Women building: GOP-led House to vote on women's museum
May 7th, 2014
08:48 AM ET
9 months ago

Women building: GOP-led House to vote on women's museum

Washington (CNN) – The election-year attention on women lands directly on the House floor Wednesday, after Republican leaders decided to allow a vote on a National Women's History Museum, changing their approach to the issue.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Democrat of New York, has pushed the idea of a national women's museum for over 17 years. Her bill to trigger the first step, a museum commission, has passed the House and Senate before, but during separate sessions of Congress. In each case a Democratic majority in one chamber approved the museum commission but Republicans in the other blocked it.

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April 13th, 2014
01:43 PM ET
10 months ago

Sebelius’ resignation and the politics of Obamacare

(CNN) – Kathleen Sebelius, the outgoing health and human services secretary, said the decision to step down from her post was hers - not the Obama administration's.

After seeing Obamacare through its botched rollout and the eight-week fix period, and past the 7 million sign-up goal after the open enrollment deadline, Sebelius announced last week she would step down, saying Sunday it was a "logical time to leave."


Obama administration vows more action on climate change sparking debate
President Obama walks with California Governor Jerry Brown, Joe and Maria Del Bosque of Empresas Del Bosque farm, addressing California's drought situation
February 16th, 2014
02:44 PM ET
12 months ago

Obama administration vows more action on climate change sparking debate

(CNN) - Following President Barack Obama’s announcement of $1 billion in new funding to help prepare for the effects of climate change, Secretary of State John Kerry promised his own actions as part of the administration's push in a keynote speech in Indonesia, warning that climate change will also threaten the world economy.

But the consensus is still split on the merits of climate change among lawmakers.


House Republicans: Senate is running out the clock
September 29th, 2013
05:02 PM ET
1 year ago

House Republicans: Senate is running out the clock

Washington (CNN) – A group of House conservatives gathered Sunday on the Senate side of Capitol Hill to call their Senate colleagues back to work as the government continues to creep toward a government shutdown.

"This is the old football strategy," Rep. Tim Griffin of Arkansas said at the news conference, holding a football. "When you get to where you want to be in a football game, you run out the clock."

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January 28th, 2013
09:15 PM ET
2 years ago

Skeptical congresswoman challenges Obama to skeet shooting match

(CNN) - It's about time for some bipartisan...skeet shooting?

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tennessee, joined a chorus of skeptics who questioned President Barack Obama's recent comments about his hobby of skeet shooting, a sport where participants fire shotguns to break airborne clay disks.

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GOP lawmakers debate politics of raising top tax rates
December 9th, 2012
11:04 AM ET
2 years ago

GOP lawmakers debate politics of raising top tax rates

(CNN) – Divergent Republican views on raising tax rates for the wealthy were on display Sunday, as time grew shorter for reaching a deal to avoid fiscal crisis at the end of the year.

Reps. Marsha Blackburn and Tom Cole both said on CNN's "State of the Union" they didn't want to see rates increase for top-earning Americans, which President Barack Obama has said must be included in a deal to cut the nation's federal deficit. But the two disagreed on whether it was politically wise for Republicans to steadfastly oppose those tax hikes on the top 2% of American incomes.

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September 26th, 2010
12:52 PM ET
4 years ago

'Pledge to America' is first step, says Republican lawmaker

Washington (CNN) - Republicans' "Pledge to America" plan released last week is the first step in starting a national dialogue, a Republican congresswoman told CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley on Sunday, when asked why the 21-page manifesto lacked specifics.

"This isn't the Republican platform," Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers said on CNN's State of the Union. "This isn't everything the Republicans want to accomplish. These are the first steps, these are priority issues that we believe need to be addressed today."

Republicans have learned from their losses in recent years and have redoubled efforts to listen to voters, Rodgers said, adding that the GOP's new proposals reflect a change in the party.