July 23rd, 2007
09:46 PM ET
11 years ago

A family matter

(CNN) - In vintage Clinton fashion, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-New York, takes a question that exposes a potential weakness in her campaign and turns it into a strength.

When asked, if elected to two terms as president, how she felt about a Clinton or Bush serving 28 straight years in the White House, Sen. Clinton replied, "I think it is a problem that Bush was elected in 2000. I actually thought somebody else was elected in that election," in an obvious reference to Al Gore who won the popular vote in 2000, but lost in the electoral college to George W. Bush. The answer was interrupted by a flurry of applause from the audience.

Once the applause died down, she added, "I am running on my own merits, but I am very proud of my husband's record as president of the United States," which was also a good applause line.

–CNN Producer Ted Metzger

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  1. Prov, RI

    She is the most qualified candidate among others. She is running on her own intelligence, merit, deep knowledge, and passion. She is Hillary Rodham, who is a separate individual from Bill Clinton. She has all of it... all the skills...

    July 23, 2007 09:51 pm at 9:51 pm |
  2. Sheila, Dothan, Alabama

    I agree with all of the above. She is also correct about who did and did not win in 2000!

    July 23, 2007 10:27 pm at 10:27 pm |
  3. PBS, Chicago IL

    She didn't answer the question. It's not her fault that her last name is Clinton, but it's an embarrassment that out of 300 million people in this country, we may go 28 years with just electing people from 2 families to the presidency.

    July 23, 2007 10:31 pm at 10:31 pm |
  4. Joe, DC

    The only embarrassment is that we elected Bush (even though we didn't). Why should that be a strike against Sen. Clinton?

    July 23, 2007 11:33 pm at 11:33 pm |
  5. Mark, Dallas, Tx

    I wish Al was up there today.

    July 24, 2007 03:51 am at 3:51 am |
  6. Anonymous

    Bill Clinton was just as bad as Bush as is just as much responsible for Bin Laden being able to attack the U.S. Why would Hillary be any better? Bill sent troops to Kosovo and else where around the world. No more Clintons and Bushes!

    July 24, 2007 06:59 am at 6:59 am |
  7. Jan, Nashua, NH

    I thought this answer was A GEM!

    I've never understood the problem... we're a democracy! If you don't want to vote for Clinton, don't; but don't blame her for what her name is.

    As I've said before, would anyone not want Ken Griffey Jr to play baseball, JUST because someone named Ken Griffey had played before him?

    If you don't want to vote for a Clinton or a Bush, don't. But I do believe the Bushes have failed and The Clinton has succeeded. Maybe the thought instead should be, "Clinton is a proven commodity for improving government after a Bush. So Senator Clinton, out of all of these excellent Democratic candidates, will know how to rid us of the Bush** that has been smelling up the WH."
    🙂 Just a thought.

    July 24, 2007 07:13 am at 7:13 am |
  8. Mary, Beaver, PA

    "Hillary Clinton..takes a question that exposes a potential weakness... and turns it into a strength."

    Ted, please spare me your adoration of this woman.

    July 24, 2007 08:00 am at 8:00 am |
  9. Glenn,B'ham,Al

    To be fair here Clinton never received the majority of votes in either election he won. Bush did in last election. That’s just a fact. Bush,Clinton,Clinton,Bush,Bush,Clinton,
    Jeb Bush in 2012. Does get old to us that want some real change

    July 24, 2007 08:19 am at 8:19 am |
  10. Jeff, Bridgeport, Connecticut

    Bash the system when it benefits you, and praise it when it does the same.. We can't have it both ways. If it is broke, then fix it. However, don't rally behind it the next minute. Standing firm on what seems popular at the moment.. A Clinton to the end.

    July 24, 2007 08:26 am at 8:26 am |
  11. Ellen Heyden Rincon Georgia

    She is being considered as president not because of her name, but because of her brain.

    July 24, 2007 08:58 am at 8:58 am |
  12. bprosserme

    Hillary deserves the adjective preceeding her name. Oh, and she's ruthless too.

    July 24, 2007 10:53 am at 10:53 am |
  13. Jane, Southern Illinois

    Nothing personal against Hillary Clinton, but she can't be elected. Just for a moment think about the campaign commercials against her in the general election. It will be filled with "clips" about the sex scandals from when Bill Clinton was the President. Don't forget that even though the "Clinton years" were great for a lot of people, the scandals kept other things from being done. The commercials that the the Republican party will use against her will make the "swift boat" ones look like a drop in a bucket.

    John Edwards is the best candidate.

    When was the last time a woman or a black man was elected as President?

    We have to vote "smart" this time. Pick a candidate that can be elected.

    P.S. I'm glad that everyone in all the other states think that Senator Obama has been doing such a great job in IL. I live in IL. He left our state senate in a huge financial problem. Of course it wasn't all his fault. But he hasn't done such a great job here. He is a wonderful speaker. I hope he will be President someday. But he is still too green.

    July 24, 2007 12:10 pm at 12:10 pm |
  14. Jon, Sacramento ~ Ca

    I hope everyone realizes that right now these candidates aren't feeling the heat of a national campaign. Hillary can say she is running on her own merits/accomplishments and everyone politely claps... but if she ends up being the Democratic Nominee the GOP will make her LACK of experience a high point (if I am correct her only elected position is the jr senator from NY).

    * Little political experience
    * White Water
    * FBI files
    * Clinton Legacy (Monica, Paula, etc)
    * "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"
    * Failed Universal Healthcare debacle
    * Missing white house furniture
    * Lincoln Bedroom "for sale"

    Hillary brings much experience. It's just not the kind the American voters will appreciate.

    July 25, 2007 12:27 pm at 12:27 pm |