July 18th, 2009
01:07 PM ET
9 years ago

White House, GOP face off on health care as deadline looms

WASHINGTON (CNN) - With the White House deadline for congressional passage of his health care agenda just weeks away, President Obama and the GOP faced off on the issue Saturday.

High-profile White House events this week made the hard sell for the plan currently being considered by Congress. On Friday, a bipartisan group of half a dozen senators asked the president to slow the pace, and relax the summer timeline he’s given Congress to act.

In his radio and Web address broadcast Saturday - titled "Health Care Reform Cannot Wait" - Obama resisted that effort, and shot back at critics of his plan.

“We know the same special interests and their agents in Congress will make the same old arguments, and use the same scare tactics that have stopped reform before because they profit from this relentless escalation in health care costs,” said the president. “And I know that once you’ve seen enough ads and heard enough people yelling on TV, you might begin to wonder whether there’s a grain of truth to what they’re saying. So let me take a moment to answer a few of their arguments.”


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July 18th, 2009
09:39 AM ET
9 years ago

Kyl: 'These are not the right steps' for reform

Full text of the GOP's weekly radio address Saturday, as released by the Republican National Committee:



“Hello. I’m Senate Republican Whip Jon Kyl, of Arizona.

“Republicans believe all Americans should have access to quality health care and that we must find ways to reduce health care costs.

“The debate in Washington is about how we can achieve these goals.

“Republicans have put forward common-sense ideas, including rooting out Medicare and Medicaid fraud, reforming medical liability laws to discourage frivolous lawsuits, strengthening wellness and prevention programs that encourage healthy living, and allowing small businesses to band together and purchase health insurance like large corporations do.

“These changes do not require government takeover of the healthcare system, or massive new spending, job-killing taxes, or rationing of care.


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July 13th, 2009
11:15 AM ET
9 years ago

Kyl raises past Sotomayor statements

Kyl raised issues with past Sotomayor statements.

Kyl raised issues with past Sotomayor statements.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Arizona GOP Sen. Jon Kyl said Monday that while Judge Sonia Sotomayor's "background creates a prima facie case for confirmation," many of her past statements regarding the role of race and gender in judicial decision-making have raised serious questions about her suitability for the high court.

Among other things, Kyl cited Sotomayor's oft-cited comment that a wise Latina woman should be able to reach a better ruling than a white man.

Every person should have emphathy, Kyl also argued, but it is problematic when empathy becomes the key "ingredient" in reaching decisions.


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July 9th, 2009
05:46 PM ET
9 years ago

DNC blasts Kyl in new web video

WASHINGTON (CNN) - The Democratic National Committee released a new Web video Thursday criticizing Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Arizona, for saying in a statement Monday that he wants to "cancel the rest of the stimulus spending."

The video accused the three-term Republican senator of being "just another member of the 'Party of No.'" It features a number of projects in Arizona funded by President Obama's $787 billion stimulus package.

Earlier in the day, the Republican National Committee released its own Web video blasting Obama for the stimulus package.

Full script after the jump


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