September 12th, 2007
04:16 PM ET
16 years ago

Foreign policy expert stumps for Obama

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Providing a much-needed boost to a candidate whose judgment in international affairs has been called into question, former President Carter’s National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brezinski, introduced Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, during a campaign stop in Clinton, Iowa on Wednesday.

“I’m here today because I strongly believe that the next election is not just to choose a new president,” Brezinski said. “The choice that you will be making will define America’s role in a historically new era. We have elections every four years, but only once in a while is a new president facing the opportunity to shape a new sense of direction for America,” explained Brezinski.

Brezinski, who stood out for his relatively hawkish views in an administration that often emphasized human rights, told the crowd that by invading Iraq the “United States has become engaged in what is essentially a colonial war in the post-colonial era.” He also opined that the Iraq war “has discredited America worldwide,” and warned that the conflict in Iraq might spread to Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Saying Obama “was not, like many others, a Johnny-come-lately” with regard to realizing that the Iraq war was a so-called “fool’s enterprise,” Brezinski told the members of the crowd that they had the opportunity to change the world by supporting the Illinois senator.

In August, Brezinski supported Obama during a foreign policy spat between the Illinois senator and his chief rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-New York. In addition to advising President Carter, Brezinski also was adviser to officials in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.

- CNN Associate Producer Martina Stewart

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  1. mitzi morris

    Sadly young voters won't know a thing about the pompous,hawkish blowhard that Obama has selected. A failure when he was advisor for Carter and had no grasp of the hostage crisis. Yesterday, not tomorrow.

    Unless the media honestly cites his record and positions on policy issues, many of the 18 to 35 voters will think he's a great choice, or whatever.

    Since Obama claims to be THE man for hope and change it's important that
    a burnt out case [Zib] who never made a difference is what's being offered. Zib is a strange choice for a supposed liberal who was against the Iraq war,

    While I'm at it, hats off to you for taking on Arianna H's spin on Charlie Rose.
    You appeared objective, factual, and strong. You should have more coverage on TV as we need less sound byte, more real news reporting and debunking.

    Obama has so far been given a pass, and even my cursory Googling has turned up what little he accomplished in Illinois, and with who. Pritzker is alive and well along with Crown and the whole Chicago machine.

    Obama's past actions regarding his atrocious backyard real estate deal with now indicted Rezko is no small thing. Obama made out even though he returned $11,500 of $60,000 he received.

    Truth no matter whose side it's on in this election is most important in the most important election of our lives. Help.

    January 13, 2008 09:22 pm at 9:22 pm |
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