August 1st, 2007
01:34 PM ET
9 years ago

Race to '08

Listen to the latest Race to '08 podcast.

CNN Senior Political Correspondent Candy Crowley dissects a get tough speech on terrorism by Senator Barack Obama along with CNN's John Lisk.

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  1. Louis Roundtree Phoenix Arizona

    For the love of all that is Democratic, stop quoting polls of 1000 people as dependable statistics as to what American's think regarding ANYTHING! Lets be conservative about this, say that of the current population of over 300 million 200 million are adults over 18 eligible to vote. a poll of 1000 people, which is a rounded estimate of your recurring poll numbers represents 5/100,000ths of 1 percent of that eligible population, yet you (CNN) grandly report the results of these polls as representing the opinions of all of America. By no scientific measure could such a statistic be deemed accurate. the plus or minus is in regard to the number of responses to your sample, not the population at large. It is not statistically possible that proportional representations from each state were met in the polls, let alone age, race, religious, political and financial factors. Yet report you do, thusly using those 1000 or so responses to tell others how they should think using group dynamics invariably using the polls that show the results that make the best story. CNN is creating the news not reporting it.
    How about a poll with 100,000 responses? I'd be more likely to believe a poll of 5/1000ths of 1 percent over the other, better yet, 1,000,000 responses? an online poll in conjunction with a phone poll should be possible in this day and age.
    Or would that be too much trouble since the results might not support your candidate? Such shameless political manipulation should not be covered under the guise of 'reporting' and protected under the freedom of the press. What you have are political ads and the manufacture of juicy headlines. The lies and obfuscations presented ere are no less demoralizing or damning than the ones from Al Gonzales, Donald Rumsfield, Dick Cheney, and President Bush. It would be nice to get the truth, somewhere in this country.
    BTW If a Medicaid payroll tax increase equivalent to what the average middle income worker pays for private health insurance were instated, it would provide over $150 billion dollars a year to fund full coverage, (including dental) for all American Citizens. No tax cuts or credits, most of us and all of us hardest hit by private insurance lack of care, would be covered for what we are paying now. How is that possible? By making it non-profit, all of the premiums can be used for care! This does not include what businesses pay into insurance plans. Everyone could still be free to purchase additional insurance but why are Republicans so against everyone being able to see a doctor when it is needed? Why would anyone value profits over American lives?

    August 1, 2007 08:01 pm at 8:01 pm |
  2. walters, Akor, hyattsville MD

    Sen Obama once more has the most reasonable approach to this dilemma of war against terrorism. U cannot win this war simply by referee the civil war in Iraq which is now more a war of ideologies ( our greatest challenge is working with the the majority moderate Islamic regimes to discourage this ideology of suicide bombers) while fighting Alkeada at its roots in pakistanese- Aghan borders with increase collaboration from our allies and strike when the target is imminent with the minimum casualty as possible. Can any one tell me how we can completely suceed in this struggle when educated extremist like Doctors which we trust with our lives are more engage in suicide bombings like the London attacks.

    August 2, 2007 03:04 am at 3:04 am |