August 14th, 2007
09:08 AM ET
14 years ago

Edwards/Obama ticket?

John Edwards said he was 'open-minded' to having Barack Obama as his vice presidential running mate.

JEFFERSON, Iowa (CNN) - At a stop on his "Fighting for One America" bus tour Monday, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards was asked whether, if chosen to be the nominee, he would consider tapping Democratic opponent Barack Obama as his vice presidential running mate.

"I am open minded about it, to answer your question," said the former senator from North Carolina. "I have made what, at least for now, would be a short list for me of people to consider, just as I've done the same thing for each cabinet position."

So who would Edwards pick? Well, when it comes to selecting people for an administration, he says they wouldn't necessarily have to align with his political party.

"I know this is not the greatest thing to say in front of Iowa Democratic caucus-goers, but they don't have to be a Democrat. I'm looking for the best people I can find."

Edwards went on to say that he's not looking for "'yes people' like George Bush has around him."

The stop in Jefferson is part of the campaign's seven-day "Fighting for OneAmerica" bus tour, which kicked off earlier in the day in Des Moines. Edwards outlined a plan to "improve care for injured Iraq and Afghanistan veterans." He also called on the Iraqi parliament to "end their month-long vacation early."

"More than 30 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq this month," Edwards said in a statement.

Monday morning's bus kickoff was planned as a family affair that was to include wife Elizabeth and their two youngest children, but, according to the former senator, Elizabeth was not feeling well and was forced to skip the first event.

"Elizabeth ate something at breakfast this morning that didn't agree with her," Edwards said.

Mrs. Edwards, however, was back on the trail with her husband later in the day, even introducing him at their stop in Jefferson. She appeared healthy and had no problem visiting with dozens who stuck around to chat after the

"I was a little gimpy this morning, but I'm feeling good now," she told CNN. "I brought some food with me from North Carolina that I should have refrigerated. It's my fault, my fault."

Sen. Edwards said that his wife's sickness Monday morning is the reason he was more than an hour late for the kickoff event. It also forced the campaign to cancel their appearance at the Iowa State Fair, which was next on their agenda for the day.

-CNN Iowa Producer Chris Welch

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  1. kevin, tidewater, virginia

    This is not a winning ticket for the Dems. Obama brings a positive message, but Edwards and his fake "progressivism" is making me sick. He will do anything to blind the masses, but remember: he has done NOTHING until now about poverty. How did it become part of Edwards ticket? I hate to say it, but an Obama-Hillary ticket is stronger.

    August 15, 2007 08:52 am at 8:52 am |
  2. Joe Blow

    Okay, I have to respond. Some poster here put

    "Edwards states that more than 30 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq this month. Has he considered the multitude of Iraqis that have been saved by our presence there and more importantly, has he considered the multitude of American lives that have been saved due to the Iraq war? "

    Let me articulate instead of regurgiating. You ask how many Iraqi lives have been saved? As a veteran of the Iraq war, there are no Iraqis being saved. Civilians die there everyday by the hundreds. Do you think soldiers/Marines like Iraqis? Or do you think innocent Iraqis die. The Bush administration poorly planned this war. Stop being a war monger. I wonder who you supported during the civil war. Wake up and smell the blood, or at least as you are probably concerned the 500 BILLION dollars spent yearly on this disaster.

    August 15, 2007 11:05 am at 11:05 am |
  3. FKL

    Edwards & Obama. Now that's the ticket. Edwards is completely electible, with reasonable , workable ideas. Hillary never apologized for Iraq. She is noncommittal on so many ideas.

    January 25, 2008 07:06 pm at 7:06 pm |
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