July 9th, 2007
10:44 AM ET
9 years ago

White House Counsel refuses requests for log of documents

WASHINGTON (CNN) - White House Counsel Fred Fielding sent a letter Monday to Sen. Patrick Leahy and Rep. John Conyers reiterating the White House's refusal to comply with the subpoena for documents related to the U.S. attorneys controversy, White House spokesman Tony Snow told CNN.

Democrats had set Monday morning as a deadline for Fielding to at least provide a log of what documents the White House is withholding and to provide further justification for why the White House is asserting executive privilege.

Snow said Fielding refused on both counts - he will not turn over a log of documents and will point out that the White House previously explained its justification for executive privilege by releasing letters on June 28 from Fielding and the solicitor general.

"We've shown an extraordinary amount of accommodation," said a White House official. "It's clear to us what the Democrats want is a confrontation."

In June, the Judiciary committees in the House and Senate issued subpoenas for former White House employees as the probe into last year's firings of eight U.S. attorneys was ratcheted to a new level.

They were the first subpoenas issued for former White House employees since the U.S. Justice Department dismissed seven of those lawyers in December.

- CNN White House Correspondent Ed Henry

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  1. Rick, Chicago Illinois

    Tom .. GOOD GOD! Your partisan posts are getting less and less logical with each passing day.

    One: I NEVER said only Dubya lied. Is reading comprehension not your strong point?

    Two: This war wasn't about resolutions. It was supported based on the (bogus) "imminent threat from WMDs" angle. PERIOD! Without it, nobody would have supported an invasion except Dubya and his administration's minions – and congressmen who voted for the war have stated as such.

    Three: "he at did something that he thought was right to protect the American people." Umm .. doing the WRONG things for the right reasons is STILL doing the WRONG things. And if just THINKING what you're doing is right all that matters, then I guess Timothy McVeigh did the right thing too eh?

    Four: "At the same time Bush was making the claims of weapons, MANY other countries were as well, does everyone get their info from us, NO." The difference is the other countries only had hearsay to go on, Dubya had the results of actual searches that CONTRADICTED his agenda that he had since the first day in office.

    "The president started a discussion practically on the day that he took power about how to enhance sanctions against Iraq," Rice said.

    July 10, 2007 09:11 pm at 9:11 pm |
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