August 24th, 2010
08:41 PM ET
8 years ago

Arizona Senate: There's a Democratic race too

Phoenix, Arizona (CNN) - There's been so much coverage of the heated Arizona Senate race between Republican Senator John McCain and Republican challenger J.D. Hayworth, you might think the race ends with the primary today. Or as Arizona Democratic candidate Randy Parraz asked CNN, "Do you guys know there's a Democratic race in Arizona today too?"

Parraz is one of four Democrats vying for a spot on the November ticket. A community organizer, Parraz is the only Latino in the race and he's gained buzz lately, particularly among the online progressive community. He jumped into the contest largely in response to Arizona's controversial anti-illegal immigration law: SB1070.

Parraz tells CNN, "SB1070 and the right wing's infatuation with border security and deporting immigrants hasn't solved our problems, in fact that's made things worse. I'm interested in moving the state in the right direction when it comes to job creation, education and renewable energy."

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