August 25th, 2014
08:53 AM ET
6 months ago

The “Inside Politics” Forecast: Will Eric Holder be leaving the Justice Department?

CNN's John King and other top political reporters empty out their notebooks each Sunday on “Inside Politics” to reveal five things that will be in the headlines in the days, weeks and months ahead.

WASHINGTON (CNN) – An exit strategy, proof of the Obama Midterm Drag, and insights into some of the most intriguing faces and races of 2014 and 2016 filled our weekly close-of-show trip around the Inside Politics table.


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Rand Paul and his Democratic buds
July 22nd, 2014
03:10 PM ET
7 months ago

Rand Paul and his Democratic buds

Washington (CNN) - Republican Sen. Rand Paul teamed up with a Democrat once again Tuesday in his effort to restore voting rights for convicted criminals who've served time in prison.

The Kentucky senator held a panel discussion on Capitol Hill with Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland, the latest high-profile Democrat publicly working with Paul to rally support around a policy or idea.


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May 25th, 2014
11:28 AM ET
9 months ago

Huntsman: Chinese hackers indictment a ‘symbolic’ move

(CNN) – Jon Huntsman, former U.S. ambassador to China, said the indictment alleging five members of the Chinese military hacked American businesses is a "symbolic" move by the United States and will do little to curb the intellectual property theft.

"This is symbolic," Huntsman said Sunday on ABC's "This Week."


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Obama calls for review of death penalty after botched killing
May 2nd, 2014
01:31 PM ET
10 months ago

Obama calls for review of death penalty after botched killing

Washington (CNN) – Calling a botched state killing in Oklahoma "deeply troubling," President Barack Obama said Friday the federal government would review death penalty procedures around the country.

Obama said he's asked Attorney General Eric Holder to conduct an analysis of how death row criminals are killed after an execution attempt in Oklahoma left an accused murderer writhing and convulsing following a lethal injection.


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April 13th, 2014
01:07 PM ET
11 months ago

GOP base includes racist 'elements,' congressman charges

(CNN) - Over 50 years after Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, the issue of race is back in the political headlines, after comments from Attorney General Eric Holder and events marking the anniversary of the law’s passage renewed the dialogue over race relations in the 21st century.

Rep. Steve Israel, D-New York, said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" that "not all" of his GOP colleagues are racist but "the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism."


April 8th, 2014
06:47 PM ET
11 months ago

Contempt and asparagus: Holder spars with Republicans

(CNN) - Contempt goes two ways between Attorney General Eric Holder and House Republicans.

Two years ago, House GOP members made Holder the first sitting Cabinet member to be sanctioned with Contempt of Congress, in a still ongoing dispute over documents related to a botched federal gun probe known as "Fast and Furious."


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February 27th, 2014
12:21 PM ET
12 months ago

Attorney General Eric Holder hospitalized

(CNN) – Attorney General Eric Holder was hospitalized Thursday after experiencing faintness and shortness of breath, the Justice Department said.

The hospitalization is a precautionary measure, and the attorney general is in "good condition," the department said.


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Holder says Congress should require companies to disclose data breaches
February 24th, 2014
06:26 AM ET
1 year ago

Holder says Congress should require companies to disclose data breaches

Washington (CNN) - Attorney General Eric Holder is calling on Congress to require companies to more quickly alert customers when their personal information is put at risk in cyberbreaches.

In a video message Monday, Holder says "a strong, national standard for quickly alerting consumers whose information may be compromised ... would empower the American people to protect themselves if they are at risk of identity theft. It would enable law enforcement to better investigate these crimes - and hold compromised entities accountable when they fail to keep sensitive information safe. "

Federal law currently doesn't offer any standard for companies to notify customers following breaches, though some states have notification laws. Many companies are wary that public notification will hurt their business.


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February 21st, 2014
06:10 AM ET
1 year ago

Eric Holder becomes an activist attorney general

(CNN) – Attorney General Eric Holder is spending his remaining time in office as an activist for civil rights and social justice issues, ranging from gay rights to changing sentencing laws for non-violent crimes.

If all goes as planned, it could help change his legacy.


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Rand Paul breaks bread with Holder after suing Obama administration
February 12th, 2014
06:55 PM ET
1 year ago

Rand Paul breaks bread with Holder after suing Obama administration

(CNN) - After suing President Barack Obama over government surveillance on Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul had lunch with Attorney General Eric Holder.

The Kentucky Republican and the nation’s top law enforcement officer discussed shared support for reforms to the criminal justice system, according to a Justice Department official.


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