July 13th, 2007
09:12 AM ET
12 years ago

McCain campaign running out of money

CNN has learned McCain’s campaign has only $250,000 left.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - CNN has learned the already-dire situation for Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign has actually gotten even worse, with two sources close to the candidate saying the campaign only has a paltry $250,000 left.

The sources tell CNN that next week the McCain campaign will reveal it has about $1.75 million in unpaid debts, wiping out the $2 million in cash-on-hand the campaign currently has in the bank.

It was not immediately clear whether the campaign debt must be repaid immediately or whether the debt can be paid back over time, including after the presidential campaign ends.

Even though McCain has raised just over $11 million overall in the last three months, his campaign has spent large sums of money, one of the primary reasons for the departure earlier this week of his top two strategists, Terry Nelson and John Weaver.

A McCain spokesman had no comment on the latest financial troubles, which will spark a new round of speculation about the candidate's viability. Campaign officials are expected to release details about campaign’s financial situation early next week.

- CNN White House Correspondent Ed Henry

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  1. Russ, Phoenix, Arizona

    Where did the money go? People have a short memory when it comes to McCain. Remember the "Keating 7"? John was one of them and suspected of bilking Lincoln Thrift Savings and Loan. Charles Keating took the fall. So John now takes funds in campaign contributions and bails. Go figure! He cut his staff and their pay. He would have lost all staffers to cheaper Hispanics had the immigration bill passed. Way to go John. McCain should be more focused on saving his Senate seat, as President is out of the question. Don't let the door hit you on the way out...

    July 13, 2007 06:48 pm at 6:48 pm |
  2. Heathyr **Peoria, AZ** PROUD AMERICAN!

    ***start a grass roots campaign here in Arizona that gives citizenship to illegals willing to serve a couple years overseas in the military***

    I couldn't agree more! I say that all illegals caught crossing the border have TWO options.
    1.) Serve in our military, give them a backpack with the essentials, a gun and a jug of water and send them to Iraq
    2.) Don't serve in our military and we ship them over to Iraq without the pack, gun or water

    One might think TWICE before committing a CRIME of coming into our country ILLEGALLY!

    July 13, 2007 07:05 pm at 7:05 pm |
  3. Larry in Arizona

    Following McCain pancanlview says, “They will follow the troops home!”

    Who are “they”? Are “they” Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia (which was formed after the Iraq invasion and plays a relatively small role in the Iraqi insurgency) or Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda (who were responsible for 9/11 and are now building up strength right we left them when we pulled troops out of Afghanistan to go to Iraq, a country that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11).

    Please tell me: Why would Bin Ladin’s Al Qaeda be reluctant to attack the United States as long as our troops in Iraq? Their ability to strike in the United States has nothing to do with whether or not American troops are in Iraq.

    Then tell me: How in the world would Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia follow us home? And why would they want to? Their bloody mission to simply to get us to leave.

    Echoing McCain, pancanlview continues “Because they are stronger today than ever.” Again, who is “they,” Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia or Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda. The former is holding its own, and the latter is indeed getting stronger. Actually, the main reason the people who attacked us on 9/11 have gotten stronger is the American invasion of Iraq, an amazing gift, a magnificent recruiting tool.

    I accuse you and your beloved senator of simple-minded confusion.

    July 13, 2007 07:43 pm at 7:43 pm |
  4. Larry, Portal, AZ

    Heathyr, a “PROUD AMERICAN,” says the correct punishment for illegal refugees is to send them to Iraq to fight.

    I guess this means serving in Iraq is punishment. It certainly seems like punishment, since Republicans in the Senate just blocked a bill that would have given our soldiers reasonable and adequate rest between tours of duties. And also, since we sent troops to Iraq without adequate body armor or planning, or support.

    What crimes have our sons and daughters done that they should be given this punishment?

    July 13, 2007 08:05 pm at 8:05 pm |
  5. harve steele, Mexifornia

    push 1 for english
    el presso dos para espanol.

    well jm, it looks like you've finally insulted every conservative, republican, democrat,liberal, and independent. which dummies gave you 11 mil in the first place.
    maybe you can run for el presidente in old mexico. you seemed to favor their citizens over u.s. citizens.

    yes j mcblame i grant you amnesty for your stupidity.
    so pay your bills and drop out.
    legal resident.

    July 13, 2007 08:12 pm at 8:12 pm |
  6. Patrick, Lakewood, Washington

    Since he was trying so hard to shove the "illegal" immigration bill down the American people's throat, he should move to Mexico. I bet they would love his ass. Go and represent Mexicans and you don't belong here, you indecisive quisling. You are finished, Johnny. You are not a true conservative. Michael Savage, who is a true conservative and a patriot, for the President of United States of America. Michael is the real thing.

    July 13, 2007 09:19 pm at 9:19 pm |
  7. David Chicago, Illinois

    And this should be the fate of anyone who votes in support of torture and in favor of the suspension of habeus corpus.

    July 13, 2007 11:23 pm at 11:23 pm |
  8. Dina, Orlando, FL

    Looks like his campaign has "bombed, bombed, bombed." It's not a shock, he didn't stand a chance.

    July 13, 2007 11:42 pm at 11:42 pm |
  9. Bill Williams, Plymouth, Indiana

    R.I.N.O. McCain was more of a sore loser than Al Gore in 2000 and been a thorn in the back of Free American everysince. He stiffled our free speach with Senator Feingold and tried to shove over 12 million illegal down our throats to pay for with Ted Kennedy. The Backstabber deserves to go away. He'll never get the nomination anyway. Fred Thompson 2008!

    July 14, 2007 01:23 am at 1:23 am |
  10. Stephen Coventry, CT

    McCain's presidential campaign is toast and the voters of Arizona will soon toss him out of the Senate.

    July 14, 2007 08:50 am at 8:50 am |
  11. Virgil, Glendale, California

    It is his sheer arrogance that finally got to him. How can you rub it in people's faces his support for the Iraq fiasco and to add icing to his cake--a general amnesty for everyone here illegally. Why doesn't he ask if people with relatives who have been waiting 25 years or more for their loved ones to come legally, if the immigration bill he supported is fair?
    Good riddance to John McCain!!

    July 15, 2007 12:16 pm at 12:16 pm |
  12. TJ Joplin, Missouri

    Well look's like he should have taken some lessons from Doctor and war veteren Ron Paul. Don't support another Vietnam and don't support big government spending. Especially in your own campaign. Just look at the issues and see who's the clear winner on principle.

    October 23, 2007 08:39 pm at 8:39 pm |
  13. Hope7134

    I support the vietnam vets and the troops, they support Ron Paul. It's amazing what these vets who have defended our country say about this candidate. After googling what vets are saying, this guy needs to be blackballed not only from this campaign but from our country.

    January 23, 2008 07:44 pm at 7:44 pm |
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