June 8th, 2010
04:58 PM ET
8 years ago

Arizona Democrats say immigration law energizes Latinos

Los Angeles (CNN) - The executive director of Arizona's Democratic Party says passage of the state's immigration law is energizing Latinos to become politically active and register to vote with his party.

"We are seeing voter registration increase with higher numbers and swinging our way," said Louis Heredia, executive director of the Arizona Democratic Party. "The sense is that (Latinos) are now focused on the need to participate."

Heredia says the number of registered Democratic voters has jumped from about 100 a week to 500 a week during May, as party officials actively pursued residents at events protesting the immigration legislation that was signed into law by Republican Gov. Jan Brewer in April.

"I am not terribly concerned about a backlash," said state Republican Party Communications Director Matthew Roberts. "A lot of Hispanic and Latino groups are contacting our office telling us that they are hearing from people satisfied with the immigration reform."

Updated registration tallies will be released by Arizona's Secretary of State next month, however, registration forms do not ask for an individual's race or ethnicity.

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