Sen. Vitter announces bid for Louisiana governor
January 21st, 2014
11:26 AM ET
10 months ago

Sen. Vitter announces bid for Louisiana governor

Updated 5:41 p.m. ET, 1/21/2014

(CNN) - Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana announced Tuesday that he's running for governor of his state in 2015.

"I believe that as our next governor, I can have a bigger impact addressing the unique challenges and opportunities we face in Louisiana," the two-term Republican lawmaker said in a video release by his campaign.


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David Vitter to decide on run for governor in Louisiana
December 4th, 2013
02:22 PM ET
12 months ago

David Vitter to decide on run for governor in Louisiana

(CNN) - Republican Sen. David Vitter is considering running for Louisiana governor in 2015, he said in an email to supporters Wednesday.

Vitter, a two-term U.S. senator who was first elected in 2004, said in the email that he and his family started the decision process last week over Thanksgiving and will continue to weigh his options through the coming holidays.

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Democrats backing off Vitter humiliation vote
September 17th, 2013
05:50 PM ET
1 year ago

Democrats backing off Vitter humiliation vote

Washington (CNN) - Democrats will probably not force votes on proposals meant to shine an unusually ugly spotlight on Louisiana GOP Sen. David Vitter's alleged past solicitation of prostitutes, a Senate Democratic aide acknowledged to CNN Tuesday.

Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, and other top Democrats have been considering holding the votes in response to Vitter's attempt to force a politically tough vote on whether to strip federal healthcare support from lawmakers and staff.


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Senators want to close online puppy loophole
February 28th, 2013
12:23 PM ET
2 years ago

Senators want to close online puppy loophole

(CNN) – Maybe Congress really is going to the dogs.

A bipartisan pair of senators re-introduced a bill Wednesday that would regulate the online sale of puppies.

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November 2nd, 2010
10:06 PM ET
4 years ago

In Louisiana: CNN projects Republican Sen. win

(CNN) - Republican incumbent Sen. David Vitter has won his bid for re-election to a second term as Louisiana senator, CNN projects, beating out conservative Democratic Rep. Charlie Melancon. Projections are based on CNN analysis of exit poll data.

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October 28th, 2010
04:28 PM ET
4 years ago

Prostitution scandal front and center

(CNN) – Republican Sen. David Vitter's indiscretions have been a frequently used advertising theme for his Democratic opponent, Rep. Charlie Melancon.

And a biting new ad released Thursday proved no exception.

"Our tax dollars pay David Vitter's salary and he used it for prostitutes," the narrator in the ad says. "In return we got a disgraced senator… The real sin is that David Vitter is still a senator."

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October 27th, 2010
08:12 AM ET
4 years ago

Senator poised to win re-election – despite 'sin'

Houma, Louisiana (CNN) - Politics in Louisiana is a notoriously scandalous profession. Governors, congressmen and judges have all fallen from grace, be it by voluntary resignation or by involuntary criminal conviction. So when a conservative Republican senator was linked to a prostitution ring, many thought he'd fall by the wayside like so many others before him.

Think again.

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October 6th, 2010
08:06 PM ET
4 years ago

Melancon ad highlights opposition to Democratic priorities

(CNN) – Rather than telling Louisiana voters what he stands for, Rep. Charlie Melancon is telling voters what he doesn't stand for.

The Democratic Senate candidate released a new TV ad Tuesday touting his opposition to Democratic priorities such as the so-called "cap and trade" energy bill and landmark health care reform.

" ... and I told President Obama his moratorium of off-shore drilling was a job-killer here in Louisiana, and I passed a bill through the House to end it."


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September 30th, 2010
08:00 AM ET
4 years ago

CNN 100: The winner of the run-off will likely win the election.

Editor's Note: In the final 100 days before Election Day, CNN has been profiling one race at random each day from among the nation's top 100 House races, which we've dubbed "The CNN 100."

Read the full list here . Today's featured district is:

Louisiana 03: Rep. Charlie Melancon is running for Senate and leaving behind an open seat.

Primary: August 28, 2010
Location: Houma and Thibodaux, the eye of the Katrina storm.
Days until the election: 33

This seat, which has opened up because three-term Democratic Rep. Charlie Melancon is challenging GOP Sen. David Vitter, looks like it is headed into the win column for the GOP. The twist here is that we won't know who the Republican candidate is until October 1, when the GOP holds a run-off between Iraq vet and businessman Jeff Landry and former state House speaker Hunt Downer.


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September 29th, 2010
03:28 PM ET
4 years ago

TRENDING: Vitter prostitution scandal highlighted in Louisiana race

(CNN) - Rep. Charlie Melancon, the Democratic Senate nominee in Louisiana, plans to run a two-minute television ad as early as Wednesday night addressing his GOP opponent's 2007 prostitution scandal, a spokesman for Melancon's campaign said.

The ad, an abridged version of a Melancon campaign film called "Forgotten Crimes," features an audio recording of a "French Quarter prostitute," who describes her experience with Sen. David Vitter.

"He went in, took a shower, spoke very little to me at first," she says. "He did his thing. He wasn't there 15, 20 minutes at that."


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