Obama to make Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks a national monument
The Organ Mountain-Desert Peaks National Monument is near Las Cruces, New Mexico.
May 21st, 2014
09:30 AM ET
4 months ago

Obama to make Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks a national monument

(CNN) – Half a million acres will be protected Wednesday when President Barack Obama establishes the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument.

It's "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" to head off development on the swath of land in south-central New Mexico that has "unique Pre-American, New Mexican, and American history," the monument's official website says.


Food guru on Rep. King tweet: Feasting on reindeer 'totally normal' in Norway
December 25th, 2013
02:32 PM ET
9 months ago

Food guru on Rep. King tweet: Feasting on reindeer 'totally normal' in Norway

(CNN) - It may not fly with those imagining Santa with magical ones on Christmas Day, but a U.S. lawmaker decided to share with the world that one reindeer - in part, anyway - ended up on his plate.

"From Oslo, Merry Christmas season to my Scandinavian friends. 'Enjoyed' a meal of lutefisk, reindeer, & lefse," Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, tweeted.


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November 19th, 2013
07:09 AM ET
10 months ago

Caroline Kennedy, Japan, and JFK's legacy

(CNN) – Caroline Kennedy on Tuesday stepped before an emperor and into a new global limelight, along a path paved by her father.

Arriving at Tokyo's Imperial Palace in a maroon horse-drawn carriage, the 55-year-old presented Emperor Akihito with her credentials to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan.


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What the terror raids say about an 'Obama Doctrine'
October 7th, 2013
03:16 PM ET
11 months ago

What the terror raids say about an 'Obama Doctrine'

(CNN) - U.S. raids in pursuit of two terrorists over the weekend threw a question surrounding President Obama into the spotlight: Does he have a guiding doctrine for foreign policy?

The operations in Somalia and Libya, only one of which went as planned, come after the Obama administration silenced its drumbeat toward a possible military attack on Syria.


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Government shutdown 'extremely damaging' to U.S. intelligence operations
October 2nd, 2013
11:43 AM ET
12 months ago

Government shutdown 'extremely damaging' to U.S. intelligence operations

(CNN) - The government shutdown is "extremely damaging" to U.S. intelligence operations, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Wednesday.

Clapper noted that he has worked in the intelligence field for 50 years, and "never seen anything like this."


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June 26th, 2013
09:31 AM ET
1 year ago

Wendy Davis: From teen mom to Harvard Law to famous filibuster

(CNN) - The Texas state senator whose filibuster of an abortion bill became a national phenomenon has a long history of persisting against tough odds.

Wendy Davis - the 50-year-old Democrat who stood and spoke for 13 hours Tuesday at the Texas Capitol - went from being a teen mom to a Harvard Law School grad.


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Garcetti makes history as next LA mayor
May 22nd, 2013
07:34 AM ET
1 year ago

Garcetti makes history as next LA mayor

(CNN) – Eric Garcetti won the Los Angeles mayoral race, and will become the first Jewish mayor of the nation's second-largest city.

"Thank you Los Angeles - the hard work begins but I am honored to lead this city for the next four years," Garcetti, 42, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday morning. "Let's make this a great city again."


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Syrian civil war in photos
May 15th, 2013
01:50 PM ET
1 year ago

Bipartisan pull pushes weapons for Syrian rebels

(CNN) - Washington's battle over whether the United States should get involved in Syria's civil war took a new turn on Wednesday as the two top senators on the Foreign Relations Committee called for arming rebels and announced that the panel would take up their proposal next week.

Sen. Robert Menendez, the committee's Democratic chairman, and Sen. Bob Corker, the panel's top Republican, introduced legislation to provide lethal weaponry and training "to vetted Syrian groups" fighting forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, they announced in a statement.

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May 14th, 2013
12:03 PM ET
1 year ago

IRS political targeting alleged in multiple cities

(CNN) - While the Internal Revenue Service has admitted that members of its Cincinnati office engaged in political targeting of some conservative groups, documents suggest at least three other offices did the same.

Letters provided to CNN show IRS officials in Washington and California contacted conservative groups to demand more information before approving the groups' requests for tax-exempt status.


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May 13th, 2013
04:18 PM ET
1 year ago

Gosnell horror fuels fight for abortion laws

(CNN) - The depraved acts Dr. Kermit Gosnell is convicted of have sparked a new turn in the nationwide battle over abortion laws.

Groups that oppose legal abortion are using the horror surrounding his clinic, which garnered fresh attention during his murder trial, to push for new state and federal restrictions - even though Gosnell's acts were already illegal.


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