August 5th, 2007
07:59 AM ET
12 years ago

House approves terror surveillance bill

WASHINGTON (CNN) - The House approved the GOP version of the FISA bill Saturday night by a vote of 227-183, with most Republicans and conservative Democrats supporting the measure.

The White-House backed legislation closes what the Bush administration has called critical gaps in U.S. intelligence capability.

Lawmakers have been scrambling to pass a bill acceptable to the White House before they leave for a month-long summer recess. President Bush had threatened to veto any bill that Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell said did not meet his needs.

The Senate approved the Republican-sponsored bill Friday night. Immediately after that vote, a Democratic-sponsored bill failed to reach the 60-vote majority.

Saturday night's vote followed fireworks in the House, where an angry group of Republicans accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of delaying a vote on the bill, the president's legislative priority.


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