Obama hunting for deportation alternatives
March 13th, 2014
10:05 PM ET
1 month ago

Obama hunting for deportation alternatives

Washington (CNN) – After coming under fire from activists who labeled him "deporter in chief," President Barack Obama is asking his administration to find better, more humane ways of administering current immigration law, the White House said Thursday.

Obama ordered his Homeland Security chief, Jeh Johnson, to conduct an "inventory of the department's current practices to see how it can conduct enforcement more humanely within the confines of the law," the White House said after Obama met with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.


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Obama to make Keystone decision in next couple months
February 24th, 2014
02:15 PM ET
2 months ago

Obama to make Keystone decision in next couple months

Updated 3:33 p.m. ET, 2/24/2014

(CNN) – President Barack Obama will decide whether to go forward with the Keystone XL pipeline in the next couple months, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin said on Monday.

"I did ask the President when we could anticipate a decision on the Keystone pipeline. I asked him if he could use his executive order power to do that, but finally he did come back and say that he anticipates an answer one way or the other in a couple of months," Fallin told reporters at a news conference after a meeting between governors and the President at the White House.


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January 22nd, 2014
02:19 PM ET
3 months ago

White House says Obama’s marijuana policy hasn’t changed

Washington (CNN) – President Barack Obama remains opposed to a nationwide decriminalization of marijuana, despite his assertion in an interview this week the drug is no more dangerous than alcohol.

“The President's position on these matters haven't changed,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said in response to a question from CNN on Wednesday.


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Tech pros hit Issa for taking Park away from HealthCare.gov
November 10th, 2013
05:32 PM ET
5 months ago

Tech pros hit Issa for taking Park away from HealthCare.gov

Updated at 8:08 p.m. ET on 11/10/2013

Washington (CNN) - A group of technology experts has a message for Rep. Darrell Issa, the Republican Oversight Committee chairman who last week disregarded the White House’s insistence that U.S. technology chief Todd Park is too busy to testify about his efforts to repair HealthCare.gov.

“Let Todd Work,” the group proclaims on a website launched after Issa issued a subpoena for Park to appear before his panel on Wednesday.


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May 16th, 2013
11:35 AM ET
11 months ago

After IRS targeting, tea party says their fears confirmed

Washington (CNN) – After some of their political groups were targeted for extra scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service, members of the tea party say they feel a new justification for their claims of government overreach and big government.

Speaking at a rally on Capitol Hill Thursday, Rep. Michele Bachmann said the IRS's actions – which resulted in the resignation of the acting commissioner of the agency – could reflect a greater undercurrent of political misdeeds being carried out by the federal government. She specifically cited the president's health care law as a measure rife with opportunities to play political games.

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