January 19th, 2014
11:40 AM ET
10 months ago

U.S. lawmakers: Winter Olympics aren’t safe

Washington (CNN) - Members of both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees say they are extremely concerned about security surrounding next month’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he wouldn’t go to the games himself – “and I don't think I would send my family,” he told CNN’s State of the Union.


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October 17th, 2013
08:40 AM ET
12 months ago

Republican congressman: It was worth the fight

Washington (CNN) – Rep. Mick Mulvaney, a tea party firebrand, said Thursday the fight that led to a government shutdown was worth it, but he acknowledged the GOP's messaging wasn't as effective.

"Anytime you fight for something you really believe in and something you think is important, then the fight is going to be worth it," the South Carolina Republican said on CNN's "New Day."

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Bipartisan group of senators helped pave the way for a Senate deal
October 16th, 2013
06:45 PM ET
1 year ago

Bipartisan group of senators helped pave the way for a Senate deal

Washington (CNN) - Congressional approval ratings hovered at historic lows. Republican and Democrats hurled insults at each other and among themselves. The political circus in Washington even made its way to "Saturday Night Live: - in a sketch featuring Miley Cyrus, at that.

It seemed that nothing would break through the partisan stronghold that left Capitol Hill at a standstill in the weeks leading up to and during the partial government shutdown.

February 10th, 2013
11:08 AM ET
2 years ago

Gates: Drone program, while useful, would benefit from more oversight

Washington (CNN) - The number of innocent victims of drone strikes remains "extremely small" and doesn't outweigh the benefits of using drones to take out al Qaeda operatives, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates argued Sunday.

But the former Pentagon chief said a better system of checks and balances could be constructive when the unmanned aerial devices are used to target Americans, aligning himself with lawmakers concerned about unfettered power in the hands of the president.

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Angus King to caucus with Democrats
November 14th, 2012
09:26 AM ET
2 years ago

Angus King to caucus with Democrats

(CNN) - Maine's independent senator-elect announced Wednesday he would caucus with Democrats, giving the party a ten-vote advantage over Republicans in the upper chamber.

Angus King made the announcement Wednesday in the U.S. Capitol, where he and other newly elected senators and representatives are convening for a week of orientation. They will be officially sworn in as lawmakers in January.

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Angus King to announce caucus decision this week
November 13th, 2012
11:58 AM ET
2 years ago

Angus King to announce caucus decision this week

(CNN) – Senator-elect Angus King, who will represent Maine as an independent in the upper chamber, said Tuesday he had yet to make a decision on whether to caucus with Republicans or Democrats, but that he would make his choice in the next two days.

Members of both parties expect King to caucus with Democrats, though he has yet to publicly declare his intentions. He did not say during his campaign which party he would choose. The Senate's other independent member, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, caucuses with Democrats.

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