October 3rd, 2007
06:23 PM ET
13 years ago

2008 Senate race landscape

WASHINGTON (CNN) - New Mexico Sen. Pete Domenici’s decision not to seek a seventh term gives Republicans their fourth open Senate seat to defend in 2008.

Also retiring at the end of this term are GOP Sens. Wayne Allard of Colorado, John Warner of Virginia and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska. Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho, who had said he would resign his seat on September 30 after pleading guilty to a disorderly conduct charge, remains in office, his re-election plans unclear. No Democratic senators have indicated plans to retire.

A total of 34 U.S. Senate seats will be up for grabs next year, with Republicans defending 22 seats, compared to 12 seats for Democrats.

Here's a quick look at where things stand in the U.S. Senate for the 2008 election. 

Retiring senators:

* Sen. Wayne Allard, R-Colorado (announced 1/15/2007)

* Sen. John Warner, R-Virginia (announced 8/31/2007)

* Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Nebraska (announced 9/10/2007)

* Sen. Pete Domenici, R-New Mexico (announced 10/3/2007)


Alexander, Lamar R-TN

Allard, Wayne R-CO (OPEN SEAT)

Barrasso, John R-WY

Baucus, Max D-MT

Biden, Joe D-DE

Chambliss, Saxby R-GA

Cochran, Thad R-MS

Coleman, Norm R-MN

Collins, Susan R-ME

Cornyn, John R-TX

Craig, Larry E. R-ID*

Dole, Elizabeth R-NC

Domenici, Pete R-NM (OPEN SEAT)

Durbin, Richard D-IL

Enzi, Michael B. R-WY

Graham, Lindsey R-SC

Hagel, Chuck R-NE (OPEN SEAT)

Harkin, Tom D-IA

Inhofe, James M. R-OK

Johnson, Tim D-SD

Kerry, John F. D-MA

Landrieu, Mary L. D-LA

Lautenberg, Frank D-NJ

Levin, Carl D-MI

McConnell, Mitch R-KY

Pryor, Mark L. D-AR

Reed, Jack D-RI

Roberts, Pat R-KS

Rockefeller, Jay D-WV

Sessions, Jeff R-AL

Smith, Gordon R-OR

Stevens, Ted R-AK

Sununu, John E. R-NH

Warner, John R-VA (OPEN SEAT)

*Though Sen. Craig indicated he would resign on 9/30/2007, as of this date he is still in office, and his plans for 2008 are unclear.

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  1. Daniel, NY

    Read detailed rankings of these Senate races, updated last week-end here, on Campaign Diaries.

    October 3, 2007 07:16 pm at 7:16 pm |
  2. Moe, NY

    I hope all the Reupblicans resign. It would be wonderful if Bush and Darth Chaney handed in their resignations effective tomorrow.

    October 3, 2007 08:22 pm at 8:22 pm |
  3. Loyda, WDC

    I hope everybody who have served at least 3 terms in the Senate – about 18 years – retires too... that way we can actually bring about some needed changed!!!

    October 3, 2007 08:25 pm at 8:25 pm |
  4. laurinda,ny

    Hey CNN, Did anyone who traveled this path enter the twilight zone? I was on vacation all weekend until today when I realized I wasn't on the real CNN. Don't go near the water.

    October 3, 2007 09:15 pm at 9:15 pm |
  5. ronnie - knoxville, tn.

    ya know, my only comment here would be why would voting in incumbents be a good thing for Democrats? I thought they wanted "change".

    October 3, 2007 10:05 pm at 10:05 pm |
  6. Thomas gardner amarillo,texas

    They ruined the country gave into a dictator, big business and now they bail out.

    October 3, 2007 11:07 pm at 11:07 pm |