September 12th, 2007
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Create your own online '08 Democratic debate

The 2008 Democratic presidential hopefuls are participating in a unique online forum.

Watch Abbi Tatton's report on a unique online political event that is connecting voters with the 2008 Democratic presidential candidates.

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  1. Precienct Captain Richardo Brown Detroit, Michigan

    Terrorism and Counterinsurgency
    Sep 11, 2007
    Terrorism and Counterinsurgency

    Terrorism refers to the political violence that targets civilians deliberately and indiscriminately. Politically, one persons freedom fight is anothers terrorist. More than guerilla warfare terrorism is a world of faceless shadowy enemies and irregular extreme irregular tactics of brutality. Terrorism gains attention because of the randomness of victims and although a few dozen people may be injured by a bomb left in a marketplace, many people realize it could have been them because they also shop in markets. The primary effect of terrorism is psychological. Terrorism amplifies a small amount of power because of its psychological effect on large populations. The effectiveness of terrorism in capturing attention is due to the dramatic nature of the incidents as shown on the television news.

    Counterinsurgency has received growing attention in recent years because of Iraq. Counterinsurgency is central to all 11 wars currently in progress in the worlds search for peace. It includes programs to try to win the hearts and minds of populations so that guerillas can have no shelter. Its warfare is just as mush about political gains as it is in military strategy and is the most complex type of warfare. A government must conduct a public relations campaign to convince the population to redress the movement while providing public services such as education and welfare. This will show the governments responsiveness to the population. A government must be strong militarily bit not to brutal in force for less of the population to support the guerillas.

    A common tool of the guerillas, insurgents and the governments fighting are the use of land mines; which are simple, small and cheap containers that trigger explosives inside them when in contact or sensor. Land mines maim and kill civilians who live in a former war zone. They injure 25,0 00 people a year and it cost about 1,000 dollars to disarm them.

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    Sen. Hillary Clinton will be the United States Commander in Chief
    Aug 30, 2007
    The United States is the world's most powerful single actor. It's ability and willingness to resume a role as hegemon, after World War II. Important factors will shape the world order but America's willingness to asorb casualities will effect it's role.

    Hegemon is holding by one state of a preponderance of power in the international system, so that it can single handedly dominate the rules and arrangements by which international political and economic relations are conducted. Hegemon means domination of the world, but sometimes it refers to regional domination.

    I support Governor Granholm (D,MI) and US Senator Stabenow (D.MI) in the building of Homeland Security funding like the Natural Resource defense Council for a making Michigan an addition to the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

    Location of U.S. Nuclear Weapons 2006:

    Minot AFB, ND / Weapons / B-52H Bombers , Minuteman III ICBMS, ACMS,ALCMS
    194 B 61 -7Bombs
    130 B 83-1, 0 Bombs (inactive)
    200 W 80-1/ALBMs
    300 W 80-1 ALCMs
    300 W 78s (in 100 ICBM silos)
    300 W 78s (in 50 ICBM silos)
    30 W 78s in spares
    1,254 Total

    Whiteman AFB MO / Weapons B-2 Bombers
    35 – B61- 7 Bombs
    41 – B 61-11 Bombs
    60 B 83 ? 1 0- Bombs (inactive)

    Kings Bay, GA / Weapons Triton SLBMS, SLCMS
    612 W 76s / Trident I C4
    468 W 76s / Trident I C4 (inactive)
    140 W 88s/ Trident II D5
    144 W 80-0 / SLCMs
    1,364 Total

    Barksdale AFB / Weapons 52H Bombers
    210 B 61 ? 7 Bombs
    130 B 83 -1 0- Bombs (inactive)

    Pantex Plant TX / Several types of warheads await dismantlement

    Warren, AFB NE / Weapons : Minuteman III in ICBMS
    46 W 62s ( in 46 ICBMs)
    46 Total

    Malmstrom AFB, MT / Weapons Minuteman III in ICBMS

    150 W 62s (in 50 ICBM silos)
    10 W 62s (spares)
    200 W 78 (in ICBM silos)
    150 W 78s (in 50 ICBM silos)
    35 W 78 in spares
    535 Total

    Kirkland AFB, NM / In Storage
    711 W80 -1 / ALCMs
    250 W 63s / Minute III ICBMs
    553 W 87s / My Peacekeeper ICBM
    400 W 84 / GLCMs (in reserve)
    1,914 Total

    Warren AFB, CO / Weapons Minuteman in ICBMS
    46 W 62s ( 46 ICBMs)
    46 Total

    Nellis AFB, NV / In Storage
    306 B 83 -1 -0 Bombs (in active)
    168 B 61 -3 Bombs
    204 B 61 -4 Bombs
    206 B 61 -10 Bombs
    902 Total

    Bangor, WA Weapons Trident SLBMS, SLCMS
    1,100 W 76s / Trident C4 SLCMS
    850 W 76s / Trident I C4 SLBMS (inactive)
    264 W 88s / Trident II D5 SLBMS
    150 0s / SLCBS
    2,364 Total

    Michigan should be added to the list of the Nuclear Notebook. Michigan needs to be included in the book of, science, security and survival.

    Governor Jennifer Granholm and United States Senator Debbie Stabenow lead the way in 2007.

    Europe Presidential Decision directive (2000)
    200 B 61 -3 Bombs
    200 B 61 -4 Bombs
    400 Total
    Locations of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Overseas:
    Belgium, Gremany, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Britain.

    Military Force and Terrorism

    Estimated Great Power Military Capabilities 2001 -2006

    Country Soldiers (M) Tanks Carrier/ Combat Airplanes Nuclear Weapons

    United States 1.5 10,000 11/112/74 3,600 10,000

    Russia 1.0 20,000 1/40/69 1,800 16,000

    China 2.3 10,000 0/29/6 2,100 410

    France 0.3 1,000 0/19/12 300 350

    Britain 0.2 1,000 0/36/16 300 200

    Germany 0.2 3,000 0/14/0 400 0

    Japan 0.2 1,000 0/39/20 300 0

    Ballistic Missile Capabilities

    Country Range (Miles) Potential Targets

    United States 13,000 (World)

    Russia 13,000 (World)

    China 13,000 (World)

    Britain 4,600 (World; Submarine- Launched)

    France 3,700 [4,600] (World; Submarine- Launched)

    North Korea 800 [3,500] South Korea, Russia, China [All Asia]

    Iran 900 [3,500] Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Israel
    [Europe to Asia]

    Israel 900 [3,500] Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt

    India 1,500 [2,000] Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Iran,

    Pakistan 800 [2,000] India [Russia, Turkey, Israel]

    Saudi Arabia 1,700 Iran, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Turkey, Yemen
    Egypt, Libya, Sudan

    Syria 300 Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey

    Egypt 400 Libya, Sudan, Israel

    Libya 200 Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria

    Yemen 200 Saudi Arabia

    United Arab Emirates 200 Saudi Arabia, Iran

    Afghanistan 200 Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan,
    Kazakhstan 200 Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Krygyzstan,

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