July 30th, 2014
01:20 PM ET
2 days ago

Obama lambasts Republicans for ‘hatin’ all the time’

Updated 1:31 p.m. ET, 7/30/2014

Kansas City, Missouri (CNN) – Days before Congress' summer break begins, President Barack Obama used a Wednesday morning speech here to lambast Republicans who are preparing to sue him rather than take action on some of his agenda items.

“Stop being mad all the time,” Obama chided Republicans during rowdy, campaign-style remarks. “Stop just hatin’ all the time.”

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Acknowledging global unrest, Obama forges ahead with fundraising swing
July 23rd, 2014
01:11 AM ET
1 week ago

Acknowledging global unrest, Obama forges ahead with fundraising swing


SEATTLE (CNN) - As President Barack Obama helped Democrats bank millions in campaign cash on Tuesday, he acknowledged his administration is confronting "some big overseas challenges" in the Middle East, Ukraine and elsewhere.

Speaking at a fundraiser in a wealthy enclave of Seattle, Obama said there is a sense among Americans "that around the world the old order isn't holding and we're not quite where we need to be in terms of a new order that's based on a different set of principles."

Overseas, Israel continues its ground invasion of Gaza and investigators continue to probe the downing of a Malaysia Air jetliner over Ukraine. Some Republicans and pundits have chastised Obama for maintaining his three-day fundraising swing on the West Coast, though his aides argue the President can do his job from anywhere.


Would there have been fewer troops in Iraq if McCain won the presidency in 2000?
July 18th, 2014
03:30 AM ET
2 weeks ago

Would there have been fewer troops in Iraq if McCain won the presidency in 2000?

CNN and National Journal joined forces Thursday to explore the 2014 midterm elections at the first "Politics on Tap" event in Washington D.C. Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, joined CNN’s Jake Tapper, Brianna Keilar and Peter Hamby, as well as National Journal’s Ron Fournier, and Michelle Cottle for the private gathering. Check out some of the best highlights from the event on our Storify page.

(CNN) – It’s hard to imagine that one of the most vocal supporters of sending troops to Iraq during the 2007 surge, now says that in hindsight, he would’ve acted differently if he were in charge.

Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, said that had he won the presidential election in 2000, he would’ve been more hesitant about sending troops to Iraq.

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July 15th, 2014
10:19 AM ET
2 weeks ago

Poll: Most give Obama, GOP in Congress, thumbs down on border crisis

Washington (CNN) - It's one of the hottest national debates this summer: What to do about the influx of unaccompanied and undocumented children from Central America who are crossing from Mexico into the U.S.

A new national poll indicates that a majority of Americans approve of President Barack Obama's short term remedy, but most give the President and his GOP critics in Congress a thumbs down on how they're handling the crisis along the country's southern border.


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Chris Christie: The $60 million man
July 10th, 2014
12:08 AM ET
3 weeks ago

Chris Christie: The $60 million man

Updated at 9:15am ET

Washington (CNN) – It appears the George Washington Bridge controversy New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's dealing with this year back in the Garden State hasn't affected his standing as one of the GOP's most potent fundraising rainmakers.

The Republican Governors Association announced Thursday that it's raised $60 million since Christie was elected chairman of the organization last November.


Hillary Clinton downplays controversy around Bergdahl's release
June 3rd, 2014
02:14 AM ET
2 months ago

Hillary Clinton downplays controversy around Bergdahl's release

(CNN) – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday called the United States' "tradition" of not leaving soldiers in captivity a "noble" one in what amounted to a measured defense of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's controversial release.

Clinton was headlining an event in suburban Denver when she was asked whether she would have traded five terrorists for Bergdahl, the American soldier whose release in Afghanistan after five years of captivity has sparked controversy.

She downplayed the criticism surrounding his release and noted some of the benefits his expected return brings the United States.


June 2nd, 2014
01:14 PM ET
2 months ago

What's behind stepped up GOP attacks on Clinton

Washington (CNN) - The 2016 presidential election's some 2 1/2 years away. Even the unofficial start of the next race for the White House is still five months away. Yet Hillary Clinton has been, and remains, the object of Republicans' obsession.

Much of their criticism of the former secretary of state focuses on the September 11, 2012, attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which left U.S. ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead. The incident - the first time a U.S. ambassador had been killed on duty in more than 30 years - happened during Clinton's watch as America's top diplomat.


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White House, Republicans push opposing economic agendas in weekly addresses
April 5th, 2014
12:23 PM ET
4 months ago

White House, Republicans push opposing economic agendas in weekly addresses

(CNN) - In their weekly addresses, the White House and the Republican Party described different visions for how to fix an economy that still struggles to show consistent growth.

Friday's monthly jobs report showed the economy picking up slightly after a lull over the winter, but signaled that a healthy jobs market is still years away.

President Obama, in his weekly address from the White House, pushed for job creation and training, access to education and raising the minimum wage, while Sen. Tim Scott, R-South Carolina, in the GOP's weekly address, blamed Democrats for an approach that he says throws "billions of dollars each year" at problems in the job market without making fundamental improvements.

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Condoleezza Rice kicks off California Republican convention, calls for strong U.S. leadership in Ukraine
March 15th, 2014
08:20 PM ET
5 months ago

Condoleezza Rice kicks off California Republican convention, calls for strong U.S. leadership in Ukraine

(CNN) – Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke at the annual California Republicans convention Saturday as the party faces an uphill battle in a state that has turned more and more blue.

Some speculated Rice would run in the Republican presidential primaries in 2008, but she wasn't interested. She left George W. Bush's White House in 2009 and returned to Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, as a political science professor.

As a featured speaker at the California Republican Party luncheon in Burlingame, Rice touched on many issues central to the Republican’s party’s future – from economic inequality and education, to foreign policy and military strength.

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Poll: Record percentage of Americans say they're independents
January 8th, 2014
11:00 AM ET
7 months ago

Poll: Record percentage of Americans say they're independents

(CNN) - The percentage of Americans who identify themselves as political independents is at an all-time high and the number who identify as Republicans is at an all-time low, according to new numbers by Gallup.

Forty-two percent of Americans identified themselves as independents last year, the highest level Gallup's measured since it switched from in-person to telephone interviews a quarter century ago.



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