March 14th, 2014
02:07 PM ET
1 year ago

An Ode to Dr. Seuss (and the politicians who misuse his work)

We do not like Seuss filibusters.

Such lengthy speeches are full of bluster.

We do not like them in the House.

We do not like them from Todd Palin’s spouse.

We do not like them here or there.

We do not like them anywhere.


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Palin endorses (Todd, that is)
January 9th, 2012
02:19 PM ET
3 years ago

Palin endorses (Todd, that is)

(CNN) – Newt Gingrich announced Monday he received the backing of Todd Palin, husband of former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

At an early afternoon Rotary Club meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire, Gingrich said he just learned of the developments.

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Palin threatens lawsuit over book
September 27th, 2011
12:16 AM ET
4 years ago

Palin threatens lawsuit over book

(CNN) - One week after the release of a controversial book on Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor threatened to sue the book's author for including what her lawyer called a "series of lies and rumors presented as fact."

The book, "The Rogue," by Joe McGinniss, has received widespread attention since McGinniss moved in next door to Palin to begin writing in 2010.

Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House and publisher of the book, stood by the title and McGinniss.

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New book on Palin blasted as 'lies'
September 15th, 2011
01:17 PM ET
4 years ago

New book on Palin blasted as 'lies'

Washington (CNN) - Todd Palin released a scathing statement late Wednesday about author Joe McGinniss, whose new book about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has grabbed internet and tabloid headlines, as well as received harsh criticism from The New York Times.

In a statement distributed to members of the media, Palin's husband said the book "is full of disgusting lies, innuendo and smears."

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Todd Palin on possible 2012 campaign: 'This family has been tested'
Sarah Palin and family attended the Rolling Thunder Memorial Day motorcyle ride at the Pentagon Sunday.
May 31st, 2011
11:46 AM ET
4 years ago

Todd Palin on possible 2012 campaign: 'This family has been tested'

Dillsburg, Pennsylvania (CNN) - Todd Palin told a handful of reporters Tuesday that his wife will decide on her own whether or not to seek the presidency. He is not pushing her one way or the other, he said.

But he emphasized that if the former Alaska governor does choose to embark on another national campaign, he and their children will be ready.

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Political Circus: Todd Palin on 'Dancing with the Stars'?
December 2nd, 2010
01:34 PM ET
4 years ago

Political Circus: Todd Palin on 'Dancing with the Stars'?

Washington (CNN) - Politics is serious business, but not all of the time. From the halls of Congress to the campaign trail to the international stage, there's always something that gets a laugh or a second glance. Here are some of the things you might have missed:

From gutting fish to waltzing on the dance floor?

Move over Bristol, papa grizzly may be headed to Hollywood to dance with the stars, E! News reports. Producers are reportedly trying to get Todd Palin to join the next season of the ratings powerhouse TV show "Dancing with the Stars."
Full Story

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October 6th, 2010
03:02 PM ET
4 years ago

Todd Palin explains fiery e-mail

(CNN) – Sarah Palin's husband, Todd, explained on Wednesday a fiery e-mail he sent to Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller last month after the GOP nominee made an appearance on a Sunday morning political talk show.

The e-mail was in response to an appearance by Miller on Fox News Sunday where he stopped short of endorsing Sarah Palin when asked if she was qualified to be president.

In his original e-mail to Miller, Todd Palin copied the treasurer of his wife's PAC and told him to "hold off on any [fundraising] letter for Joe. Sarah put her ass on the line for Joe and yet he can't answer a simple question, 'is Sarah Palin qualified to be president?'"


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October 6th, 2010
08:38 AM ET
4 years ago

Todd Palin turned down 'Dancing With The Stars'?

Houston, Texas (CNN) - Did Todd Palin turn down a spot on "Dancing With The Stars"?

Sarah Palin let slip Tuesday that the show's producers had wanted her husband to be a contestant - but she didn't say if he was sought out instead of her daughter Bristol, who is currently appearing on the show and narrowly advanced to the fourth week of competition last night.

"They wanted Todd to be on the show," Palin remarked during a speaking appearance in Houston. "I think that would have been cool to see, too. But here Bristol is, out of her comfort zone, doing something all new."


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October 3rd, 2009
02:51 PM ET
5 years ago

Alaska's 'First Dude' resigns

Todd Palin quit his job in the oil fields.
Todd Palin quit his job in the oil fields.

WASHINGTON (CNN)– The 'First Dude' of Alaska will no longer be working in the oil fields.

The Alaska Dispatch reports Todd Palin has quit his job with BP’s North Slope operation. The newspaper quotes BP Company spokesman Steve Rinehart as saying Palin submitted his resignation last month and officially resigned September 18.

As a production operator, Todd Palin was responsible for management of the oil gathering centers, where oil is gathered from multiple wells.

BP PLC is one of the largest energy companies in the world.

Todd Palin, the "First Dude" to former Governor Sarah Palin, shot to national fame along with his wife when she was named Republican vice presidential nominee. He also professionally races snowmobiles (known in Alaska as “snowmachines) and is a commercial fisherman.

News of his resignation comes about two months after Sarah Palin's resignation from office on July 26.

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May 9th, 2009
09:35 AM ET
6 years ago

Todd Palin to fill in for wife at DC dinner

Todd Palin will take his wife's spot this weekend in DC.
Todd Palin will take his wife's spot this weekend in DC.

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Todd Palin, the husband of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, will fill in for the former Republican vice presidential candidate this weekend at a series of high profile events, a Palin spokesperson confirms to CNN.

Palin, also known as Alaska's "first dude," will take his wife's spot Saturday at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, the annual Washington event that draws a guest list of prominent journalists and Hollywood celebrities.

He will also appear at a Republican Governor's Association dinner Friday night, an event his wife was set to co-host as a thank you to donors who had contributed at least $25,000 to the organization.

The Alaska governor decided Thursday not to travel to Washington after declaring a state of emergency in Eagle, Alaska in the wake of record flooding.

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