September 16th, 2007
11:51 AM ET
15 years ago

Romney: My wife is 'prettier' than Bill Clinton

Mitt and Ann Romney

AMES, Iowa (CNN) - Commenting Saturday on a new Time Magazine cover story titled "The Real Running Mates" - which focuses on the current crop of presidential candidates' spouses - Republican candidate Mitt Romney said his wife would make a "prettier first lady" than former president Bill Clinton.

"It has a picture of five of the possible first ladies," the former Massachusetts governor said. "In the upper left hand corner it has my wife, and then next to it, it has Bill Clinton. And she is a much prettier first lady than Bill Clinton, I can tell you that!"

The cover story features a photograph of a commemorative White House china plate. On it are the faces of five potential 'first spouses' - Bill Clinton, Ann Romney, Elizabeth Edwards, Judith Nathan and Michelle Obama.

Romney made the comments at his tent at the University of Iowa/Iowa State football game. When asked which team he would be supporting, Romney chose to stay neutral, but after a few more people asked the same question, he saw an opportunity to take another subtle jab at the Clinton family, this time toward Hillary.

"I know there's only one thing that would bring both of these Teams ... together, and that's to make sure that Hillary Clinton is not the next president of the United States," he said.

- CNN Iowa Producer Chris Welch

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  1. David Phoenix, AZ

    A Democrat makes a joke and Democrats laugh. A Republican makes a joke and they act as if he is now not serious enough to be president. You people are a bunch of moonbats. Look at all these dumb comments by dumb readers. No wonder CNN has such a bad name amongst the intelligent.

    September 22, 2007 01:08 am at 1:08 am |
  2. David Quijano Phoenix, AZ

    A Democrat makes a joke and Democrats laugh. A Republican makes a joke and they act as if he is now not serious enough to be president.

    Get a job, graduate from high school, and get off welfare because most of you Democrats are too stupid to be reading the news.

    September 22, 2007 01:13 am at 1:13 am |
  3. Larry, Seattle Washington

    What about Mitt's 4 other wifes. Doesn't he practive polygamy?

    Posted By Jason Higgins : September 21, 2007 2:21 pm

    Interesting that you stoop so low. You liberals are amazing and extremely ignorant, its never about the issues its always about picking on the character of the person .... Jason's stupid comment is indicitive of your breed. Liberals are ruining this country. I see that CNN is the moderator here so I doubt this comment will even get posted.

    September 22, 2007 02:13 am at 2:13 am |
  4. Lyman, Yakima WA

    Brainwashed liberals spewing nonsensical psycobable. Programmed so well liberal propagandist in chief Michael Moore. Joseph Gobles would be envious being able to shape such vacuous grey matter....
    One thing Republicans (ala Mitt Romney) can offer america, unlike liberals, is a sense of humor. And no, calling Dick Cheney Darth Vader isn't an example of humor. Sarcasm is the lowest form of with Hillary...

    September 22, 2007 02:18 am at 2:18 am |
  5. Al, Tehachapi, CA

    Nice picture for Chris Welch to use. Your liberal bent CNN is so easy to see.

    September 22, 2007 03:44 am at 3:44 am |
  6. Kyle, Seattle, WA

    Hey Alan from Missouri, before you go insulting republicans, why don't you learn how to write in complete sentences. You write and sound like a typical liberal.

    September 22, 2007 04:54 am at 4:54 am |
  7. Jim, Gig Harbor, WA

    Perfect proof that the Left have no sense of humor OR purposefully will raise a stink about nothing.

    September 22, 2007 06:09 am at 6:09 am |
  8. Jim, Gig Harbor, WA

    Comment for Ruth, Fort Wayne, IN.

    Many "mormons" think alike (excluding Senator Reid) so I can probably guess Romney's comments on the following topics you brought up Ruth.

    Only men are priesthood holders, Elders are part of the priesthood, therefore no women can be Elders. Women leadership positions in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints involves three areas: The Relief Society, The Young Women program and The Primary program. On the Church wide level those positions are full time and extremely important. These positions are held at the congregation and Stake level as well, with literally a few million women holding important positions worldwide.

    Yes, Africans and African Americans are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). There are several temples in Africa and hundreds of congregations. In the US, wherever you live you attend, there isn't a segregated group. Our congregation boundaries are geographic related, not racial or economic.

    Warren Jeffs was excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, when he was found to be against that Churches teachings. He and his father formed a church using a similar name calling it something like the Reformed Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and carried on as if they weren't cut off and still were priesthood holders. They deceived many people and other willingly joined them. Their church is closed and I believe his father passed away and he is in jail.

    Although highly publicized, polygamy and churches breaking off from the original church are rare. It is only that media outlets tend to hype these occurrences.

    September 22, 2007 06:28 am at 6:28 am |
  9. Sue Aurora, CO

    So, I guess that Mitt was not supposed to answer the question about the Time Magazine cover? Your liberals are pathetic. You can't even read third-grade level English and understand it. No wonder you think that the Socialist Hillary would make a great President.

    Why am I not suprised that CNN's site would have more liberals than conservatives posting?

    September 22, 2007 08:24 am at 8:24 am |
  10. Paula Sotnik-Weiss, Rhode Island

    What does all this nonsensical chatter have to do with anything except indicate why the US in such a mess right now. We just do not pay attention to the real issues. Is this what you will be thinking of in the voting booth?

    September 22, 2007 09:46 am at 9:46 am |
  11. Roger Butts--Riviera Beach, Florida

    Hello!!-Mitt's comments were a joke. Too bad liberal Democrats don't have a sense of Humor-But when the American Public votes a 14% APPROVAL RATING OF THE DEMOCRATIC CONTROLLED Congress I guess they have nothing to smile about–except maybe N.Y. issuing Driver's Licenses to Illegal Aliens–now that's something they can smile about...and of Course the General Betrayus Move ON AD!

    September 22, 2007 11:02 am at 11:02 am |
  12. Jim L, Lake Havasu City, AZ

    You LIB idiots are amazing. I chuckled at the headline, as anything from CNN is as certain to bash a republican as Fox will bash a Clinton. I suppose the morons at CNN think that's objective newswork – real pros, they are...
    But what I find so amazing and disgusting is the way the LIBS around here are so upset that a candidate might actually show his personality in a comment to make light of a stupid article and simultaneously show a little chivalry for his wife.
    Is it that you LIBS so hate a man for loving his wife instead of diddling interns?
    Is it that he was showing a human side on his campaign (instead of the Gore fiasco a while back or the current Hillary remake into a human which isn't working very well)?
    Is it that he made a comment which wasn't 'gender neutral' enough for you LIBS in such a ridiculously PC time (I notice lots of hate speech from you 'enlightlened' types, but I guess that doesn't count, because you are enlightened so you are allowed to be rude)???
    Is it that you refuse to listen (I thought you people were the self proclaimed "open minded" ones) to any candidate with an "R" behind his name on issues so you have to focus on this snippet of non-news?
    Or is it that maybe, just maybe, Ann really is a more attractive woman than Bill, his highness???
    Personally, I really don't care which spouse is most attractive, er, wife is prettier. But this discussionj about it sure brings out the hate you LIBS have for anyone and anything which isn't communist or Kum-Ba-Yah enough for ya... For example, I know your BP goes up when I write "LIBS" instead of 'oh-wonderful-enlightened-smart-thinkers-of-greatness' or some other nonsense about you... GEEZ, lighten up, go for a walk, smell the fresh air, and regain your sense of humor.

    September 22, 2007 11:11 am at 11:11 am |
  13. Dale Gribble, LIncoln NE

    Stepford Wife? Isnt Ann Romney a medical doctor?

    September 22, 2007 11:17 am at 11:17 am |
  14. John Sacramento CA

    Vote for Hillary!! She is Bin Laden's choice too. Free Health care for all. Let all the Mexicans in and give them citizenship! Free college education for illegals!

    September 22, 2007 11:50 am at 11:50 am |
  15. Susan in Michigan

    Ok Mitt-I agree....but I just can't understand how any Republican can even face the American people
    now with any jokes. You ruined my country and you did it in 7 years.
    You're the party who called Al Gore " OZONE MAN"

    You're Idiots. Nothing you say is funny when our guys are getting killed in Iraq
    and you really don't give a crap.

    September 22, 2007 11:52 am at 11:52 am |
  16. Jonell, Brundidge, Alabama

    Come On People! It was a lighthearted quip, a joke. Have we all no sense of humor.??
    Personally I am beginning to think this man is the only one (candidate) who can stand the heat for the "Long Haul"...and what a long haul it is to be! As we tire of, get to know better and become disgusted with all these folks Mitt Romney is beginning to look like the only (decent/normal) politician I'd be willing to entrust with a position such as this. Time will tell but he's looking (figurative) better to this conservative born again Christian.

    September 23, 2007 02:37 pm at 2:37 pm |
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