in Crosshairs

ANTI-HILLARY GROUPS GROW ON FACEBOOK: As the new school year gets fully under way and presidential hopefuls work the young voter circuit via social networking websites, one online group — Facebook’s “Stop Hillary Clinton (One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary)” — is seriously outpacing its pro-candidate rivals in attracting new members. Politico: Anti-Hillary Facebook Site Tops Obama

NEW POLL DESCRIBES "SOBERING PICTURE" FOR DEMS: Rudy Giuliani, the Republican presidential candidate, would win in more than 30 marginal districts currently held by Democrats, a new poll says. The Daily Telegraph: Hillary Clinton "Could Cost Democrats Dear"

"WE HOPE TO BRING SOME FRESH AIR (TO THE CAMPAIGN)": Without a President or vice president to dominate the presidential nominating contest, a well-known Washington think tank hopes to foster substantive discussions on the significant issues facing the country, such as health care, energy, Iraq and tax policy. New Hampshire Union-Leader: Brookings Institute Sponsors Issues Forums; First One at St. A

BLACK VOTERS IN SOUTH CAROLINA TORN BETWEEN CLINTON, OBAMA: The packed late morning service had just concluded at Bible Way Church of Atlas Road, one of the largest black churches in South Carolina. As congregants streamed out of the vast air-conditioned sanctuary, a handful of women stopped to chat about an issue that is tearing them up: the Democratic presidential primary. LA Times: The Courtship if Black Voters in South Carolina

THE DELICATE FRIENDSHIP OF JESSE JACKSON AND BARACK OBAMA: Of all political marriages of convenience, the union of Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a fellow Chicagoan, is among the most freighted. The two men need each other's support, yet also need to keep their distance. Boston Globe: Allies' Approaches Differ on Race Issue 

IS BARACK THE "TRANSFORMATIVE" POLITICIAN HE SAYS HE IS?: Last week, I saw Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama give two speeches. The first was enthralling, the second disappointing. Washington Post: The Two Obamas

BIDEN, DODD CRITICAL OF RICHARDSON IRAQ PROMISE: Perhaps Bill Richardson is making some of the other Democratic candidates for president nervous. Chicago Tribune's The Swamp: Rivals Add Heat, Accuse Richardson of Fuzzy Math

SERVICE UNION DELAYS ENDORSEMENT: A politically potent union has decided not to take sides in the Democratic presidential battle, at least for now, even though many of its leaders support John Edwards’s presidential bid. New York Times: Union Declines Endorsement

RUDY GAINS KEY ALLY IN CALIFORNIA: Rudy Giuliani expects a plum endorsement this week from one of California's leading Republicans, former Gov. Pete Wilson. LA Times: Pete Wilson to Endorse Giuliani

OPINION: GIULIANI'S UNUSUAL CELL PHONE CALL: Most Americans understand it takes an extra chromosome to run for President, but there are some limits on odd behavior. Opinion Journal: Calling Rudy, For Mr. Giuliani Its' More Than His Wife That's On the Line

RON PAUL OPENS OFFICE IN IOWA: The campaign for Republican Ron Paul is working to translate his Internet support into organizational strength in Iowa. Quad City Times: Paul Gearing Up Iowa Organization

GOP CANDIDATES SPEAK OUT AGAINST TEHRAN: Fred Thompson yesterday called for the U.S. to use its influence to stop World Bank funding to Iran, becoming the latest 2008 Republican presidential candidate to address what may be the next president's major foreign-policy challenge. Washington Times: GOP Candidates Use Iran to Show Foreign Policy ===========================================================
On the Political Radar:

* All eight Democratic presidential candidates head to New Hampshire tonight for the third Democratic National Committee sanctioned debate of the 2008 primary season. The debate takes place at 9 p.m. ET and will be held at Dartmouth College.

* Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney hosts an "Ask Mitt Anything" town hall meeting at the Daugherty Sky Harbor in Long Beach, California.

* Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani meets with Iraq President Jalal Talabani at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. In the afternoon, he heads to New Jersey to deliver a speech to the Somerset County Republican Organization in Bridgewater and attend a house party in Watchtung.

* Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Connecticut, attends a pre-debate kickoff at his Upper Valley Regional Field Office in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. He goes to the debate site in the afternoon to meet with potential voters.

* Former President Bill Clinton hosts the third annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting with thousands of political, health and business leaders in New York City.

* The Senate Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

* The House Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

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September 25th, 2007
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CNN Political Ticker

Compiled by Lindsey Pope, Mark Preston and Lauren Kornreich
CNN Washington Bureau

Making News Today…

* The three leading Democratic presidential contenders head to Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s home turf Tuesday as they all court another wing of the all important union vote. Obama, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-New York, and former Sen. John Edwards, D-North Carolina, participate in the "American Dream Dialogue" hosted by “Change to Win.”

“Change to Win” is an umbrella organization comprised of seven unions representing six million workers.  The candidates will appear before 1,000 delegates and allies representing the unions.

On Monday, Clinton and Obama both unveiled competing union endorsements. The New York Democrat announced that the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers is supporting her, while the Correction Officers' Benevolent Association of New York City said it would stand behind Obama. Full story

* The three Democrats will not be the only presidential hopefuls in Illinois this day. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani drops in to announce a new endorsement for his Republican presidential bid.

* Meanwhile, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee turns to the Internet to mine for votes by continuing his “Vertical Day” on his campaign Web site. The GOP presidential candidate has been hosting online conversations with bloggers, posts videos of himself talking about issues and has supporters speak about why they are supporting his candidacy. "Vertical Day" link

* On the eve of the next Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson releases a new ad. Richardson, in an online video released yesterday, criticized his Democratic rivals for their positions on trying to end the Iraq war and said he is the only candidate that plans to bring the troops home.

"I believe we should bring all of the troops home with no residual forces left behind," Richardson said in the video. "This is critically important. This war is a quagmire, it is endless, and the time has come to bring the troops home."

* And what about the Hawkeye State? Expect a quiet week in Iowa – at least on the Democratic front – as none of the Democratic presidential candidates are scheduled to visit, according to Iowa Democratic Party Communications Director Carrie Giddins.

Giddins, who is on the speed dial of every political reporter covering the 2008 race, does note that Sen. Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle, will visit Muscatine and Davenport on Wednesday.

There are two reasons why the candidates are bypassing Iowa this week. The spotlight is on New Hampshire as the third Democratic National Committee sanctioned debate takes place Wednesday at Dartmouth and there are only a few precious days left to raise as much money as possible before the 3rd Quarter closes. Iowa is rich in influence, but not campaign cash.

Political Hot Topics
(Today's top political stories from news organizations across the country)

CONGRESS BATTLES BUSH ON SCHIP: President Bush and the Democratic-controlled Congress prepared Monday for a showdown over the future of health insurance for more than 10 million children. New York Times: Congress Set for Veto Fight on Child Healthcare

GOP SENATOR SAYS BUSH RATIONALLE ON CHILD HEALTHCARE "UNREALISTIC": A senior Senate Republican accused President Bush yesterday of holding a bipartisan expansion of the popular State Children's Health Insurance Program hostage to his broader policy goals of using tax deductions to help people afford private health insurance coverage. Washington Post: GOP Senator Says Bush Should Put Health Bill Before Policy Goal

PELOSI GOES TO THE MIDDLE IN SEARCH OF IRAQ POLICY: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) leadership team has charged a band of mostly centrist members with recommending a House Iraq strategy, pushing for the lower chamber to be the source of bipartisan action on the war. The Hill: Speaker Turns to Centrist

MINN. PROSECUTOR SLAMS CRAIG: Political calculations - not injustice - drove U.S. Sen. Larry Craig to move to withdraw his guilty plea for disorderly conduct in a men's room at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, according to a memo filed Monday in opposition to the senator's request. Minnesota Star Tribune: Publicity led Craig to withdraw plea, prosecutor says

EARMARK PROPOSAL WEAKENED: Republicans are decrying what they say are changes to newly enacted Senate earmark rules eliminating a ban on new earmarks being inserted into authorizing bills during conference. Roll Call: GOP: Earmark Rules Too Lax

WAXMAN ACCUSES BUSH ADMIN OF IMPROPER LOBBYING: A key congressional Democrat on Monday accused the White House of working behind the scenes "to stack the deck" against California's efforts to impose new restrictions on vehicle greenhouse-gas emissions. LA Times: Tactics Questioned in Emissions Lobbying

ETHICS OPINIONS FALL ALONG PARTY LINES: Despite recent incidents involving Republican politicians, Democrats in Washington have not seized the advantage on the issue of ethics. New York Times' The Caucus: The Ethics Issue 

REID REVEALS CONFIDANT TO REPORTERS: OK, so you have a deep, dark secret you’re just dying to get off your chest. And you’re in search of a discreet confidante who will take it to the grave. HOH suggests that, under no circumstances, you confide in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who all but gave up the identity of a confidential confessor during a very public press conference last week. Roll Call's Heard on the Hill: Reid's Loose Lips

MARINE FATHER JOINS CROWDED ILLINOIS GOP RACE: The Gurnee father of a Marine killed in Iraq is entering the Republican primary for the northwest suburban 8th Congressional District seat, making him the third GOP candidate seeking to challenge sophomore U.S. Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Ill.) in next year's election. Chicago Tribune: Slain Marine's Father Joins GOP Primary for 8th District

CANDIDATES USE CAUTION WITH DONORS: With five days until the end of third-quarter fundraising, Democratic presidential candidates are looking to avoid media maelstroms like the one Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) endured thanks to Norman Hsu, a lack of oversight and a mountain of checks. A key part of their strategy? Increasing background checks on donors. The Hill: As Deadline Looms, Clean Cash is King

REPORTER WITH ROMANTIC TIES TO LA MAYOR GETS NEW BEAT: Television newscaster Mirthala Salinas, who was suspended without pay for two months in August after her affair with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa became public, is scheduled to return to work Monday. But she won't be taking up her old job as a fill-in anchor on evening newscasts for KVEA-TV Channel 52. LA Times: Telemundo Reassigns Mayor's Girlfriend

"IN 2008, WE SEE THE RAINBOW OF AMERICA. WE SEE A SERIOUS AFRICAN AMERICAN CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT, A SERIOUS HISPANIC CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT AND YES, A PRETTY SERIOUS FEMALE CANDIDATE": Former President Clinton and other dignitaries at a gala Monday night for the nine black students who integrated Little Rock Central High School a half-century ago stressed the country's continuing need for better race relations. AP via USA Today: Pres. Clinton Appears at Arkansas Integration Gala

MCCAIN: "I'M HAVING FUN": Republican presidential candidate John McCain says he’s happy at the enthusiasm he’s been seeing at town-hall meetings and rallies in the early nominating states of New Hampshire and South Carolina-but Iowa, it appears, is another story. Chicago Tribune's The Swap: Upbeat in Iowa, N.H. "straight" About SC

GIULIANI: INSULT FOR INSULT AT COLUMBIA: Rudy Giuliani yesterday called Columbia University President Lee Bollinger's blistering pre-speech insult of Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad too little, too late. New York Post: Rudy Rips Insulting Invitation

BLOOMBERG AND GIULIANI AT ADDS OVER GUN SUIT: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg took a rare, veiled swipe at his predecessor yesterday, challenging Rudolph W. Giuliani’s assertion that a lawsuit Mr. Giuliani filed as mayor against gun manufacturers had changed so much that he may no longer support it. New York Times: Bloomberg Begs to Differ With Giuliani on Gun Suit

IMMIGRATION MOST IMPORTANT '08 ISSUE FOR TANCREDO: The most important domestic issue in the 2008 presidential election is not health care, education or the economy, but immigration, which has an impact on all of the other issues and is tied to the survival of the America nation, U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo said yesterday. New Hampshire Union-Leader: Tancredo: Immigration is Top Issue

DODD SPOKESPERSON GIVES CLINTON A BACKHANDED COMPLIMENT, SORT OF: The gloves are finally coming off in the Democratic race for the nomination. The not-so-subtle theme is that Clinton, the Democratic senator from New York, is unelectable – too polarizing to win over a majority of the nation’s voters. Chicago Tribune's The Swamp: Dodd camp Subtly Slaps Clinton

ELIZABETH EDWARDS SLAMS HILL AND BILL FOR 90'S HEALTHCARE: Hillary Clinton didn't just fail to get universal health care as First Lady, she and her husband, Bill, ditched it to stockpile political clout for other fights, Elizabeth Edwards told the Daily News. New York Daily News: Clintons Tanked ‘90s Health Plan for Clout

"IF YOU CAN'T GET YOUR LIPS OFF THE BACKSIDE OF GEORGE SOROS LONG ENOUGH TO USE THOSE LIPS TO SAY IT'S WRONG TO DECLARE A SITTING GENERAL ... GUILTY OF TREASON HOW WOULD YOU EVER EXPECT TO HAVE THE SUPPORT OF THE VERY MILITARY YOU MIGHT HAVE TO SEND INTO DEADLY BATTLE": Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee gets uncharacteristically angry when talking about Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's failure to condemn by name the billionaire backer of Moveon.org's attack on Gen. David H. Petraeus. Washington Times: Huckabee Hits Hillary on Ad

CLINTON CAMP GIVES GQ AN ULTIMATUM: Early this summer, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign for president learned that the men’s magazine GQ was working on a story the campaign was sure to hate: an account of infighting in Hillaryland. Politico: Clinton Campaign Kills Negative Story

OBAMA GETS HELPING HAND FROM INFLUENTIAL DEM: Former Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Gordon Fischer endorsed Barack Obama's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination on Monday, saying he has the best chance of winning the White House and changing the nation's direction. Quad City Times: Former Democratic Party Chair Backs Obama

MINNIE AIRPORT TOILET PAPER ON SALE ON EBAY: For those who balk at the prices for that fancy three-ply, lotion-infused toilet paper, here’s something even more exorbitant (though perhaps less absorbent): a 20-inch length of toilet paper selling on online auction site eBay for upward of 20 bucks. Roll all's Heard on the Hill: VIP TP ===========================================================
On the Political Radar:

* Trying to court union voters, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards participate in the "American Dream Dialogue" sponsored by “Change to Win” in Chicago, Illinois.

* After giving a speech in Chicago, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, heads to Portland, Maine for a "Countdown to Change" fundraiser.

* Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney visits Dewar's Candy Shop in Bakersfield, California.

* In the morning, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-New York, attends the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of Central High School's Integration in Little Rock, Arkansas.

* Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's campaign holds a press conference to announce an Illinois endorsement at his state headquarters in Lisle.

* Meanwhile, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee turns to the Internet to mine for votes by continuing his “Vertical Day” on his campaign Web site where he hosts online conversations with bloggers, posts videos of himself talking about issues and has supporters talk about why they are supporting his candidacy.

* The Senate Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

* The House Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

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September 24th, 2007
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CNN Political Ticker

Compiled by Lindsey Pope, Mark Preston and Lauren Kornreich
CNN Washington Bureau

Making News Today…

* The Florida Democratic Party dismissed a threat of losing all 210 of its delegates to the 2008 presidential nominating convention when it announced Sunday the state party will move forward with a Jan. 29 primary. The standoff between the Democratic National Committee, which prohibits all but four states from holding nominating contests before Feb. 5, and the state party is at the very least, embarrassing. But it could also have severe long term consequences if Sunshine State Democrats feel snubbed by their own party. Most of the Democratic presidential candidates have already pledged not to campaign in any state that violates the DNC’s nominating calendar. Expect these candidates, who rely on the state as a major source of campaign cash, to be pressured by influential Floridians urging them to ignore the pledge. Meanwhile, GOP candidates will continue to criss-cross the state in search of votes and cash. Even though the Republican National Committee also prohibits states from holding caucuses and primaries before Feb. 5, the Republican Party of Florida will only lose half of its delegates to the GOP’s nominating convention.  Full Story 

* Got a spare $77,083? MoveOn.org is wiring this amount to The New York Times today after the Times public editor on Sunday said his newspaper erred when it only charged the liberal advocacy organization $65,000 to run an ad critical of Gen. David Petraeus. MoveOn is now calling on former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to pay the same rate for his follow-up ad condemning them.   Full Story

* President Bush heads to the Big Apple today for the United Nations General Assembly meetings. Bush has a busy afternoon meeting with: the President and Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is now the representative of the Quartet seeking peace in the Middle East, and the President of Brazil before closing the night with a dinner on climate change. But before he leaves the White House, Bush makes a statement about the budget.

* Former Sen. John Edwards plans to announce a comprehensive strategy to combat HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and around the world at a health care forum today sponsored by Families USA and the Kaiser Family Foundation in Washington, D.C. Last week, the Democratic presidential hopeful said if the current administration doesn’t pass a universal health care plan, if he is elected president, he will submit legislation to end coverage for the president, members of Congress and all senior political appointees.

* And for you early risers, former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson is a guest on CNN Contributor Bill Bennett’s “Morning In America” radio program at 7:30 a.m. ET. Check here for a station in your area:  Full Story

Political Hot Topics
(Today's top political stories from news organizations across the country)

THE PENTAGON'S CLASSIFIED "BAIT" PROGRAM: A Pentagon group has encouraged some U.S. military snipers in Iraq to target suspected insurgents by scattering pieces of "bait," such as detonation cords, plastic explosives and ammunition, and then killing Iraqis who pick up the items, according to military court documents. Washington Post: U.S. Aims to Lure Insurgents with “Bait”

QUALITY, FREQUENCY OF AL QAEDA TAPES ON THE RISE: Seemingly untroubled by the worldwide search for Osama bin Laden and his allies, al Qaeda maintains a state-of-the-art multimedia production facility that is pumping out increasingly sophisticated audiotapes and videotapes at a rate of two or three a week. Washington Times: Al Qaeda Tapes Grow in Number, Expertise

MUKASEY ORDERED INDEFINITE DETENTION OF ARAB MEN AFTER 9/11: The 21-year-old Jordanian immigrant was in shackles when he was brought into the courtroom of Judge Michael B. Mukasey in Federal District Court in Manhattan…Before the hearing, Mr. Awadallah told his lawyer that he had been beaten in the federal detention center in Manhattan… but when his lawyer told this to Judge Mukasey, the judge seemed little concerned. New York Times: Post-9/11 Cases Fuel Criticism for Nominee

HAGEL ON GITMO: "THE REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS WON TWO ELECTIONS ON THE ISSUE OF FEAR AND TERRORISM…[IT'S] GOING TO TRY AGAIN": A lightning rod for international criticism, the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, not long ago appeared headed for closure. LA Times: Closing Guantanamo Lockup Looks increasingly Unlikely

DHS UNAWARE OF THREE MONTHS OF "CYBER INTRUSION": The FBI is investigating a major information technology firm with a $1.7 billion Department of Homeland Security contract after it allegedly failed to detect cyber break-ins traced to a Chinese-language Web site and then tried to cover up its deficiencies, according to congressional investigators. Washington Post: Contractor Blamed in DHS Breaches

AHMADINEJAD VISIT MAY COST COLUMBIA: As the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, prepares to address Columbia University today amid a storm of student protest, state and city lawmakers say they are considering withholding public funds from the school to protest its decision to invite the leader to campus. NY Sun: Legislatures May Act on Columbia

BUSH/ DEMS AT ODDS OVER BUDGET: With the new fiscal year just a week away, President Bush and the Democratic-controlled Congress are far from agreement on the proper level of spending for myriad federal programs, and the two sides have not even begun negotiations to resolve their differences. New York Times: Familiar Disagreements as Fiscal Deadlines Nears

"WHEN YOU RELY ON A FREE-MARKET HEALTH SYSTEM, AND YOU WANT EVERYONE TO PARTICIPATE, THE KEY ISSUE IS AFFORDABILITY": With his own party sidelined, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) is working with Democrats to produce a bill that would extend health insurance to everyone in the nation's largest state if voters approve new taxes to pay for it. Washington Post: California Closes In on Universal Health-Care Plan

ANTIWAR SHIRT STIRS FREEDOM OF SPEECH DEBATE: It took Dan Frazier a long time to figure out how to make a living… after years of drifting from job to job, Frazier turned to the Internet. The venture started out as a way to pay the rent, but it landed Frazier in the middle of a fight over what is free speech versus what is exploitation of the dead. LA Times: The Sting is in the Small Type

LEVIN FACES SENATE CHALLENGE: Next year's U.S. Senate race is looking like it could be a rematch between longtime Democratic incumbent Carl Levin and Republican Andrew "Rocky" Raczkowski. USA Today: Michigan Senate race May be a Rematch

ON-LINE DEBATE GETS 1.1 M HITS: An experimental online "mashup" - a build-your-own Democratic presidential debate - attracted more than 1 million viewers in the past 10 days, many of them young people drawn to the interactivity of the Internet. AP via NY Times: Internet Debate Attracts Over 1M Viewers

BUSH ON '08: "I TRULY THINK THE REPUBLICANS WILL HOLD THE WHITE HOUSE": President Bush, for the first time, is predicting that Hillary Rodham Clinton will defeat Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential primaries. DC Examiner: President Predicts GOP Will Keep Control of White House After "Tough Race" in 2008

CHENEY THE FLAVOR OF THE MONTH?: Dick Cheney doesn’t put much stock in the conventional wisdom that he is the most powerful vice president in American history. In fact, he jokes that he is more like “the flavor of the month.” DC Examiner's Yeas and Nays: Dick Cheney: Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone

GOP RACE STILL UP FOR GRABS IN IOWA: Some Iowa Republicans are still looking for their dream candidate. Des Moines Register: GOP Caucusgoers Split on Their Ideal candidate

CELLPHONES DON'T AFFECT POLLS: As more people give up their land lines in favor of cell phone service only, could there be an untapped population out there that the political pollsters aren't reaching? New Hampshire Union-Leader: Pollsters Don't Fear Missing Cell Users 

BOEHNER PUTS THE HEAT ON NRCC: Frustration among House Republicans over sluggish fundraising, staff strife and other internal operations at the National Republican Congressional Committee came to a head this month — with Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) demanding that changes be made. Roll Call: Cole Pressured on NRCC Staff

DODD SEEKS REDEMPTION FOR HIS DAD: On June 23, 1967, Senator Thomas J. Dodd, Democrat of Connecticut, was censured by the United States Senate for diverting $116,000 in campaign funds for his personal use. The vote was 92 to 5. New York Times: Dodd’s Campaign to Restore His Dads Reputation

FIREFIGHTERS TAKE OUT THE BOOT FOR DODD: The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) is broadening its political skills, adding fundraising to the list of gifts the union gives to the candidate it supports. The Hill: Firefighters making Money Push for Dodd

HILLARY'S MEDIA BLITZ: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared on all five talk shows yesterday morning and demonstrated a particularly senatorial skill: the art of the filibuster. Washington Post: Hitting All the Sunday Talk Shows, Clinton Says A Lot, But Reveals Little

HRC TARGETS "NICHES OF SOCIETY": Hillary Clinton glided through no less than five talk-show interviews yesterday with crisp performances that maintained her apparently stately – and centrist – course for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. The Times of London: Hillary Clinton Camp Urged to Think Small to attract "Hundreds of Americans"

BARACK'S LOBBYIST TIES: When Barack Obama and fellow state lawmakers in Illinois tried to expand healthcare coverage in 2003 with the "Health Care Justice Act," they drew fierce opposition from the insurance industry, which saw it as a back-handed attempt to impose a government-run system. Boston Globe: Obama's Lobbyist Relationships Questioned

“WHAT YOU ARE SEEING FIRSTHAND IS A DIFFERENT JOHN MCCAIN THAN YOU SAW A FEW MONTHS AGO — HE’S FOCUSED AND ENERGIZED": Having fallen from frontrunner status in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) has done more than simply reshuffle his campaign — he’s seemingly decided to put a new premium on being a U.S. Senator. Roll Call: McCain Again a Regular Senate Presence

ROMNEY TRIES TO FIND HIS PLACE IN THE MIDDLE: Mitt Romney: Opportunistic flip-flopper? Or the rare Republican who "gets it" at a time when his party is losing favor with the general public? Wall Street Journal: Romney Tries to Show Voters He "gets It" 

AS PROSECUTOR, MAYOR, RUDY DOWNPLAYED TERROR THREAT: As Rudolph W. Giuliani campaigns for president, he rarely misses a chance to warn about the threat from terrorists. "They hate you," he told a woman at an Atlanta college. They "want to kill us," he told guests at a Virginia luncheon. Washington Post: Giuliani's Rhetoric on terror Contrasts With His Record

GINGRICH: "AS PEOPLE HAVE GROWN MORE WORRIED ABOUT THE CLINTON MACHINE AND THE PROSPECT OF A SECOND CLINTON PRESIDENCY, MORE AND MORE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN APPROACHING ME ABOUT RUNNING": Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will begin next week to seek financial commitments from donors for a presidential-nomination bid, the Georgia Republican told The Washington Times yesterday. Washington Times: Gingrich Seeks Donors for GOP Bid

"CLIFF CLAVIN" TO HOST TOWN HALL EVENTS: During the 2008 presidential campaign, you can expect plenty of celebrities — the Streisands, Clooneys and Pat Boones of the world — to lend their voices to a candidate or political cause. But try this one on for size: Cliff Clavin. DC Examiner's Yeas and Nays: Cliff Clavin Joins Campaign ===========================================================
On the Political Radar:

* Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards participates in a health care forum sponsored by Families USA and the Federation of American Hospitals in Washington, DC.

* Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani delivers remarks at the National Troopers Coalition 2007 Fall Convention in South Portland, Maine.

* Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney hosts an "Ask Mitt Anything" Town Hall at David's Restaurant Banquet Center in Santa Clara, California.

* Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, fundraises in Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

* After holding an event at Santa Barbara City College in California, Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich is a guest on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

* Former President Bill Clinton chairs the "Little Rock Nine 50th Anniversary Celebration and Scholarship Awards Gala" to commemorate the Central High School's integration in Little Rock, Arkansas.

* New York Sen. Hillary announces an endorsement this afternoon in Washington, D.C.

* The Senate Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

* The House Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

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CNN Political Ticker AM

Compiled by Lindsey Pope, Lauren Kornreich, and Mark Preston
CNN Washington Bureau

Making News Today…

*A parade of presidential hopefuls will appear before the National Rifle Association’s “Celebration of American Values” conference today seeking to bond with and win over the nation’s gun rights advocates.

Not surprisingly, six of the seven White House candidates speaking to the organization – either in person or by taped address – are Republicans. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is the exception, but he won’t be the only Democrat to speak to the group. Michigan Rep. John Dingell and former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. will also deliver remarks.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is also scheduled to speak, and all ears will be perked to see if A) the Georgia Republican drops any further hints about his own potential White House bid; and B) if he directs any criticism at his own party. A safe bet is no on both options – it doesn’t seem like the right audience or venue – but with Gingrich you never know. Full Story

* Following the NRA conference, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani leaves D.C. and later in the day lands in Michigan for the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference – a must-stop-by for Republicans on the ’08 presidential tour. Giuliani shares the dinner dais with California Rep. Duncan Hunter, who also is scheduled to address the NRA earlier in the day, via videotape. Tomorrow, attendees of this GOP conference will also hear from former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, Arizona Sen. John McCain, Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Oh, and Gingrich will also be in Mackinac. (The same two questions about Gingrich’s address to the NRA also apply here.) Full Story

And if appearing in a Republican National Committee cartoon is a sign you have made it, well then Eli Pariser of MoveOn.org has arrived. Full Story

Political Hot Topics
(Today's top political stories from news organizations across the country)

U.S. "CORROBORATED" ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE ON SYRIA BOMBING: Israel's decision to attack Syria on Sept. 6, bombing a suspected nuclear site set up in apparent collaboration with North Korea, came after Israel shared intelligence with President Bush this summer indicating that North Korean nuclear personnel were in Syria, U.S. government sources said. Washington Post: Israel, U.S. Shared Data on Suspected Nuclear Site

IRAQ REPORT: BLACKWATER EMPLOYEES FIRED ON IRAQI'S IN THE THEIR CARS: Iraq’s Ministry of Interior has concluded that employees of a private American security firm fired an unprovoked barrage in the shooting last Sunday in which at least eight Iraqis were killed and is proposing a radical reshaping of the way American diplomats and contractors here are protected. New York Times: Guards’ Shots Not Provoked, Iraq Concludes

HEARING DETAILS INVESTIGATION INTO BID-RIGGING, BRIBERY AND KICKBACKS LINKED TO THE PENTAGON: Military officials said Thursday that contracts worth $6 billion to provide essential supplies to American troops in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan — including food, water and shelter — were under review by criminal investigators, double the amount the Pentagon had previously disclosed. New York Times: 46 Billion in Contracts Reviewed, Pentagon Says

"MAYBE YOU LIKED OUR GENERAL PETRAEUS AD. MAYBE YOU THOUGHT THE LANGUAGE WENT TOO FAR…BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE: THIS IS MUCH BIGGER THAN ONE AD.": A few weeks before Army Gen. David H. Petraeus's much-anticipated testimony on Iraq, the leadership of MoveOn.org, the Internet-based liberal group that has rallied its 3 million members around the country to oppose the war, decided on a change in strategy. Washington Post: MoveOn Unmoved By Furor Over Ad Targeting Petraeus

BUSH: "I’M THE C STUDENT": President Bush, voicing optimism for the American economy, declined to speculate today if a recession is coming. “I think I got a B in Econ 101,’’ the president said at a White House press conference this morning. Chicago Tribune's The Swamp: Bush, "I think I got a B in Eco 101"

VICENTE FOX CALLS BUSH "WINDSHIELD COWBOY" IN NEW BOOK: President Bush may like to be seen as a swaggering tough guy with a penchant for manly outdoor pursuits, but in a new book one of his closest allies has said he is afraid of horses. The Daily Telegraph: George Bush the Texan is "Scared of Horses"

REPUBLICANS DISAPPOINTED WITH BUSH'S OPPOSITION TO SCHIP EXPANSION: Republicans reacted angrily yesterday to President Bush's promise to veto a bill that would renew and expand the popular State Children's Health Insurance Program, raising the likelihood of significant GOP defections when the package comes to a vote next week. Washington Post: Veto Threat Angers Republicans

FBI TAPES SEN STEVENS' PHONE CALLS: The FBI, working with an Alaska oil contractor, secretly taped telephone calls with Sen. Ted Stevens as part of a public corruption sting, according to people close to the investigation. AP: FBI Recorded Stevens' Phone Calls With Oil Company Exec

GOPERS SEEK ETHICS INVESTIGATION OF REP. FILNER: Republicans are pointing to a 2003 altercation between Rep. Bob Filner (D-Calif.) and a government official as proof that the lawmaker’s August run-in with an airline worker is a pattern of behavior that the ethics committee should examine. The Hill: Lawmaker Had Run-In with INS Officials in '03

MUKASEY 18 YEAR TRACK RECORD: Judge Michael B. Mukasey clearly believed that the defendant did not have a case. He dismissed her assertion that the New York City Police Department fired her because she had accused a more senior officer of rape, without allowing a jury to hear the case. But a higher court disagreed and told the judge to hold a trial. Washington Post: Rulings by Mukasey Are Called Conservative, Fair

STANFORD PETITIONS AGAINST RUMSFELD: The appointment of Donald H. Rumsfeld, the former defense secretary, as a distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution is drawing fierce protests from faculty members and students at Stanford University and is threatening to rekindle tensions between the institution, a conservative research body, and the more liberal campus. New York Times: Rumsfeld as Fellow Draws a Protest at Stanford

SPITZER ADMIN CLEARED: Albany County District Attorney David Soares yesterday cleared the Spitzer administration of any wrongdoing in the dirty-tricks scandal. New York Post: 'Dirty Tricks' Probe Comes Up Clean

GIULIANI'S INFAMOUS 9/11 CONNECTION: That first tower toppled at 9:59 a.m., a billion pounds of steel and concrete and bodies raining down…Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani was two blocks from the south tower, in an office on Barclay Street, trying to get the vice president on the phone, when his world went dark with smoke. New York Times: In 9/11 Chaos, Giuliani Forged a Lasting Image

VILSACK ON GIULIANI: "I CAN'T EVEN GET INTO THE NUMBER OF MARRIAGES, (AND) THE RELATIONSHIP HE HAS WITH HIS CHILDREN": Tom Vilsack may no longer be governor of Iowa but the one-time presidential contender who is now a key player in Hillary Clinton's bid has stirred up some controversy over disparaging comments he made about another New Yorker who is running for president. Chicago Tribune's The Swamp: Vilsack Rude to Rudy?

DEMS FIGHT FOR GRAY VOTE IN FORUM: Most of the leading Democratic presidential candidates promised here Thursday to provide universal health care and save Medicare and Social Security, but they disagreed on which of them would be most qualified to do it. USA Today: Democratic Candidates Focus on Seniors at Iowa Forum

OBAMA AID STEPPING UP SUPPORT: A family friend and political confidante of Sen. Barack Obama says she is stepping up her longstanding commitment to the Illinois Democrat in his campaign for the White House this month. Chicago Tribune: Valerie Jarrett to Step Up Aid for Obama

OBAMA GETS PERSONAL IN NEW AD: Sen. Barack Obama is using an image of his deceased mother in a new campaign ad that seeks to make the case that he is the best qualified to bring change in the way the nation delivers health care. Chicago Tribune's The Swamp: Obama's Mother in New Ad

CLINTON NOT WORRIED THAT HSU CASE WILL HURT HER '08 RUN: Federal prosecutors have charged Democratic fund-raiser Norman Hsu with breaking campaign finance laws and creating a $60 million Ponzi scheme. CNN.com: Democratic Fundraiser HSU Charged

HRC: "HE'S LIKE A FORCE OF NATURE. ... I DON'T EVEN PRETEND TO BE THAT. THAT'S NOT WHO I AM": A second President Clinton might occupy a little less space than the first. Asked how her governing style might differ from her husband's, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton noted Wednesday that the former president has "a bigger-than-life presence." AP via Boston Globe: Sen. Clinton Bill and I are Different

MAGAZINE ASKS HIL: "HOW DO YOU RESPOND TO THE OCCASIONAL RUMOR THAT YOU'RE A LESBIAN?": Hillary Clinton officially declared she's not a lesbian – not that there's anything wrong with that. New York Daily News: Hillary Clinton: I'm Not a Lesbian

WELLER TO ANNOUNCE RETIREMENT FRIDAY: Rep. Jerry Weller (R-Ill.), who has had to fend off allegations in recent weeks about questionable Central American land deals, will announce Friday that he will not seek an eighth term in 2008, inside sources confirmed late Thursday. Roll Call: Weller Confirms Retirement

On the Political Radar:

* Most of the Republican presidential candidates, along with one lone Democratic White House hopeful - New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson - appear before the National Rifle Association's "Celebration of American Values" Conference” taking place in D.C.

* Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney meets with local residents in Savoy, Illinois and holds a media availability at the Chicago Club in Chicago.

* Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, heads to Ames to talk to students at Iowa State University about political activism. Later in the afternoon, he holds a "Senior Town Hall Meeting" to bring together senior citizens and high school seniors to discuss uniting America.

* Before addressing the NRA conference, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani delivers remarks to the Northern Virginia Technology Council at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, Virginia. In the evening, he addresses the Michigan Republican Party's biennial Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference in Lansing, Michigan.

* Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-California, joins Giuliani for a dinner speech at the Michigan Republican Party's biennial Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference in Lansing, Michigan.

* After delivering a speech at the Adventureland Inn in Altoona, Iowa, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards delivers what is being billed as a “major” education policy address at Brody Middle School in Des Moines. In the evening, Edwards holds a community meeting at Guthrie Center High School in Guthrie Center, Iowa.

* Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Connecticut, talks about his new book, "Letters From Nuremberg: My Father's Narrative of a Quest for Justice," and signs copies at the Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City, Iowa.

* Elizabeth Edwards attends house parties in Lee, Hookset and Epson, New Hampshire.

* The Senate Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

* The House Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery Daybook

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